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Why Hamas Rejected the Cease-Fire

The Real News

Hawaii Political News introduction: Lia Tarachansky is a Russian Jew and Paul Jay, head of The Real News, is also Jewish (personal email from Paul).

Lia Tarachansky is an Israeli-Russian journalist with The Real News Network reporting on Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories. Born in the Soviet Union, Tarachansky grew up in a settlement in the occupied West Bank. She is the director of On the Side of the Road, a documentary on Israel's biggest taboo - the events of 1948 when the state was created. Tarachansky previously worked as a Newsroom Producer in The Real News' Washington D.C. and Toronto Headquarters, and her work appeared on BBC, Al Jazeera, USA Today, Canadian Dimension Magazine and others.

On Monday night the press became aware that a ceasefire proposal was being crafted by the Egyptian government in negotiation with Israel and the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. The proposal was delivered to the Hamas leadership shortly before the deadline was to take into effect, and did not include the demands the Hamas party put forward already on the second day of the fighting, conditions that would score the group political capital, namely - the release of its rearrested members, jailed in recent weeks by Israel, the lifting of the 8 year-long blockade on the strip, and the end of fire. When Hamas' main political rival - The Islamic Jihad - announced they reject the Egyptian proposal, Hamas followed suit, leading to international criticism. The Real News' Lia Tarachansky spoke to Gaza-based blogger Nalan al Sarraj.


Interview with Lia Tarachansky: a former settler documents the Nakba [Ma'an News Agency] (2nd most popular website in the Palestinian Territory)

Wikipedia Edits Smearing Alternative Media Traced Back to Congress


Entry from IP traced to U.S. House of Representatives describes Alex Jones as 'Kremlin disinformation agent'

By Paul Joseph Watson

July 15, 2014

Edits to the Wikipedia profiles of Alex Jones and Abby Martin which malign the two alternative media personalities as Kremlin propagandists are linked to an IP address associated with the House of Representatives, prompting suggestions that the U.S. government is involved in an online smear campaign.

Yesterday evening a Wikipedia user attempted to edit radio host Alex Jones’ profile to add the sentence, “Following his appearances on Russia Today, there were allegations that he was a disinformation agent with ties to the Kremlin.”

A simple trace on the IP address that posted the entry reveals that the computer involved “is registered to Information Systems, U.S. House of Representatives.”

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The Gaza Story that Israel Isn't Telling Us This Week

A future Palestine state will have no borders and be an enclave within Israel, surrounded on all sides by Israeli-held territory

The Independent (U.K.)

By Robert Fisk
Robert Fisk is a multiple award-winning journalist on the Middle East, based in Beirut. He speaks Arabic.

July 9, 2014

OK, so by this afternoon, the exchange rate of death in two days was 40-0 in favour of Israel. But now for the Gaza story you won’t be hearing from anyone else in the next few hours.

It’s about land. The Israelis of Sederot are coming under rocket fire from the Palestinians of Gaza and now the Palestinians are getting their comeuppance. Sure. But wait, how come all those Palestinians – all 1.5 million – are crammed into Gaza in the first place? Well, their families once lived, didn’t they, in what is now called Israel? And got chucked out – or fled for their lives – when the Israeli state was created.

And – a drawing in of breath is now perhaps required – the people who lived in Sederot in early 1948 were not Israelis, but Palestinian Arabs. Their village was called Huj. Nor were they enemies of Israel. Two years earlier, these same Arabs had actually hidden Jewish Haganah fighters from the British Army. But when the Israeli army turned up at Huj on 31 May 1948, they expelled all the Arab villagers – to the Gaza Strip! Refugees, they became. David Ben Gurion (Israel’s first Prime Minister) called it an “unjust and unjustified action”. Too bad. The Palestinians of Huj were never allowed back.

And today, well over 6,000 descendants of the Palestinians from Huj – now Sederot – live in the squalor of Gaza, among the “terrorists” Israel is claiming to destroy and who are shooting at what was Huj. Interesting story.

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Whole Foods Market Continues to Sell Food with Heavy Metals in It


By Mike Adams

July 14, 2014

Whole Foods Market (WFM) is knowingly selling dietary products which are significantly contaminated with toxic heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and tungsten. Some of these contaminated levels exceed California Proposition 65 limits by nearly 2000%. Click here to see some of the laboratory results of rice protein products, many of which were purchased at Whole Foods in Austin, Texas.

