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BRICS: Breaking Jewish-Led U.S. Money Power

Ige 18 Points Ahead of Incumbent Abercrombie in Poll

David Ige/photo:HPI

Star-Advertiser/Hawaii NEWS Now poll shows David Ige ahead by 18 points

August 3, 2014

Democratic gubernatorial candidate David Ige's campaign staff is "very happy and strongly encouraged" with the results of the newest Star-Advertiser/Hawaii NEWS Now poll reported in this morning's Star-Advertiser. The statewide voter survey shows state senator Ige with an 18-point lead (54%) over incumbent and fellow Democrat Neil Abercrombie (36%). The poll results are the third consecutive independent poll showing David Ige leading since May 2014. If carried through this coming Saturday, it would be the first time in Hawaii that a challenger unseats a Democratic incumbent governor.

Sharing the good news with his hard-working supporters this morning, David said, “This is a great boost for all of us, and I urge you to keep talking to your family and friends over the next six days and remind them to vote. Working together we continue to move forward for Hawaii. I am honored by the outpouring and generosity of my supporters’ time, and I ask you to stay strong this final week to ensure our efforts equate to victory on Saturday, August 9.”

David Ige’s campaign resources are meager compared to Abercrombie's. Built on Hawaiian grassroots, the Ige campaign has less than $500,000, versus the incumbent's millions.

Last week state senator David Ige released his action plan for the state if elected the next governor of Hawaii, Engineering Hawaii's Future, which was posted last Tuesday on his website, The plan lays out Senator Ige's agenda on issues including tourism, technology, environment, energy, agriculture, homelessness and open government. “I have waited until now to release my full action plan because I felt it was important to first hear directly from the people I’m asking to serve before making any proclamations,” Senator Ige said. “I’ve spent the last year of this campaign traveling across Hawaii, from island to island, listening to citizens. As I have served as a legislator the past 29 years, I will be a governor who listens to the concerns of the people, brings stakeholders together for meaningful dialogue and develops innovative solutions to the major issues facing our state.”

Reared in Pearl City along with five brothers, Ige attended public schools, earning a degree in electrical engineering and an MBA in Decision Sciences from UH, where he met his wife Dawn. Their three children are now in college. Over the past 34 years Senator Ige has maintained his job as an electrical engineering manager. For 29 of those years he was a state legislator in both the house and senate, serving on a range of committees. He has been chair of the Senate Ways and Means Committee for the past four years.

This coming primary election day, Saturday, August 9, Ige will be with his family, friends and supporters at his campaign headquarters in The Varsity Building, 1110 University Avenue, Honolulu. He will stream messages live on his website,, after the polls close.

The winner of Saturday's election will face candidates from other parties in November — notably Duke Aiona, Republican, who has strong support among voters and will be a tough opponent.

Why Won't Obama Just Leave Ukraine Alone?

President Obama announced last week that he was imposing yet another round of sanctions on Russia, this time targeting financial, arms, and energy sectors. The European Union, as it has done each time, quickly followed suit.

These sanctions will not produce the results Washington demands, but they will hurt the economies of the US and EU, as well as Russia.

These sanctions are, according to the Obama administration, punishment for what it claims is Russia’s role in the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, and for what the president claims is Russia’s continued arming of separatists in eastern Ukraine. Neither of these reasons makes much sense because neither case has been proven.

The administration began blaming Russia for the downing of the plane just hours after the crash, before an investigation had even begun. The administration claimed it had evidence of Russia’s involvement but refused to show it. Later, the Obama administration arranged a briefing by “senior intelligence officials” who told the media that “we don't know a name, we don't know a rank and we're not even 100 percent sure of a nationality," of who brought down the aircraft.

So Obama then claimed Russian culpability because Russia’s “support” for the separatists in east Ukraine “created the conditions” for the shoot-down of the aircraft. That is a dangerous measure of culpability considering US support for separatist groups in Syria and elsewhere.

Similarly, the US government claimed that Russia is providing weapons, including heavy weapons, to the rebels in Ukraine and shooting across the border into Ukrainian territory. It may be true, but again the US refuses to provide any evidence and the Russian government denies the charge. It’s like Iraq’s WMDs all over again.

Obama has argued that the Ukrainians should solve this problem themselves and therefore Russia should butt out.

I agree with the president on this. Outside countries should leave Ukraine to resolve the conflict itself. However, even as the US demands that the Russians de-escalate, the United States is busy escalating!

In June, Washington sent a team of military advisors to help Ukraine fight the separatists in the eastern part of the country. Such teams of “advisors” often include special forces and are usually a slippery slope to direct US military involvement.

