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German Editor: 'America Frightens Us'

German economic editor writes guest column for

August 25, 2014

Introduction by Paul Craig Roberts:

Dear Friends: I am pleased to be able to share with you this revealing article written for our website by the editor of an important website in Germany.

Washington’s lies echoed by the presstitute media that serves Washington are destroying Washington’s credibility and that of the Western media among Europeans, especially Germans who understand that the threat to peace comes from across the Atlantic, not from east of the Oder River.

The success or failure of Vladimir Putin’s bet that reasonable diplomacy and unprovocative behavior on Russia’s part will contrast favorably with the shrill provocations by Washington depends upon whether European politicians respond to their own citizens or continue in their role as Washington’s whores. PCR

Political Europe Suppressed Under Washington's Thumb Is Waking Up

By Roman Baudzus

In the aftermath of the downing of the Malaysian airliner in Ukraine, the Western media followed Washington’s lead and manipulated reports in order to make Europeans believe that Russia and Russian-supported separatists in eastern Ukraine were responsible for downing the airliner. In Germany, the press was an extension of Washington’s propaganda machine despite the lack of evidence from both Washington and Kiev to support their irresponsible claims.

It was not long, however, before the public mood in Europe began to turn. A pivotal factor was openly voiced U.S. threats in a law that had been passed by both the House of Representatives and the Senate of the U.S. Congress that could eventually result in an invasion of the Netherlands by United States army forces.

When this was learned outrage was expressed not only within the Dutch government, but also among the population of the country. According to the law, if it should ever happen that American citizens are brought before the International Criminal Court (ICC) and accused at The Hague, Washington would exercise the preemptive right to invade the country in order to prevent prosecution.

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Gubernatorial Candidate Forum at The Pacific Club

2014 Grassroot Institute Gubernatorial Forum at The Pacific Club on August 22, 2014 featuring Keli'i Akina of Grassroot Institute and gubernatorial candidates Duke Aiona, Jeff Davis and Mufi Hannemann.

Former 60 Minutes Producer on What Drove Him to Quit

Interview with Charles Lewis, author of 935 Lies: The Future of Truth and the Decline of America’s Moral Integrity

Jul 7, 2014

Russia Today introduction: Abby Martin speaks with Charles Lewis, founder of the Center for Public Integrity and author of the book '935 Lies: the Future of Truth and the Decline of America's moral Integrity' about how the CBS news magazine '60 Minutes' has become besieged by conflicts of interest and internal censorship.

A Taste of the Negative Things Said about Jailed Spy Jonathan Pollard

The Washington Post

By Adam Taylor

April 1, 2014

To his supporters, Jonathan Pollard, an American convicted of spying for Israel in 1987, is a naive ideologue, an American Jew who wanted to help Israel and warned about threats that the U.S. intelligence community appeared to be withholding. His life sentence for espionage is grossly unfair and unnecessarily reactionary, his supporters argue.

This view of Pollard is in sharp contrast with the way he is viewed by the U.S. intelligence community, who portray Pollard as a reckless and selfish man who seriously compromised U.S. interests. Pollard, they argue, was a drug user and a believer in his own grandiose lies. The scale of his leaks rightly earned him a lengthy sentence, they feel.

That entrenched position is why reports of talks to release Pollard have taken many by surprise. That Pollard's release should be offered to Israel at all is a sign that Middle East peace talks are in serious trouble, many argue. These people seriously don't want Pollard released.

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Jonathan Pollard: Why Israel wants him free, why the U.S. doesn’t, and what might happen next [The Washington Post] Mar 31, 2014

How to Remember What You Learn


YouTube introduction: Professor Henry L. "Roddy" Roediger talks to Tom about his new book Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning.

Published on YouTube Aug 21, 2014

Ferguson: The War Comes Home to the U.S.

Sunday August 24, 2014

America’s attention recently turned away from the violence in Iraq and Gaza toward the violence in Ferguson, Missouri, following the shooting of Michael Brown. While all the facts surrounding the shooing have yet to come to light, the shock of seeing police using tear gas (a substance banned in warfare), and other military-style weapons against American citizens including journalists exercising their First Amendment rights, has started a much-needed debate on police militarization.

The increasing use of military equipment by local police is a symptom of growing authoritarianism, not the cause. The cause is policies that encourage police to see Americans as enemies to subjugate, rather than as citizens to "protect and serve.” This attitude is on display not only in Ferguson, but in the police lockdown following the Boston Marathon bombing and in the Americans killed and injured in “no-knock” raids conducted by militarized SWAT teams.

One particularly tragic victim of police militarization and the war on drugs is “baby Bounkham.” This infant was severely burned and put in a coma by a flash-burn grenade thrown into his crib by a SWAT team member who burst into the infant’s room looking for methamphetamine.

As shocking as the case of baby Bounkham is, no one should be surprised that empowering police to stop consensual (though perhaps harmful and immoral) activities has led to a growth of authoritarian attitudes and behaviors among government officials and politicians. Those wondering why the local police increasingly look and act like an occupying military force should consider that the drug war was the justification for the Defense Department’s “1033 program,” which last year gave local police departments almost $450 million worth of “surplus” military equipment. This included armored vehicles and grenades like those that were used to maim baby Bounkham.

