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East Ukrainians Forced to Leave Homes because of Kiev Military Attacks

Hawaii Political Info introduction: The illegitimate Kiev government, which overthrew the democratically elected government a few months ago with the backing of the U.S., has been attacking their own people in east Ukraine because they're too Russia friendly. East Ukraine is next to the Russian border and many who live there are of Russian descent and speak Russian, which has been outlawed by the new regime.

Note in this map how close Lugansk, mentioned in this video, is to Russia (Luhans'k on the map).

Russia Today introduction: The shaky truce in East Ukraine has been extended with both the army and anti-government fighters promising to recognize it. The ceasefire, which has been in place for a week, is part of attempts to bring peace to the region. RT's Maria Finoshina saw first-hand what Eastern Ukraine is like amid the promised 'peace'.

Published on YouTube Jun 28, 2014

Meetings on Native Hawaiian Sovereignty with Dept. of Interior

Meeting on Native Hawaiian Recognition with the Dept of the Interior: Episode 1 [Olelo, 3 hrs 25 min] Hawaii State Capitol, 9am, Jun 23, 2014

Meeting on Native Hawaiian Recognition with the Dept of the Interior: Episode 2 [Olelo, 2 hrs 45 min] Waimanalo, 6pm, Jun 23, 2014

Meeting on Native Hawaiian Recognition with the Dept of the Interior: Episode 3 [Olelo, 3 hrs 15 min] Waianae, 6pm, Jun 24, 2014

Meeting on Native Hawaiian Recognition with the Dept of the Interior: Episode 4 [Olelo, 3 hrs 3 min] Kaneohe, 6pm, Jun 25, 2014

Meeting on Native Hawaiian Recognition with the Dept of the Interior: Episode 5 [YouTube, 3 hr 20 min] Kapolei, Jun 26, 2014

Meeting on Native Hawaiian Recognition with the Dept of the Interior: Episode 6 [Vimeo, 1 hr 20 min] Lanai, Jun 27, 2014

Meeting on Native Hawaiian Recognition with the Dept of the Interior: Episode 7 [Vimeo, 3 hr 5 min] Molokai, Jun 28, 2014


Hawaiian Sovereignty [Hawaii Political Info] (Collection of articles)

Governor Abercrombie Interviewed on Homosexual Program

Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie is interviewed by a gay man on a homosexual program. The governor, originally from Buffalo, New York, talks about his love of Hawaii. Another of the topics is homosexual marriage, which he signed into law last year.

Published on YouTube May 13, 2014

U.S. Senate Candidate Hanabusa on U.S. and the Iraq War

Left to right: U.S. Rep Colleen Hanabusa, Sen Daniel Inouye, Rep Mazie Hirono (now Senator), Oct 2012, campaign rally at Waimalu Elementary School / photo: HPI

Hawaii Political Info introduction: Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa (D) is running for U.S. Senator, a statewide office. Her major opponent in the primary is incumbent Senator Brian Schatz (D). One or the other of them will be knocked out of the race then, with the winner going on to most likely easily win in the general election in November.

Schatz, then lieutenant governor, was appointed to his position as Senator after Senator Daniel Inouye passed away in December 2012. There was controversy leading up to Schatz's appointment because of a letter from Inouye to Governor Neil Abercrombie expressing his "last wish" that Hanabusa be appointed to succeed him. In spite of the well-publicized letter, Governor Abercrombie appointed Lieutenant Governor Schatz as U.S. Senator.

There has since been some doubt expressed publicly that Senator Inouye actually wrote the letter by such as former Governor Ben Cayetano and Governor Abercrombie. Inouye's widow Irene publicly weighed in on Abercrombie's expressed doubts and said they were "hurtful." She's backing Hanabusa.

After Mrs. Inouye's comments, Abercrombie quickly issued an apology.


