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Waianae Neighborhood Board Votes against Rail Surcharge Extension

By Jack De Feo

April 9, 2014

(Waianae, Hawaii) At Tuesday night's Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board meeting, a majority of board members voted in favor of taking a position against any extension of the rail surcharge.

In a 5-0-2 decision, board members voted "to take a position against any legislation that would extend the rail surcharge, including House Bill 134 and Senate Bill 19". A quorum satisfying vote of 5 in favor of the motion included Chairperson Perry and board members Frenzel, Smith, MacDonald, and
Endo. Gates and Silva abstained.

Testimony by the community was unanimous in favor of the board's motion with most citing their dismay with the management of the project, cost overruns, perceived lack of transparency and misinformation. During the meeting, board member Frenzel stated that he and most of people he hears from aren't against rail in general, "just this rail project as it is currently being managed". He stated, "I'm not against rail, I'm against stupid rail. The project is $900 million over budget already and it [rail] has barely been started. . . . If legislators vote to extend the rail surcharge at this time, they are just endorsing the City's current mismanagement of the project." Frenzel asked that legislation to extend the surcharge be delayed at least a year, until the real numbers come in on how much the project will cost. "They [City and County] have no idea what the total costs are going to be, or at least say they don't”. A Community member said after the meeting ”I’m tired of politicians exploiting the west side by saying that the rail is meant to help us with our traffic problems. No one west of Makakilo will benefit from rail except a few union workers and then for only a few years."

Chairperson Perry questioned whether the surcharge was intended to also cover operations and maintenance costs and not just construction costs. Legislators present in the meeting did not provide an answer. The Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board represents the furthest leeward communities of Waianae, Makaha, Makua, and portions of Maili.

Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima Fly Over

F/A-18E Super Hornets fly over Mt. Suribachi to mark the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima, Japan, March 25, 2015, during a return transit to Atsugi, Japan. The squadron, part of Carrier Air Wing 5, is deployed to Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Japan, to support security and stability in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region. The Hornets are assigned to Strike Fighter Squadron 27. U.S. Navy photo by Cmdr. Spencer Abbot/Click photo for enlargement

Pearl Harbor's Giant Golf Ball: Billion$$ Down the Drain

Apr 6, 2015

Russia Today introduction: The US Pentagon has wasted $10 billion on a missile defense project, the sea-based X-Band Radar (SBX), which turned into a major flop, according to media reports. The missile defense failures also appear to threaten US security.


The Pentagon's $10-billion bet gone bad [Los Angeles Times] April 5, 2015

A Look at Jews for Judaism from a Christian Viewpoint

Real Jew News

Whether one is a Christian, a Jew, an atheist, a believer, or any shade of personal life philosophy in-between, including "none at all," an understanding of Christianity and Judaism is crucial to better understanding the world situation and one's place in it.

Here Brother Nathanael gives a brief overview of the tension between Christianity and Judaism, a tension of which most Christians are largely unaware. Brother Nathanael grew up in the U.S. as a Jew and converted to Christianity when a young man. He is now a member of the Russian Orthodox Church, lives in Colorado, and says he has read the Bible cover to cover over 100 times.


Jews, Israel & Zionism   (Collection of articles) [Hawaii Political Info]

IRS and Congress Hold Our Liberty in Contempt

This week the Justice Department announced it would not charge former Internal Revenue Service (IRS) official Lois Lerner with contempt of Congress. Some members of Congress requested that Lerner be charged with contempt after she refused to testify at a congressional hearing investigating her role in denying or delaying the applications for tax-exempt status of “tea party” and pro-limited government organizations.

Cynics might suggest it is not surprising that a former government official would avoid prosecution for refusing to tell Congress about how federal employees abused their power to help the incumbent administration. These cynics have a point, but the problem goes beyond mere partisanship. Government officials are rarely prosecuted for even the most blatant violations of our liberties. In contrast, federal prosecutors routinely pursue criminal charges against whistleblowers. For example, the only American prosecuted and imprisoned in relation to the government's use of torture was whistleblower John Kiriakou!

While some officials like Lois Lerner who find themselves at the center of a high-profile scandal or partisan dispute can expect harsh treatment from Congress, this is the expectation, not the rule. Executive branch officials usually receive deferential treatment from members of Congress. I recall one hearing on government surveillance where a representative actually apologized to a government official because Congress had the gall to ask that official to testify about the government’s ongoing surveillance of the American people.

