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The HItler-Jesse Owens Snub Myth

YouTube introduction: One of many common myths invented and re-cycled by cretinous self-hating journalists is that at the 'Nazi Olympics', the German leader snubbed Jesse Owens by refusing to shake his hand. The reality is far different.

Hitler on the first day of the Berlin Olympics did indeed shake the hands of several successful competitors from Germany and Finland. It was a mistake made in good faith. That evening the German Chancellor received a message from Count Baillet-Latour, President of the International Olympic Committee. It was respectfully pointed out to the German Leader that as protocol required he was merely a guest of honour at the Games, he should congratulate all - or none, in public at least.

On the first day of the Olympics, just before Cornelius Johnson, an African American althlete who won the first gold medal for the U.S. that day, was to receive his award, Hitler left the stadium early. (The Nazis later claimed it was a previously scheduled departure.) Prior to his departure, Hitler had received a number of winners, but Olympic officials informed the German leader that in the future he must receive all of the winners or none at all. After the first day, he opted to acknowledge none. Jesse Owens had his victories on the second day, when Hitler was no longer in attendance. Would Hitler have snubbed Owens if he had been in the stadium on day two? Perhaps. But since he wasn't there, he didn't.

Ironically, the real snub of Owens came from his own president. Even after ticker-tape parades for Owens in New York City and Cleveland, President Franklin D. Roosevelt never publicly acknowledged Owens' achievements (gold in the 100 meter, 200 meter, 400 meter relay, and long jump). Owens was never invited to the White House and never even received a letter of congratulations from the president. Almost two decades passed before another American president, Dwight D. Eisenhower, honored Owens by naming him "Ambassador of Sports" — in 1955.

Jesse Owens, Hitler, and the Myth of the 1936 Olympics Snub

History News Network

by Rick Shenkman

Everyone knows that at the 1936 Olympics Hitler snubbed Jesse Owens. As the story goes, after Owens won one gold medal, Hitler, incensed, stormed out of Olympic Stadium so he wouldn't have to congratulate Owens on his victory.

Such a performance would have been perfectly in character, but it didn't happen. William J. Baker, Owens's biographer, says the newspapers made up the whole story. Owens himself originally insisted it wasn't true, but eventually he began saying it was, apparently out of sheer boredom with the issue.

The facts are simple. Hitler did not congratulate Owens, but that day he didn't congratulate anybody else either, not even the German winners. As a matter of fact, Hitler didn't congratulate anyone after the first day of the competition. That first day he had shaken hands with all the German victors, but that had gotten him in trouble with the members of the Olympic Committee. They told him that to maintain Olympic neutrality, he would have to congratulate everyone or no one. Hitler chose to honor no one.

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Robert De Niro Changes His Tune on Vaxxed

The Today interviewer doesn't like it.

After pulling Vaxxed, a documentary about the connection between vaccines and autism, from his Tribeca Film Festival, Robert De Niro, who has an autistic child, gets candid about vaccines. The Jewish woman sitting next to him, Jane Rosenthal, is an important colleague of his who co-founded the Tribeca Festival along with De Niro and her husband Craig Hatkoff (also Jewish).

Skip to the 2 min 13 sec mark to skip the preliminaries and get started on the Vaxxed discussion.

If your child is scheduled for an MMR shot, protect that child and DON'T ALLOW IT. If the school requires it or else that child will not be allowed to attend school, complain loudly and vociferously to the school authorities, let your state legislators know and talk to other parents, whom you may be surprised to see are concerned too. Join with them in opposition. Let Hawaii Political Info know (see email address at the bottom of the page) so that others can be alerted and take action. Your anonymity, if you prefer it that way, is guaranteed.


Why Vaxxed Was Shot Down at Tribeca by Jon Rappoport (a Jew) Apr 8, 2016

What You Don't Know about Local Taxes

How is it that the GET lives up to its acronym in "getting" more than a numerically higher sales tax would? The numerous local taxes are bewildering and hard to keep up with, but Tom Yamachika of Tax Foundation of Hawaii, crunching numbers along the way, walks us through a few of the various taxes and new tax proposals, telling us where the money is supposed to go and where it's actually going (or disappearing).

Published on YouTube Feb 29, 2016

Men, including Christian Men, View Porn in Droves

HPI: That explains a lot . . . , such as habitual porn-viewing public officials allowing graphic sex education, allowing males who say they're females to use ladies restrooms and allowing co-ed bedrooms at UH dorms.

FRC Action

April 12, 2016

Porn sites get "more visitors each month than Netflix, Amazon, and Twitter combined."