Huffington Post

By Colleen Hanabusa (D), Congresswoman from Hawaii

June 24, 2014

The news and images coming from Iraq are disturbing. ISIL, a militant force intent on deposing the country's elected government and imposing Islamic rule, has captured the major city of Mosul, moved south across the country, and is threatening Baghdad. Along the way, reports are that it has conducted waves of mass killings. The country appears to be on the brink of civil war.

It is easy to imagine why there is a significant temptation to intervene. Some make a humanitarian argument, that we need to end the killing. Some focus on the political picture, that we must support a duly elected government against rebels. And for some it is primarily a military matter, the danger of a destabilized Iraq alongside Syria, threatening the entire region.

President Obama has announced, under an invocation of the War Powers Resolution, that he has sent 275 American troops and plans to send an additional 300 military advisers to Iraq in a non-combat role. However, what we have yet to hear in the president's announcement -- and the reason I cannot support it -- was a clear outline of how further involvement in Iraq would serve America's national security interests. After a decade of war, people are weary and suspicious of any further involvement abroad. They want an answer to the fundamental question of how this serves their interests. What do we intend to accomplish? How do we plan to accomplish it? And what is our exit strategy?

Read more . . .


Senator Daniel Inouye, WWII vet, on why many veterans are troubled by their war experiences, but keep it to themselves. [YouTube] Oct 27, 2012

Angry Man Confronts SLC Officers after His Dog Is Shot Dead

Published on YouTube June 26, 2014

The Salt Lake Tribune [Utah] introduction: Sean Kendall shot this video of his interaction with Salt Lake City police after learning an officer had shot his dog in his backyard. (courtesy Sean Kendall)

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Ige Opposes Abercrombie's Intent to Veto Disclosure Bill

David Ige for Hawaii governor campaign office release

June 26, 2014

Democratic gubernatorial candidate State Senator David Ige is criticizing the governor’s notice of intent to veto SB2682, which would require the disclosure of financial statements by members of 15 state boards and commissions, including the Public Utilities Commission, University of Hawaii Board of Regents, Board of Education, Hawaii Community Development Authority, Board of Land and Natural Resources, and others.

“I think it’s incredible that the governor is planning to veto a bill that increases government transparency and accountability and was unanimously passed in both the House and the Senate,” said Senator Ige. “ The Legislature listened to the many citizens who want a more open government, and I call on the governor to do the same.”

Senator Ige added, “If the governor’s concern is that the bill will discourage certain individuals from accepting these positions, then so be it. We need people in our government who are willing to be forthcoming and transparent. If I were governor, I would have signed this bill immediately because I believe in an open government that is held accountable and discourages conflicts of interest.”

With nearly 30 years in the state Legislature, candidate for governor Senator David Ige has built a solid reputation as a thoughtful, honest and innovative legislator. He has been the chair of the Senate Committee on Ways and Means for the past four years, helping to shape and balance the state’s budget. Senator Ige has led a total of 10 House and Senate committees, including Higher Education, Education and Technology, Health, Hawaiian Affairs, Economic Development, Commerce, and Consumer Protection and Information Technology. This year he was named one of the 13 “tech-savviest” state legislators in the nation by Government Technology magazine. Senator Ige has been at the forefront of applying technology solutions and information technology in government and education. More information on Senator Ige and his candidacy are available at


David Ige (D) for Governor

Gov. Cayetano stumps for Ige over Abercrombie [Hawaii Political Info]

Ask Ige Anything [YouTube] (59 min)

Will Putin’s Diplomacy Prevail Over Washington’s Coercion?

Paul Craig Roberts

June 9, 2014

By Paul Craig Roberts

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is trying to save the world from war. We should all help him.

Today Putin’s presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov reported that President Putin has asked the Russian legislature to repeal the authorization to use force that was granted in order to protect residents of former Russian territories that are currently part of Ukraine from the rabid Russophobic violence that characterizes Washington’s stooge government in Kiev.