Today, the war on drugs has been eclipsed by the war on terror as an all-purpose excuse for expanding the police state. We are all familiar with how the federal government increased police power after September 11 via the PATRIOT Act, TSA, and other Homeland Security programs. Not as widely known is how the war on terror has been used to justify the increased militarization of local police departments to the detriment of our liberty. Since 2002, the Department of Homeland Security has provided over $35 billion in grants to local governments for the purchase of tactical gear, military-style armor, and mine-resistant vehicles.

The threat of terrorism is used to justify these grants. However, the small towns that receive tanks and other military weapons do not just put them into storage until a real terrorist threat emerges. Instead, the military equipment is used for routine law enforcement.

Politicians love this program because it allows them to brag to their local media about how they are keeping their constituents safe. Of course, the military-industrial complex’s new kid brother, the law enforcement-industrial complex, wields tremendous influence on Capitol Hill. Even many so-called progressives support police militarization to curry favor with police unions.

Reversing the dangerous trend of the militarization of local police can start with ending all federal involvement in local law enforcement. Fortunately, all that requires is for Congress to begin following the Constitution, which forbids the federal government from controlling or funding local law enforcement. There is also no justification for federal drug laws or for using the threat of terrorism as an excuse to treat all people as potential criminals. However, Congress will not restore constitutional government on its own; the American people must demand that Congress stop facilitating the growth of an authoritarian police state that threatens their liberty.

Former German Defense Secretary: Germans Fed Up with Warmongering U.S.

Aug 23, 2014

Russia Today introduction: German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko in Kiev. Willy Wimmer, the former State Secretary of the Minister of Defence of Germany, joins RT for analysis of the joint statements by the leaders of both countries.

Kiev Rains Mayhem and Death on Donetsk in E. Ukraine

Aug 24, 2014

Russia Today introduction: Three people were reported dead following shelling in Donetsk Saturday afternoon. The shells hit three of Donetsk's districts destroying and damaging several apartment blocks.

The Ukraine government is encouraged and supported by the U.S. in killing Ukrainian citizens in the pro-Russia area.

WARNING: Graphic death scenes

Jews Protest Gaza Murders by Jews

Published on YouTube Aug 22, 2014

YouTube introduction: Members of Jewish Voice for Peace - Chicago (JVP-Chicago) disrupt a Jewish United Fund Stand with Israel fundraiser at the Chicago Hilton on 21 August 2014. Among the speakers are Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and former Israeli ambassador Michael Oren.

Members of the audience get hostile in return and are shown hitting a couple of the protesters and throwing a glass of water on them.

Gubernatorial Candidate David Ige Cancels Forum Appearance at Last Minute


David Ige (D), Hawaii gubernatorial candidate, canceled his scheduled appearance in Friday's Pacific Club gubernatorial forum at the last minute. The possible future governor gave no reason to Grassroot Institute of Hawaii, the sponsor of the event, for canceling, giving them no chance to accommodate him. Sometime after canceling, Ige sent a letter that he withdrew because he learned the event would be filmed and recorded — he objected because he feared anything he said could later be taken out of context, he wrote.

Grassroot Institute stated, "Although concerns of the Ige campaign were raised only after Mr. Ige’s withdrawal and well after plans had been made and agreed to by Ige staff, Grassroot Institute was willing to make any necessary accommodations.

"Justin Martin, Communications Director for Grassroot Institute, said, 'The Institute had made clear what the terms of the forum were, including the intended audio broadcasting and video recording, and these were agreed to by the Ige campaign. The last minute withdrawal was a surprise. It is disappointing that the Ige campaign made a unilateral decision to withdraw without even stating its concerns or giving us the opportunity to accommodate them, which we would have.'"

Ige's 11th-hour letter canceling his appearance at Friday's forum can be seen here.

The letter from the Grassroot Institute responding to the bombshell letter from Ige can be read in its entirety here.

Although Ige continued to refuse to attend the forum that he had already committed to at least a week prior, when the invitations went out, it was held as scheduled yesterday, August 22, at 12 pm at The Pacific Club. The remaining gubernatorial candidates graciously agreed to be present despite Ige's cancellation. A live audio stream of the event can be heard here.

Why did mild-mannered Ige engage in such rude, irresponsible behavior? Probably because Grassroot Institute of Hawaii, which doesn't affiliate itself with any party, doesn't lean Democrat. According to Grassroot's website, it "supports free market solutions that will strengthen and grow the economy, encourage entrepreneurship, and support local business. ...acts as a watchdog for government waste and overreach, demanding greater transparency at all levels and opposing any attempts to limit the access of citizens to the political process. ...Supporting liberty also means embracing policies that will improve our state from the ground up." Doesn't sound like Democratic values at all, and further, some members of the public who lean Republican seem to like Grassroot just fine, so the Democrats figuratively kicked sand in Grassroot's face without thinking twice and walked away.

We just saw Democrat Ige do publicly what Democrats do privately to Republicans in the state legislature.


Standing Room Only at Grassroot Gubernatorial Forum [Hawaii Free Press] Aug 22, 2014

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