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Finkelstein: Netanyahu Is a Maniac

Published on Feb 23, 2015

Russia Today introduction: Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the recent Israeli attack on Gaza. Norman Finkelstein, author of ‘Method and Madness - The hidden story of Israel's assaults on Gaza’, says the Goldstone report was 'devastating' in its conclusion that Israel was trying to punish and humiliate the citizens of Gaza, and that Israel has a 'maniac' for a head of state.

How Local Governments Can Avoid Wall Street Rip-Offs

Paul Craig Roberts introduction: Ellen Brown, one of America’s most important reformist leaders, explains how governments can finance themselves without being bled dry by Wall Street firms.

This is an important article. If Americans intend a future for themselves, Americans need to become aware of the alternatives to being ripped off by Wall Street.


February 21, 2015

Swimming with the Sharks: Goldman Sachs, Schools, and Capital Appreciation Bonds

By Ellen Brown

Remember when Goldman Sachs -- dubbed by Matt Taibbi the Vampire Squid-- sold derivatives to Greece so the government could conceal its debt, then bet against that debt, driving it up? It seems that the ubiquitous investment bank has also put the squeeze on California and its school districts. Not that Goldman was alone in this; but the unscrupulous practices of the bank once called the undisputed king of the municipal bond business epitomize the culture of greed that has ensnared students and future generations in unrepayable debt.

In 2008, after collecting millions of dollars in fees to help California sell its bonds, Goldman urged its bigger clients to place investment bets against those bonds, in order to profit from a financial crisis that was sparked in the first place by irresponsible Wall Street speculation. Alarmed California officials warned that these short sales would jeopardize the state's bond rating and drive up interest rates. But that result also served Goldman, which had sold credit default swaps on the bonds, since the price of the swaps rose along with the risk of default.

In 2009, the lenders' lobbying group than proposed and promoted AB1388, a California bill eliminating the debt ceiling requirement on long-term debt for school districts. After it passed, bankers traveled all over the state pushing something called "capital appreciation bonds" (CABs) as a tool to vault over legal debt limits. (Think Greece again.) Also called payday loans for school districts, CABs have now been issued by more than 400 California districts, some with repayment obligations of up to 20 times the principal advanced (or 2000%).

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State Loses Access to $1B of Its Funds [Hawaii Political Info] Dec 31, 2009

$1B in Hawaii State Investments Frozen [HPI] Aug 30, 2009

Setting the Record Straight: The State has not incurred any actual or real losses by investing in auction rate securities [Hawaii Reporter] by Georgina Kawamura, Director of Budget and Finance for the state of Hawaii, Sep 3, 2009

Lapses noted in fiscal reporting [The Honolulu Advertiser]

Auction rate security [Wikipedia]

Wall Street Betrayal Seen in $4.8 Billion Company Debt Losses [Bloomberg] August 28, 2009

The Collapse of Auction-Rate Securities []

SEC Charges TD Ameritrade for Auction Rate Securities Sales Practices Settlement Enables ARS Customers to Receive All of Their Money Back [U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission] July 20, 2009

Ed Snowden Flick Wins Best Documentary at Oscars

Judaism's Five Faces

Ever wonder what the difference is between the different kinds of Judaism, such as Reform, Conservative and Orthodox? Brother Nathanael, a Christian American who grew up in the Jewish faith, explains in a nutshell.


Jews, Israel & Zionism [Hawaii Political Info] (Extensive collection of articles & videos)

Banned Documentary Portrays Boys Town Sex Ring for the Powerful

YouTube introduction: Conspiracy of Silence was a one hour video describing the Franklin Cover-Up originally due to be aired on the Discovery Channel in 1994. The documentary was pulled and the UK producers paid off to obtain all copies by unknown political figures in Congress. John DeCamp had obtained an in-house copy which he gave to Ted Gunderson in the late 1990s, which Ted made available from his Website and at his talks. The Conspiracy of Silence is the greatest testament to the victory of corruption and murder over innocence and justice ever seen in a modern times. This version was posted to YouTube on May 1, 2012. Paul Bonner was killed with a drug overdose shortly after being filmed for this documentary.