On Friday, President Obama requested Congressional approval to send US troops into Ukraine to train and equip its national guard. This even though in March, the president promised no US boots on the ground in Ukraine. The deployment will be funded with $19 million from a fund designated to fight global terrorism, signaling that the US considers the secessionists in Ukraine to be “terrorists.”

Are US drone strikes against these “terrorists” and the “associated forces” who support them that far off?

The US has already provided the Ukrainian military with $23 million for defense security, $5 million in body armor, $8 million to help secure Ukraine’s borders, several hundred thousand ready-to-eat meals as well as an array of communications equipment. Congress is urging the president to send lethal military aid and the administration is reportedly considering sending real-time intelligence to help target rebel positions.

But let’s not forget that this whole crisis started with the US-sponsored coup against Ukraine’s elected president back in February. The US escalates while it demands that Russia de-escalate. How about all sides de-escalate?

Even when the goals are clear, sanctions have a lousy track record. Sanctions are acts of war. These sanctions will most definitely have a negative effect on the US economy as well as the Russian economy. Why is “winning” Ukraine so important to Washington? Why are they risking a major war with Russia to deny people in Ukraine the right to self-determination? Let’s just leave Ukraine alone!

Christian Pastors Avoiding Their Responsibilities on Political Issues

Chuck Baldwin

Why? Read on.

By Chuck Baldwin

Dr. Baldwin is a Baptist minister in Montana. He was a Constitution Party presidential candidate in 2008.

From Chuck Baldwin's Facebook page

August 2, 2014

George Barna, the leading researcher of modern Christianity in America, has just published the findings of a two year research project involving the lack of involvement in political affairs by today's churches. The statistics reveal what I have been telling people for years: America's pastors are deliberately refusing to address the salient issues affecting the American people.

According to Barna's research, 90% of America's pastors KNOW that the Bible speaks to every one of the important political issues of the day but only 10% of them are willing to address them. And get this: Barna's research also discovered that the larger the church is, the less inclined the pastor is to address the issues.

Shazam! What a surprise!

And guess what the biggest reason is that Barna's survey said that pastors are unwilling to address the issues? Take a guess. You got it: fear of the IRS.

The 501c3 IRS tax exempt status for churches has all but totally muzzled the pastors. If you are looking for a reason why the country is in the mess it's in, look no further than the doorsteps of America's churches and the cowardice of America's pulpits.

You can bet I'm going to say more about this.

Illegal Aliens: Democrats Want Votes, Republicans Want Cheap Labor. What Do Globalists Want?

Chuck Baldwin

By Chuck Baldwin

Dr. Baldwin is a Baptist minister in Montana. He was a Constitution Party presidential candidate in 2008.

July 24, 2014

The invasion of illegal aliens across our southern border is no extemporaneous event. It is a cold, calculated, and cunning attempt to fundamentally change America. The Obama Administration has sent a loud and clear signal to our neighbors to the south that illegals are welcome, that they won’t be sent home, and that they will be provided either real or de facto amnesty--especially if those illegals are minors. The result is a torrent of illegals pouring over the border into the United States. These illegals are being housed, fed, given medical care, and are being transported to destinations throughout the U.S. Few are being deported. Several military installations have been essentially turned into daycare centers and nurseries, and according to several published reports, up to 70% of U.S. Border Patrol personnel are now being assigned to administrative duties in an attempt to process the hundreds of thousands of illegals that have amassed at the border.

Giving amnesty to illegal aliens is a long time goal of both Democrats and Republicans in Washington, D.C. U.S. Congressman Kerry Bentivolio (R-Mich) stated it succinctly: “Democrats want the votes, and the Republicans want the cheap labor.”

The only people opposing granting amnesty to illegals in Washington, D.C., are the Tea Party Republicans. And had it not been for the defeat of Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (a major proponent of amnesty) by Tea Party Republicans in Virginia a few weeks ago, there is absolutely no question that the GOP-led House and Democrat-led Senate would have collaborated on, and passed, an amnesty bill this summer. But with the defeat of Cantor, scores of GOP House members are extremely skittish about supporting amnesty--especially with the fall elections just around the corner.

Of course, the pro-amnesty media and their fellow-travelers in the Congress are pitching the idea that all of these illegal immigrant children are “refugees” escaping war-torn conditions in Central America. This plays well on the heartstrings of a compassionate American citizenry--just as it is designed to do. Even pseudo-conservatives such as Glenn Beck and Joe Scarborough are trying to score ratings points by getting into the “help the children” act by stunts like sending soccer balls and teddy bears to the border. But the facts just don’t support the hype.

