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Informing Hawaii's voters

Hearings on Time Warner Cable/Comcast Merger Being Held in Hawaii

Time Warner Cable and Comcast are seeking a merger and both sides are enthusiastic. TWC is the number two cable company in the country, while Comcast is number one. The two corporations are acting as if the merger is a done deal, but it's not. There's a lot of opposition with worries that the merger will mean monopolistic power for the new company to the detriment of consumers.

The Hawaii state government is conducting public hearings throughout the islands on the merger. The one for Oahu is scheduled for Friday, July 18, 4:30 pm at the King Kalakaua Building, Queen Liliuokalani Conference Room, 335 Merchant Street in downtown Honolulu. For more information, including hearings on the neighbor islands and how to submit written testimony, click here.

The Consumerist gave some background today on the merger:

Comcast and Time Warner Cable have been treating their merger as a foregone conclusion ever since they announced their betrothal in February. And with the companies cozying up to regulators, dropping huge piles of cash on lobbyists and campaign contributions, and making themselves look as good as possible, it’s not hard to see why the execs at the top would be feeling confident. But the FCC has just made a few key hires that make it look like the agency might actually push back against Comcast’s financial onslaught.

More at Consumerist

My Experience Today in Texas with an Illegal Alien

Natural News

By Mike Adams
Natural News Editor

July 8, 2014

Most Americans are aware that the Texas border is being overrun with illegal immigrants, but they don't have firsthand experience in what it really means for law-abiding citizens. Right now, those who advocate this wave of human migrants are living in a fairytale, denying the very real costs on society in terms of education, health care, welfare, public health and public safety.

One of these points was driven home for me in a very violent way today as I was driving in my vehicle. While lawfully stopped at a red traffic light, I was violently rear-ended at high speed by a Dodge Ram truck. The driver, I soon found out, was a very young illegal immigrant who now worked in construction. The kid, clearly of Latino origin, couldn't have been older than 17, and he told me he "fell asleep at the wheel." If my car hadn't been in the way, it turns out, he would have driven head first -- fully asleep -- right into a busy intersection and possibly caused multiple fatalities.

It was my vehicle, in other words, that took the hit and blocked Juan from barreling through a crowded intersection at high speed, injuring or killing any number of innocent Americans.

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Neil Abercrombie for Governor Campaign Video

This little gem was created by the accomplished Edgy Lee, who during the process of creating it decided to endorse Abercrombie, who is running for a second term as governor. It's going to premiere this afternoon on KFVE at 5:30 and will then run regularly every Tuesday and Thursday at the same time on the channel. As Hawaii Political Info readers you can watch it right now.

A Primer on Race for the Color Blind

By Thomas Sowell

July 7, 2014

Back in the heyday of the British Empire, a man from one of the colonies addressed a London audience.

"Please do not do any more good in my country," he said. "We have suffered too much already from all the good that you have done."

That is essentially the message of an outstanding new book by Jason Riley about blacks in America. Its title is "Please Stop Helping Us." Its theme is that many policies designed to help blacks are in fact harmful, sometimes devastatingly so. These counterproductive policies range from minimum wage laws to "affirmative action" quotas.

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Florida Teen 'Allegedly' Beaten by Israeli Police

HPI: Israeli police are captured on video clearly beating a 15-year-old American of Palestinian ethnicity into unconsciousness with violent kicks to the head. We hope his brain hasn't been permanently turned to mush, as so often happens when people are violently attacked while they are prisoners in custody of the authorities, whether in Israel, the U.S., or other countries. Judging by the video, brain damage appears to be a real possibility.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu actually apologizes to the parents of the Palestinian teenager tortured and killed days ago by Israeli Jews. We're shocked! The man has a streak of decency! Or is it just a calculated PR move?

Israeli Soldier and Police Brutality against Palestinians Common

Russia Today introduction: It's rare for Israeli police attacks to be filmed, but it's not rare for them to happen. Most cases are closed without any measures being taken against the soldiers or police involved. Victims of police brutality talk to RT's Paula Slier. READ MORE:

Published on YouTube Jul 7, 2014

Worries about the 45% of Germany's Gold Stored in the US

Russia Today introduction: Is the world's second largest gold reserve safe with the US? Missing gold bar numbers and an inability to audit the 45% of Germany gold reserve kept in the US Federal Reserve lead to the question if it's still there.

Published on YouTube Jul 7, 2014

Schatz vs Hanabusa for US Senator

July 2, 2014, Hilo (Big Island)

Part 1 of 13 - Introduction

Part 2 - Social Security

Part 3 - Economy

Part 4 - Kona Airport

Part 5 - Fish & Wildlife

Part 6 - Lending

Part 7 - Native Language

Part 8 - Jones Act

Part 9 - Healthcare

Part 10 - PTA, Saddle Road

Part 11 - Energy

Part 12 - GMO

Part 13 - Closing

Writer: Three Teen Murders Were Israeli False Flag Op for West Bank

Hawaii Political Info introduction: Ro'i Tov, the writer of this article, says he's an Israeli Christian trapped and likely about to be killed in Bolivia. He is the author of The Cross of Bethlehem: Memoirs of a Refugee and The Cross of Bethlehem II: Back in Bethlehem.


By Ro'i Tov

June 12, 2014

Yesterday were found the bodies of the three settler students kidnapped after 10PM of Thursday, June 12, 2014.*

Impossible Kidnapping

Erroneous official declarations detached from reality, strange statements by the Mossad, odd images of irrational searches by the IDF, and an unexpected count of "days since the kidnapping" by the media ended in the afternoon of June 30. Shortly afterwards, President Peres reacted in the planned way, saying: "The entire nation lowers its head today under the weight of grief to heavy to carry. 18 Days the people prayed in one voice that the fate of the wonderful youngsters will be to be found alive..."

Allow me a brief reminder of the main problematic events in the affair.

At first, Israel blamed the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). After Hebrew media had laughed, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas were blamed. Finally, the latter was fully blamed by Israel.

The event took place in Area C of the West Bank. The Palestinian Authority is not responsible for it and thus cannot be blamed. Hamas is active mainly in Gaza; it does not have the resources needed for a kidnapping in the West Bank where it faces the Israeli Shin Beth and the Palestinian Authority secret police.

Read more . . .

How One Hedge Fund Manager May Be About to Bankrupt Argentina

New York Post

By Michelle Celarier

June 12, 2014

On the surface, the 11-year-old battle between one 69-year-old New York hedge fund mogul and Argentina seems hardly fair — especially when several other countries joined the fight and lined up alongside the South American country.

But today, that person, billionaire investor Paul Singer, head of Elliott Management, could get closer than he’s ever been to taking down an entire country.

The US Supreme Court met Thursday to decide if it will accept Argentina’s appeal of a lower court decision that it must pay Singer roughly $1.4 billion on bonds the country defaulted on 13 years ago. A decision is expected to be announced on Monday [HPI: Argentina lost].

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