Washington’s neoconservatives are jubilant. They regard Putin’s diplomacy as a sign of weakness and fear, and urge stronger steps that will force Russia to give back Crimea and the Black Sea naval base.

Inside Russia, Washington is encouraging its NGO fifth columns to undercut Putin’s support with propaganda that Putin is afraid to stand up for Russians and has sold out Ukraine’s Russian population. If this propaganda gains traction, Putin will be distracted by street protests. The appearance of Putin’s domestic weakness would embolden Washington. Many members of Russia’s young professional class are swayed by Washington’s propaganda. Essentially, these Russians, brainwashed by US propaganda, are aligned with Washington, not with the Kremlin.

Putin has placed his future and that of his country on a bet that Russian diplomacy can prevail over Washington’s bribes, threats, blackmail, and coercion. Putin is appealing to Western Europeans. Putin is saying, “I am not the problem. Russia is not the problem. We are reasonable. We are ignoring Washington’s provocations. We want to work things out and to find a peaceful solution.”

Washington is saying: “Russia is a threat. Putin is the new Hitler. Russia is the enemy. NATO and the US must begin a military buildup against the Russian Threat, rush troops and jet fighters to Eastern European NATO bases on Russia’s frontier. G-8 meetings must be held without Russia. Economic sanctions must be put on Russia regardless of the damage the sanctions do to Europe.” And so forth.

Putin says: “I’m here for you. Let’s work this out.”

Washington says: “Russia is the enemy.”

Putin knows that the UK is a complete vassal puppet state, that Cameron is just as bought-and-paid-for as Blair before him. Putin’s hope for diplomacy over force rests on Germany and France. Both countries face Europe’s budget and employment woes, and both countries have significant economic relations with Russia. German business interests are a counterweight to the weak Merkel government’s subservience to Washington. Washington has stupidly angered the French by trying to steal $10 billion from France’s largest bank. This theft, if successful, will destroy France’s largest bank and deliver France to Wall Street.

If desire for national sovereignty still exists in the German or French governments, one or both could give the middle finger to Washington and publicly declare that they are unwilling for their country to be drawn into conflict with Russia for the sake of Washington’s Empire and the financial hegemony of American banks.

Putin is betting on this outcome. If his bet is a bad one and Europe fails not only Russia but itself and the rest of the world by accommodating Washington’s drive for world hegemony, Russia and China will have to submit to Washington’s hegemony or be prepared for war.

As neither side can afford to lose the war, the war would be nuclear. As scientists have made clear, life on earth would cease, regardless of whether Washington’s ABM shield works.

This is why I oppose Washington’s policies and speak out against the arrogance and hubris that define Washington today. The most likely outcome of Washington’s pursuit of world hegemony is the extinction of life on earth.

Copyright © Paul Craig Roberts 2014

About Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments and his Internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts' latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost.

Polish FM Sikorski Private Conversation: Poland Giving Oral Sex to U.S. for Nothing in Return

From leaked tape of Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski private conversation: "[Poles are] Suckers. Total suckers.”

Russia Today

June 23, 2014

The Polish Foreign Minister believes his country’s alliance with the US is worth nothing and compared his government’s stance to giving oral sex and receiving nothing in return, a Polish magazine said, citing a leaked recording of a private conversation.

Excerpts from the alleged exchange between FM Radoslaw Sikorski and Jacek Rostowski, an MP and former finance minister, were published Sunday by Wprost, which promised a full transcript and audio files later on Monday or Tuesday. The same magazine triggered a political storm in Poland this month by releasing a recording of a conversation between the head of Poland’s central bank and the interior minister, implying a link between the two violating the bank’s independence.

According to Wprost, Sikorski is skeptical about the reliance of Poland, one of the staunchest allies of Washington in Eastern Europe, on American protection.

Read more . . .


Radoslaw Sikorski on BBC Hardtalk [YouTube] (24 min) Mar 11, 2014

Poland's strategic proximity to Russia (in the eyes of U.S. warmongers) [World Map]

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