Think about it: Does anyone really believe those youngsters traveled hundreds of miles on their own? Get real! They were led, fed, and supervised all the way to the border. Someone paid those coyotes (human smugglers) hundreds or even thousands of dollars to take those young people to the border. Make no mistake about it: This is a premeditated strategy of insurgents.

The only veteran of both the Vietnam and Iraq wars serving in Congress, Rep. Bentivolio took a fact-finding trip to Central America to assess conditions there. The congressman told World Net Daily that “conditions in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are certainly not great and there is much hardship, but they are not war zones.” In fact, the congressman noted that the conditions of the Central American countries are not dissimilar from many of the inner city neighborhoods of big U.S. cities.

Congressman Bentivolio also said that solving the illegal immigration problem is not complex: “If we had secure borders, we wouldn’t have this problem. We need to send a strong message that, if you want to come to America, do it legally, and get in line.”

See the WND report here:

Congressman Exposes Truth Behind Illegal Kids

Exactly! “Do it legally, and get it line.” That is the way it’s been historically done. The next time you hear someone say America is “a nation of immigrants,” realize that is not strictly true. America is a nation of LEGAL immigrants.

But neither Republican nor Democrat presidential administrations (Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama) have done diddly-squat to protect America’s southern border. Does anyone not find it interesting that the federal government will send U.S. military forces to the Middle East with assignments that include protecting and securing the borders of those countries but will not protect the borders of the United States?

Of course, if the federal government was not underwriting illegal immigration with all kinds of government services, illegals would not even have that much incentive to enter the country in the first place. First, the federal government provides every incentive for illegals to sneak into the country via copious government-subsidized benefits, then it refuses to remotely secure the border, and then it refuses to deport them after they have arrived: DUH! I wonder why we have an illegal alien problem!

Beyond that, the federal government has released thousands of illegals from U.S. jails and prisons who have committed the most heinous crimes within this country. At the same time, it has not even attempted to arrest the influx of hundreds of thousands of violent illegals.

According to Texas State Senator Dan Patrick, there are at least 100,000 illegal immigrant gang members in the State of Texas alone. covered the story:

“On Monday's The Laura Ingraham Show, Patrick, who is also the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, said from 2008 to 2012, 143,000 illegal immigrant criminals were arrested and jailed in Texas. He said these were ‘hardened criminals, gang members, and other criminals that we identified as being in Texas illegally.’

"‘We charged them with 447,000 crimes, a half-million crimes in four years, just in Texas, including over 5,000 rapes and 2,000 murders,’ Patrick said. ‘We estimate we have 100,000 gang members here illegally.’"

Patrick also noted that only between one in five or one in ten illegals are actually apprehended. So, do the math.

See the report at:

Texas State Senator: 100,000 Illegal Immigrant Gang Members In State

If we know there are at least that many violent criminals coming across the border, how many potential terrorists must we assume have also come into the United States through this porous, unprotected southern border? The prospect is absolutely frightening!

In addition, the unchecked stream of illegals from Mexico and Central America is also taking a toll upon the health of everyone involved in this debacle. Border Patrol agents are coming down with diseases. There are reports of contagious diseases spreading rapidly.

ABC 15 TV (Phoenix, Arizona) recently gave a report regarding the concern many people have about the spread of contagious diseases being brought into the country by illegals from the third-world countries below the United States. Health workers are already seeing scabies, chicken pox, MRSA staph infections, and other diseases.

A quick note on the MRSA disease: MRSA is considered to be one of the 18 microbes listed by the CDC as a multidrug resistant microbe or “superbug.” You should Google up that disease and see what our children in the public schools are going to be subjected to when all of these illegals get farmed out to the schools of America’s heartland.

And, interestingly enough, the DHS has prohibited health care providers from talking to the media. I wonder why?

See the ABC report here:

Undocumented Immigrants Bringing Diseases Across Border?

Plus, the ABC report above does not even touch on the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) that are being reported as being rampant among the tens of thousands of illegals on the border.

And, yes, America’s schoolchildren (and the rest of the U.S. citizenry) will certainly be subjected to the health risks described above. Listen to this:

“The U.S. Senate Appropriations Subcommittee approved a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 that includes $5.508 billion for Immigration and Customs Enforcement operations. Included in that amount is more than $87 million for the transportation of illegal immigrants--most often via plane--from the U.S.-Mexico border to federal facilities around the nation.

“The FY 2015 bill summary states that the federal government will provide ‘$87.6 million above the request for the transportation of unaccompanied immigrant children--often via commercial or charter aircraft--from DHS custody to the legally required shelters operated by the Office of Refugee Resettlement within Department of Health and Human Services.’