U.S. Can't Survive Current Immigration Policies


By Phyllis Schlafly

February 17, 2015

We've had a lot of media comment about the bad effects of Obama's executive orders admitting millions (yes, millions) of illegal immigrants and giving them welfare, Social Security, driver's licenses and a path to citizenship. Like many Americans, I realized the importance of this when thousands of unfamiliar people from a foreign country, without any advance notice, appeared in my community.

Then I attended an education conference where the asylum racket to admit millions of foreigners (long ignored by the media) was described by a knowledgeable speaker, Ann Corcoran. She started by asking questions of her audience.

Did you hear about the El Cajon, California Iraqi man who was found guilty of murdering his wife after writing a phony note from supposed Islamophobes telling the family to leave the U.S.? Did you know that the Tsarnaev Boston Bombers came to our country with false claims of persecution and then cashed in to receive $100,000 in U.S. welfare handouts?

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U.S. Continues to Add to Its War Agenda

Last week President Obama sent Congress legislation to authorize him to use force against ISIS “and associated persons and forces” anywhere in the world for the next three years. This is a blank check for the president to start as many new wars as he wishes, and it appears Congress will go along with this dangerous and costly scheme.

Already the military budget for next year is equal to all but the very peak spending levels during the Vietnam war and the Reagan military build-up, according to the Project on Defense Alternatives. Does anyone want to guess how much will be added to military spending as a result of this new war authorization?

The US has already spent nearly two billion dollars fighting ISIS since this summer, and there hasn’t been much to show for it. A new worldwide war on ISIS will likely just serve as a recruiting tool for jihadists. We learned last week that our bombing has led to 20,000 new foreign fighters signing up to join ISIS. How many more will decide to join each time a new US bomb falls on a village or a wedding party?

The media makes a big deal about the so-called limitations on the president’s ability to use combat troops in this legislation, but in reality there is nothing that would add specific limits. The prohibition on troops for “enduring” or “offensive” ground combat operations is vague enough to be meaningless. Who gets to determine what “enduring” means? And how difficult is it to claim that any ground operation is “defensive” by saying it is meant to “defend” the US? Even the three year limit is just propaganda: who believes a renewal would not be all but automatic if the president comes back to Congress with the US embroiled in numerous new wars?

If this new request is not bad enough, the president has announced that he would be sending 600 troops into Ukraine next month, supposedly to help train that country’s military. Just as the Europeans seem to have been able to negotiate a ceasefire between the opposing sides in that civil war, President Obama plans to pour gasoline on the fire by sending in the US military. The ceasefire agreement signed last week includes a demand that all foreign military forces leave Ukraine. I think that is a good idea and will go a long way to reduce the tensions. But why does Obama think that restriction does not apply to us?

Last week also saw the Senate confirm Ashton Carter as the new Secretary of Defense by an overwhelming majority. Carter comes to the Pentagon straight from the military industrial complex, and he has already announced his support for sending lethal weapons to Ukraine. Sen. John McCain’s strong praise for Carter is not a good sign that the new secretary will advise caution before undertaking new US interventions.

As we continue to teeter on the verge of economic catastrophe, Washington’s interventionists in both parties show no signs of slowing. The additional tens of billions or more that these new wars will cost will not only further undermine our economy, but will actually make us less safe. Can anyone point to a single success that the interventionists have had over the last 25 years?

As I have said, this militarism will end one way or the other. Either enough Americans will wake up and demand an end to Washington’s foreign adventurism, or we will go broke and be unable to spend another fiat dollar on maintaining the global US empire.

Copyright © 2015 by RonPaul Institute

Constant wars an essential part of the world government plan, according to these two sources:

Aaron Russo on Council on Foreign Relations

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

Whistleblower Tells Hawaii to 'Cut the Cord' on Rail

Grassroot Institute of Hawaii

Feb. 13, 2015

San Francisco Whistle-Blower Raises Questions About Viability of Honolulu Rail Plan

Cost Analyst Who Revealed Massive Overruns In San Francisco Subway Tells Hawaii to "Cut the Cord" on Rail

HONOLULU, HAWAII—LaVonda Atkinson, the cost engineer on San Francisco's Central Subway extension project, warned Hawaii's citizens and taxpayers about the likelihood that the Honolulu Rail project would end up being significantly late and over-budget. Speaking of the Honolulu Rail, Atkinson said, "Honestly, I would be absolutely amazed if this project got completed in under 30 years for under 20 billion dollars." [HPI note: With Oahu's population at a little under 1 million, that's over $20,000 for every man, woman and baby on the island. Red text added by HPI for emphasis.]