And if you think the church is immune, think again. According to a startling new survey from Barna Group and Josh McDowell, 64 percent of Christian men say they've viewed pornography at least once this month. In the pulpit, the struggle is just as real: 57 percent of pastors and 64 percent of youth pastors admit they've used porn, "either currently or in the past." "Probably one of the biggest [groups] suffering today as victims are the wives of the men addicted to pornography sitting right next to them in the pews," Josh told me last week on "Washington Watch." (Full interview below.) And although most Americans believe porn is "bad for society," those attitudes are quickly shifting toward neutrality or "good for society" in younger generations. (Believe it or not, a majority of teens think not recycling is more immoral than pornography!) Even more shocking: only one out of 20 young people have a friend who will say pornography is bad.

Full article

Coast to Coast AM Vaxxed Interview with Bigtree, Wakefield & Hooker

Published on YouTube Apr 11, 2016

YouTube introduction: The first guest is Del Bigtree, producer of the controversial film Vaxxed, about possible improprieties in the manufacture and regulation of vaccines. Bigtree left his job as a successful producer of a television series to devote his full attention to issues with the vaccination industry. He says he realized that he was "going to risk my career on a subject that could be volatile." He emphasized that the first scientific paper on the possible connections between autism and vaccines suggested that further tests and studies were warranted, but did not establish a direct relationship. [Host] Lisa then welcomed biochemist Dr. Brian Hooker, who began peppering the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) with Freedom Of Information Act requests for studies on ill effects of vaccines, but was eventually set upon by "harassing phone calls" informing him to cease while implying that he had a profit motive. Dr. Richard Thompson, an inside source at the CDC, later called him to reveal possible coverups and the suppression of findings linking excessive vaccination to an increase of autism in children. Hooker claimed that Thompson was then given a $25,000 bonus as hush money and moved into an area of the CDC where he wouldn’t have any access to vaccination studies.

In the final segment, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who Bigtree called "the father of the anti-vaccine movement," (and who had his medical license revoked in the UK in 2010) appeared on the program to describe his view of the controversy. His concern with the issue is that vaccines are sometimes being given to children in a variety too great to effect any sort of immunization, and in fact are causing other health problems. He said that diseases such as the mumps and measles have actually been rendered more dangerous by the haphazard and vigorous application of vaccines. Wakefield claims that the Merck drug company pushed for vaccines that were not needed, until they convinced many countries to embark on programs to vaccinate children against diseases that were not serious. He sees that trend continuing and getting worse and remarked that his crusade is "about vaccine safety, it’s not an anti-vaccine argument."

A Media Set Loose from Facts

Consortium News

by Robert Parry

April 7, 2016

Several weeks ago, I received a phone call from legendary investigative reporter Seymour Hersh who had seen one of my recent stories about Syria and wanted to commiserate over the state of modern journalism. Hersh’s primary question regarding reporters and editors at major news outlets these days was: “Do they care what the facts are?”

Hersh noted that in the past – in the 1970s when he worked at The New York Times – even executive editor Abe Rosenthal, who was a hard-line cold warrior with strong ideological biases, still wanted to know what was really going on.

My experience was similar at The Associated Press. Among the older editors, there was still a pride in getting the facts right – and not getting misled by some politician or spun by some government flack.

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Why Vaxxed Was Yanked from the Tribeca Film Festival

Jon Rappoport's Blog

by Jon Rappoport

April 8, 2016

Why was Vaxxed shut down?

The answer? Jane Rosenthal and her (ex) husband, Craig Hatkoff.

That’s my opinion, my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Yes, there were other pressures on Robert De Niro. I know all about them. But Jane Rosenthal and her husband Craig are very, very tight with De Niro.

How tight?

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Three Shocking Things You Don't Know about Your Food

Natural News

by Mike Adams, publisher

Did you know that certified organic food can legally contain enough mercury and lead to cause permanent brain damage?

Did anyone ever tell you that a popular dog food review website conducts no testing of what's actually in the dog food?

Did you know that buying commercial eggs from the grocery store indirectly supports the grinding up of male baby chicks while they are still ALIVE?

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JIhadist Infiltration of Nuclear Facilities


by Michelle Malkin

March 30, 2016

It's not over. It's never over. After last week's deadly airport and subway bombings in Brussels, the Belgian government remains on high alert for jihad attacks and espionage at its nuclear facilities.

One Belgian nuke plant security guard was murdered recently and his ID is missing. Two of the Brussels bombers reportedly spied on the home of a top senior scientist in the country's nuclear program. ISIS has been implicated in an alleged insider plot to obtain radioisotopes from one of Belgium's nuclear plants for a dirty bomb. Two former Belgian nuke plant workers left their jobs to fight for ISIS in Syria.

This is all according to plan. The al-Qaida house organ, Inspire magazine, has urged its followers to conduct attacks using "specialized expertise and those who work in sensitive locations that would offer them unique opportunities" to wreak havoc.

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