In May of this year, Natural News presented Whole Foods with irrefutable laboratory evidence proving that many of the organic rice protein products sold on their shelves were significantly contaminated with toxic heavy metals. In response to that, Whole Foods has apparently done nothing to halt the practice: to our knowledge, no products have been pulled from shelves, no recalls have been issued, and no public statements warning customers have been issued.

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FDA’s Reassurance On Arsenic In Rice Not So Reassuring [CommonHealth] Sep 12, 2013

Gaza and the Myth of Israel's Right to Exist

Carnage in East Ukraine by US-Supported Kiev Government

Published on YouTube Jul 13, 2014

Russia Today introduction: 'Degeneration into genocide' as President Poroshenko calls for the murder of 'hundreds' of rebels for each of his troops killed - more than Nazi Germany ordered as punitive reprisals in World War Two; eyewitnesses report Kiev death squads going 'house to house' executing all men under 35 on the spot, 'crucifying' babies and forcing their mothers to watch - unspeakable atrocities under a complete mainstream media blackout. On Sunday Ukraine's missiles killed and injured civilians in the Rostov region, the latest bombing on Russia.

Seek truth from facts with leading war crimes prosecutor Francis Boyle; US Navy veteran Mark Sleboda; investigative journalist William Engdahl; and George Eliason, who lives with his Ukrainian family in the crosshairs of Kiev's bombing near Lugansk.


Huge EU Bank Fines New US Political Tool?

Published on YouTube Jul 13, 2014

Russia Today introduction: European banks face much bigger U.S. fines than American lenders. Katie Pilbeam investigates whether this is a new political tool in Washington's foreign policy.

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Autism Explained: Synergistic Poisoning from Aluminum and Glyphosate

Hawaii Political Info introduction: An MIT research scientist explains why the autism rate is continuing to rise dramatically and why she expects that fully half the children born in 2025 will be diagnosed with autism. A must-see.

Video introduction by ?: The number of children diagnosed with autism in America has risen alarmingly over the past fifteen years, in exact step with the rise in the use of glyphosate (Roundup) on corn and soy crops. Coincidence? I think not. In parallel, children in the United States have been burdened with an increased aluminum load from the world's most comprehensive vaccination schedule. Glyphosate has a number of known biological effects that align with the known pathologies associated with autism. Glyphosate also likely promotes aluminum uptake into the tissues. Aluminum, a well-documented neurotoxin, is the established cause of dialysis dementia. I propose that aluminum accumulation in the brain, synergistically promoted by glyphosate, is the principal cause of autism in the US.

To view the talk by Stephanie Seneff, MIT research scientist, click here.

Christopher Bollyn Interviews Roi Tov, Christian Israeli

By Christopher Bollyn

February 2, 2011

Americans are generally quite naïve about Israel and how the Zionist state really functions. The general ignorance about Israel is primarily due to the fact that most people are woefully misinformed about the Middle East having grown up consuming news and entertainment products provided by Hollywood and the Zionist-controlled media. This has resulted in a very significant part of the American population suffering from an extremely distorted point-of-view. Prior to 9/11 this may not have been a matter of great concern, but with the U.S. involved in at least two long-term wars in the Middle East, Americans can no longer afford to be blissfully ignorant about the Zionist state of Israel and its criminal network that are the root of the conflict in the region.

The Cross of Bethlehem is a remarkable book about Israel, written by an intelligent Israeli dissident who converted to Christianity and writes under the name Ro’i (Roy) Tov. Having had a career at Israel’s highest scientific institution and having served in top-secret military units provided Tov with unique insights. These experiences, however, made Tov a marked man when he tried to leave Israel and write a critical book about the Zionist state. When Tov refused to return to Israel, the Mossad targeted him for assassination.

I read The Cross of Bethlehem with great interest because it is a unique book that reveals the hidden truth about Israel. I conducted the following interview with the author at the end of November 2010. Both Roi Tov and I would suggest that you ask your public library to get a copy.

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Megyn Kelly Complete Bill Ayers Interview

Hawaii Political Info background information: Bill Ayers, known nationally as a terrorist beginning in the early '70s, is rumored to have helped give President Obama his political start, but both men have distanced themselves from that.

Further, Allen Hulton, a letter carrier who delivered mail to Bill's parents' home in Illinois, has said that sometime in the early 1990s Mary Ayers, Bill's mother, talked to him quite enthusiastically about a young Black student who was living in her home.

Hulton chanced upon Obama himself months or perhaps a year later in front of the Ayers' home and had an unforgettable brief conversation with him. Obama confidently said he was going to be U.S. President!

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