Atkinson recently appeared on E Hana Kakou, a weekly broadcast on the ThinkTech Network hosted by Grassroot Institute of Hawaii President/CEO Keli'i Akina, Ph.D. During their conversation LaVonda detailed her experiences with San Francisco's fixed rail project, a two-mile, $2 billion dollar subway extension that is now expected to go as much as $1 billion over budget. While working as the cost engineer on the San Francisco project, Atkinson discovered a series of budget and reporting irregularities meant to deceive the public and cover up massive overruns and questionable payments.

After management threatened to fire her for simply trying to do her job with integrity, Atkinson decided to speak out. Her revelations about management's questionable practices and manipulation of the reporting mechanism scandalized the city. Now visiting Hawaii for the first time, Atkinson, who has been keeping up with the debate over the Honolulu Rail, warned Hawaii's taxpayers that the state could be looking at similar problems in its own rail project.

"My professional opinion is that it is absolutely not going to be at that cost,” said Atkinson. “Especially when the major contracts haven’t been awarded for the rails and the transit stations." She advised the people of Hawaii to, "Cut the cord," on rail, adding that the money already spent on the project shouldn't be the justification for continuing, as, "You’re going to waste so much more to keep going just because you started."

Atkinson also warned Hawaii's citizens that the accounting system used for big projects like rail may be complex, but that it is also a necessary part of the federal reporting requirements. Still, it behooves us to be watchful as the same accounting system is also, "easily manipulated by dishonest people and very difficult to uncover without people on the inside or without a program management oversight committee.”

"We are very grateful to LaVonda Atkinson," concluded Dr. Akina. "Not only for sharing her insight on rail and budget issues, but also for demonstrating what it means to do one's job with integrity. By remembering that she was ultimately responsible to the citizens of San Francisco, Ms. Atkinson shows that accountable government starts with good people who perform with honesty and honor."

To view the interview in full, go to:

To read the Grassroot Institute article, please visit:

Published on YouTube Feb 10, 2015

About Grassroot President Keli’i Akina:
Keli’i Akina, Ph.D., is a recognized scholar, educator, public policy spokesperson, and community leader in Hawaii. Currently, he is President/CEO of Grassroot Institute of Hawaii, a public policy think tank dedicated to the principles of individual liberty, free markets and limited, accountable government. An expert in East-West Philosophy and ethics, Dr. Akina has taught at universities in China and the United States and continues as an adjunct instructor at Hawaii Pacific University. Dr. Akina was a candidate for Trustee at Large of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs in the 2014 General Election run-off.

What They Don't Want You to Know about the Measles Vaccine

Published on YouTube Feb 9, 2015

YouTube introduction: Can a measles outbreak START with a twice vaccinated person? If a person develops measles from an MMR vaccine, can it be transmitted to others? The pharmaceutical industry, and the media it owns, pretend those aren’t possible and scapegoat the unvaccinated as the threat. But little known outbreaks tell us otherwise. Whistleblowers in the industry tell us that there is a deliberate effort to overstate the effectiveness of the vaccines, while the safety risks are downplayed. Are the pharmaceutical industry, the media and the government telling you the truth about risk percentages or are they only concerned about dollar profits?


Jade Moon: It's Irresponsible Not to Vaccinate [Midweek] Feb 10, 2015

Deadly Immunity Robert F. Kennedy Jr. investigates the government cover-up of a mercury/autism scandal.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. [Wikipedia]

Autism activists unmoved Many scientists are satisfied that mercury in vaccines is not the cause of autism, but some parents reject the research and the reassurances that immunizations are not to blame

LDS [Mormon] Charities joins United Nations to support international measles vaccinations [LDS Charities]

Congressional Control of Health Care Dangerous for Children Congressman Ron Paul, an M.D., addresses his concerns about control by the partnership of government and pharmaceutical companies over our nation’s children

Thimerosal in Seasonal Influenza Vaccine The CDC says that thimerosal in children’s and pregnant women’s flu shots pose no threat to health.

Mercury Poisoning [National Library of Medicine & National Institutes of Health]

Mercury Poisoning [Wikipedia]

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