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Rep. Tom Brower Gives His Account of Assault on Him by Homeless Men

Honolulu Star-Advertiser

By Rosemarie Bernardo

June 30, 2015

State Rep. Tom Brower said he does not hold any animosity against the two people who allegedly assaulted him in Kakaako on Monday.

“This was just an unfortunate circumstance,” said Brower (D, Waikiki-Ala Moana-Kakaako) at a news conference at the state Capitol on Tuesday afternoon.

He said he has not decided whether to press charges.

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Live on Oahu? Your Days May Be Numbered

Chuck Baldwin

Hawaii Political Info introduction: Oahu, bristling with major military sites such as Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Camp Smith, Schofield Barracks, Kaneohe Marine Corps Base, Fort Shafter and more, is a prime target for the nuclear attack that Chuck Baldwin writes he is expecting soon.

By Chuck Baldwin

Dr. Baldwin is a Baptist minister in Montana. He was a Constitution Party presidential candidate in 2008.

June 23, 2015

I may vehemently disagree with many of my preacher-brethren, but I believe most of them to be true Christian brothers.

However, the more I listen to John Hagee, the more I believe him to be the personification of a hireling. I believe Hagee is a modern manifestation of a wolf in sheep's clothing. I believe he is totally bought and paid for by foreign influence--like many of our politicians in Washington, D.C.

Hagee's teaching regarding--and preoccupation with--the modern secular, socialist state of Israel is so blatantly unscriptural it can only be described as heresy. I believe the Lord Jesus and the Apostle Paul warned us of people like Hagee.

Beyond that, people like John Hagee, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Sean Hannity, et al. are leading America into World War III. And I think they KNOW that is what they are doing.

But ALWAYS remember that the globalists are the ones pulling the strings. The neocon war in the middle east is only the precursor for world war. After U.S.-backed ISIS topples the Assad government in Syria, Israel will launch a nuclear attack against Iran. This cannot be too far off. Months at most. ISIS rebels already control nearly half of Syria.

Plus, NATO is goading and inciting Russia into war as we speak. Putin will NOT take that forever. Say what you will, he is one tough cookie.

As I have already noted, keep your eyes on North Korea. It is the trigger.

When the globalists are ready to start the nuclear war between Russia and America, North Korea will launch an all-out invasion of South Korea. WWIII will begin very quickly thereafter.

How soon will this happen? None of us knows. But, whatever else you hear, KNOW this is the plan. Heretofore, I thought we were looking at ten years or so. But now I'm not so sure. Events are escalating rapidly.

Not everyone can relocate, but if you live near a major military installation, know that you are sitting in the epicenter of any nuclear attack.

I strongly suggest everyone obtain a copy of Joel Skousen's excellent book, "Strategic Relocation." It pinpoints all of the primary nuclear targets.

I realize most people will not be interested in this post, as they are too mesmerized with FOX News, but ALL of the best research and resources available to me confirm this is EXACTLY the course on which we are headed.

John Hagee is little more than a shill for globalist warmongers. He is not a preacher; he is a puppet.

Horrors Visited by the Victors on the Germans after WWII

The Germans paid a steep, unimaginable price for losing the war. Here's a side of war and the dark side of human nature it reveals that we don't often hear about. This BBC film soft pedals British and American participation in the savagery.

Related: The late Senator Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii), a 442nd battle-hardened WWII veteran, gives his candid thoughts on why many veterans don't like to talk about their war experiences. It's a guilty conscience, a feeling he shares.

Impeach the 5 Justices Who Passed Same-Sex Marriage?

Brother Nathanael grew up in the U.S. as a Jew and converted to Christianity as a young man. He is now a member of the Russian Orthodox Church and lives in Colorado.

Greece: Resisting Financial Conquest

By Michael Hudson

June 29, 2015

Back in January upon coming into office, Syriza probably could not have won a referendum on whether to pay or not to pay. It didn’t have a full parliamentary majority, and had to rely on a nationalist party for Tsipras to become prime minister. (That party balked at cutting back Greek military spending, which was 3% of GDP, and which the troika had helpfully urged to be cut back in order to balance the government’s budget.)

Seeing how unyielding the opposition was, Syriza’s stance was: “We would like to pay. But there’s no money.”