“A DHS request for ‘escort services for unaccompanied alien children,’ posted online in January, claimed that 50 percent of transported foreign minors are brought to interior U.S. cities via commercial planes. The others are transported via local ground transport and ICE charter air crafts.”

See the report here:

Budget To Transport Illegals Across USA Approaches $100M

So, the people of the United States must be subjected to all of the above because “Democrats want the votes, and the Republicans want the cheap labor.” But what do the globalists want? The globalists are the real power behind both the Democrat and Republican parties in Washington, D.C. Nothing substantial happens in politics or business without their approbation. So, what do they want to get out of a chaotic border crisis?

Remember, the goal of globalists is the dismantlement of nationhood. They envision a global government complete with a global economy and global military. The United States is the biggest hindrance to this objective. America, alone, has the freedom-oriented history, heritage, culture, laws, arms, attitude, etc., that stands as a huge impediment to the globalists’ agenda. This is in spite of the fact that every presidential administration since Ronald Reagan, most congresses, and the national media have been dominated by globalists.

Remember, too, that the two main assets assisting the cause of globalism are perpetual war abroad and the rise of a Police State domestically. In fact, the latter is dependent upon the former. Perpetual war, conflict, crisis, upheaval, etc., is the impetus for the rise of the Super State, (aka the Police State), which is ostensibly designed to “protect” the people from the crisis. It is no exaggeration to say that most of the crises in the post-World War II world have been manufactured crises for the purposes of creating the Super State. The illegal immigration crisis is no exception.

The influx of millions of illegals--many of whom are violent criminals, murderous gang members, potential terrorists, disease-carriers, and people from third-world, socialist countries who have absolutely no understanding of, or appreciation for, constitutional law, Natural Law, republican government, etc.--will most definitely turn American cities into war zones. And that’s exactly what globalists want. They want every city in America to look like Chicago.

Do you know that there have been more murders in Chicago than in all of the mass-killings throughout the United States combined? See AWR Hawkins’ report:

Far More People Killed In Chicago Than In All Mass Shootings Combined

And what is the City of Chicago but a Police State with barely any rights of self-defense. My friends, that is what the globalists have planned for your city. And illegal immigration is the vehicle that is designed to bring it to pass.

Yes, “Democrats want the votes, and the Republicans want the cheap labor,” but the globalists want a national crisis that will further facilitate turning America into a giant Police State. But, I suppose the biggest question is what do the American people want? We’ll soon see.

Chuck Baldwin's website

NBC's Brian Williams: Edward Snowden to Be Granted Permanent Asylum in Russia

July 31, 2014

Reps. Gabbard and Kinzinger with Greta Van Susteren

U.S. Representatives Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) appear with Greta Van Susteren of Fox News. Both are up for re-election, of course, since Representatives, per the U.S. Constitution, run every two years.

Big Sis Gabbard's office, unlike all of our other elected representatives that we know of, insists that all callers calling to make comments identify themselves by name and where they live (area, not address). We can see where she'd want to know if they're in her district or not, but there are excellent reasons for callers wishing to remain anonymous, including government retaliation, a negative impression made on present and future employers or customers, and other, even more compelling reasons, such as avoiding a stalker. Her office's "trust me" response on not making comments public, particularly when the office admits the information will be sent electronically, is, how shall we put it politely, unconvincing.

Classic British Pubs Disappearing Fast

Developers are snapping up classic British taverns, demolishing them and putting up expensive condos in their place.

Looks like Hawaii is not alone with its problem with developers. In Hawaii's case there are battles over losing scarce prime farmland to expensive projects and high rises that locals can't afford going up in old neighborhoods.

Michael Bociurkiw Recalls Being First at MH17 Crash Site

U.S. Low-Income Families Facing Eviction from Government-Subsidized Buildings

Hawaii Political Info introduction: What's shown here happens in Hawaii too. When Moanalua Hillside Apartments on Red Hill switched from Section 8 housing around 2000 and was sold, rents ran up rapidly as a series of owners quickly flipped the buildings for profits. Local families moved out en masse and military personnel and foreigners moved in to take their places. There was one very ill man in his late 80's that we remember, a long-time resident, who was not well enough to move and couldn't afford the rapidly escalating rent either. A move, even with maximum help, would have killed him. Further, the new owners stopped automatic bank transfer payments for rent and told the tenants they had to go to the office to make payment, which at least this one man was physically incapable of. The office wouldn't make an exception for him. The difficult situation ended when he passed away.

Published on YouTube Aug 3, 2014

Russia Today introduction: US low-income families are being pushed to the brink as landlords raise rents to new highs.

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