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Aaron Russo, Nick Rockefeller and the Council on Foreign Relations

After his documentary, America: From Freedom to Fascism, was released, producer Aaron Russo, a Jew, gave a revealing interview about what his eventful life had taught him about the true nature of our government. For the first time he described in depth his relationship with Nick Rockefeller, widely thought to also be Jewish, and what Nick told him about the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Nick gave him details on the inner workings of the financial and political elite of this country and their plans for America, its citizens and the world.

The interview is controversial, with many believing what Aaron says and others considering him a conspiracy theory nut case. At the time Aaron was nearing the end of his fight with cancer and had just a few months left to live.

Nick Rockefeller does exist, although he seems to prefer anonymity to fame. Information on him a few months ago on the Pacific Council website, but that seems to no longer be available there, is that he is a permanent member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and is a co-author of Economic Strategy & National Security: A Next Generation Approach, which is a Council on Foreign Relations book. A look at Amazon’s website locates the book, but Nicholas Rockefeller is not listed as an author. The Pacific Council was “Founded in 1995 in partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations, . . .”

Nick is a China specialist. You can see a photo of him and read briefly about his background here.

Here is a photo of good friends (at the time) Aaron and Nick together.

(1 hr 35 min 46 sec)

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