This kept throwing the ball back into the troika’s court. The Institutions were so unyielding that Syriza’s approval rating in the polls rose by 13% by June. Greek voters became increasingly incensed at the Troika’s demand for further pension cuts and privatizations.

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How Reliable Are the Honolulu Rail Numbers?

Civil Beat

Recent stories about the Honolulu rail project’s finances have raised concerns that officials may be fudging the numbers for political purposes.

By Natalie Iwasa, CPA

June 29, 2015

Several articles have been published recently that raise questions about Honolulu rail’s financial information. Errors and inconsistencies I’ve noticed have led me to question the integrity of the project’s financial plan. As a CPA, I have very little faith in the projected revenues and costs that have been provided to us.

In response to questions by the state director of the Hawaii Department of Budget and Fiscal Services, HART provided a document showing detailed revenue through December 31, 2014. That document, “Revenues from January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2014,” shows total revenues of $1.669 billion. (For those who understand accounting, this document also mixes cash basis and accrual basis amounts.)

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Octogenarian Arrested in Germany for Questioning Holocaust

American Free Press

Octogenarian Arrested for Questioning WWII History on TV

June 27, 2015

By John Friend

Ursula Hedwig Meta Haverbeck-Wetzel, an 86-year-old German woman who was ethnically cleansed from her home following WWII, has been arrested following her appearance on a public television program in Germany. There, she openly disputed the state-sanctioned-and-enforced “Holocaust” narrative of WWII, describing it as “the biggest and most persistent lie in history.” In many countries in Europe, including Germany, it is a crime to dispute, question or openly challenge the official narrative of the Holocaust specifically and WWII generally.

Mrs. Haverbeck, along with three of her colleagues and supporters, were arrested after having had their homes raided and ransacked by German police, where documents, books and other personal items were seized. Germany has some of the most tyrannical anti-free speech and thought laws in the world. If found guilty, Mrs. Haverbeck could face up to five years in prison.

“Ursula Haverbeck’s arrest was predictable from the start,” Warren Routledge, author of the must-read book Holocaust High Priest: Elie Wiesel, Night, the Memory Cult & the Rise of Revisionism, explained to AMERICAN FREE PRESS in a recent interview. “The German people have been under tight Zionist Jewish control for decades. It is also a poorly kept secret that the federal republic’s current chancellor, Angela Merkel, has been a CIA [Central Intelligence Agency] asset for decades. With the country’s unification after the fall of the Berlin Wall, she made a seamless transition from reporting to the CIA about her communist bosses to snitching on the intimate workings of the new, united government of Germany.”

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March 2015 interview with Ursula Haverbeck

Victims of Jewish Attacks on Free Speech:

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Helen Thomas eliminated from White House correspondent job by Zionists. Thomas was the only White House correspondent who challenged Israel's nuclear weapons program, according to this article. [Rumor Mill News] Jun 14, 2010
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Jews, Israel & Zionism [Hawaii Political Info] (Collection of articles & videos)

Wikipedia Editing Courses Launched by Zionist Propaganda Machine [YouTube] (2 min 21 sec) Feb 17, 2011

Greek Debt Crisis: Banks Close, ATM Lines Lengthen & IMF Payment Looms

Published on YouTube June 29, 2015

The chief of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has made a last-ditch effort to keep Greece from leaving the Euro. He said that the creditors' terms are not - quote - "stupid austerity" and that the Greek people should "not commit suicide out of fear of death" in the upcoming referendum on those terms, on July 5th. Mr. Juncker also repeatedly pointed out that he's not the one to blame for putting the country on the brink of financial ruin and now let's head to Athens, where the people are anxiously following the news from Brussels. RT's Peter Oliver and Harry Fear have more on the ongoing Greek crisis.

New Book on President Nixon

Book TV Q&A with Evan Thomas

June 19, 2015

Book TV introduction: Evan Thomas talked about his book, Being Nixon: A Man Divided, about the life and career of Richard Nixon. In his book, Mr. Thomas explores President Nixon’s early years and family life, his courtship and marriage to wife Pat, the inner turmoil he experienced throughout his life, and his relationships with political advisers, friends, and staff.

Greece to Hold Referendum on EU Debt Demands

Russia Today introduction: After months of tense negotiations with its European creditors, Greece is letting the people decide what to do next. The Prime Minister's announced a referendum of the bailout conditions in a week.

June 27, 2015

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