In contrast, private citizens called before Congress are harangued and even bullied. Congress should stop using the hearing process to intimidate private citizens and start using it to intimidate those government officials who are threatening our liberty. For example, Congress should continue to investigate the IRS’s ongoing attempts to silence organizations that work to advance free markets and individual liberty.

My Campaign for Liberty organization has had to battle an IRS demand that it hand over personal information regarding some of its top donors. The IRS is either ignoring, or ignorant of, the numerous precedents protecting the right of organizations like the Campaign for Liberty to protect their members’ privacy from government officials.

The IRS is drafting a new regulation that would empower the agency to revoke an organization's tax-exempt status if that organization sends out a communication to its members or the general public mentioning a candidate for office by name sixty days before an election or thirty days before a primary. By preventing groups from telling their members where candidates stand on issues like Audit the Fed and repeal of the PATRIOT Act, this anti-First Amendment regulation benefits those politicians who wish to hide their beliefs from the voters.

Since the IRS’s power stems from the tax system, the only way to protect our liberty from this agency is to eliminate the tax code. Promising to end the IRS is a popular applause line for politicians wishing to appear as champions of liberty. This week, John Koskinen, the current IRS commissar, responded to these cries to end the IRS by pointing out that shutting down the IRS would deprive Congress of the revenue needed to fund the welfare-warfare state. Koskinen has a point. Congress cannot shut down the IRS until it enacts major reductions in all areas of government spending.

Politicians who vote for warfare abroad and welfare at home yet claim they want to shut down the IRS should not be taken seriously. Freeing the people from the IRS’s tyranny is one of the best reasons to end the welfare-warfare state and return the federal government to its constitutional limitations.

Copyright © 2015 by RonPaul Institute

Zero Pilot Hears the Drums of War in Midst of a Younger, Unaware Japan

The New York Times

April 3, 2015

NAGANO, Japan — Kaname Harada was once a feared samurai of the sky, shooting down 19 Allied aircraft as a pilot of Japan’s legendary Zero fighter plane during World War II. Now 98 years old and in failing health, the former ace is on what he calls his final mission: using his wartime experiences to warn Japan against ever going to war again.

This has become a timely issue in Japan, as the conservative prime minister, Shinzo Abe, has called for revising Japan’s pacifist Constitution. On a recent afternoon in this alpine city near his home, Mr. Harada was invited to address a ballroom filled with some 200 tax accountants and their business clients.

After slowly ascending the stage with the help of his daughter, he stopped to hang up hand-drawn war maps and a sepia-toned photo of himself as a young pilot in a leather flight suit glaring fearlessly into the camera.

Read more . . .


Kaname Harada recalls the horrors of the Battle of Midway for a Hawaiian audience [Hawaii Political Info] Jun 6, 2010

Senator Daniel Inouye, WWII combat vet, echoes Harada's anti-war sentiments in a speech just one month before he passed away [YouTube, 8 min]

Conspiracy of Silence [Banned Documentary]

YouTube introduction:

Published on Sep 27, 2012

Conspiracy of Silence, a documentary listed for viewing in TV Guide Magazine was to be aired on the Discovery Channel, on May 3, 1994. This documentary exposed a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies.

Many children suffered the indignity of wearing nothing but their underwear and a number displayed on a piece of cardboard hanging from their necks when being auctioned off to foreigners in Las Vegas, Nevada and Toronto, Canada.

At the last minute before airing, unknown congressmen threatened the TV Cable industry with restrictive legislation if this documentary was aired. Almost immediately, the rights to the documentary were purchased by unknown persons who had ordered all copies destroyed.

A copy of this videotape was furnished anonymously to former Nebraska state senator and attorney John De Camp who made it available to retired FBI Agent Ted L. Gunderson. While the video quality is not top grade, this tape is a blockbuster in what is revealed by the participants involved.

Sexual Assault in the Military Is Epidemic

By Laurence M. Vance

The headline reads: “Book of songs used by U.S. Air Force contains horrifying lyrics about rape, pedophilia and homosexuality.” And the headline is accurate. The 130-page songbook contains 70 songs with titles including Pubic Hair, The Kotex Song, Bestiality, and The S&M Man (set to the tune of The Candy Man, it describes sexually mutilating women). The book is bound to look like an official Air Force publication, but the bottom of its pages are labeled “For Unofficial Use Only.”

Hey women: Stay out of the military. You are safer in the midst of a street gang on a dark inner-city street in a large American city.

Hey men: You too. Men get sexually assaulted in the military as well.

Read more . . .

Jew Who Became 'Notorious' as Holocaust Revisionist Reveals What Happened Next

Hawaii Political Info introduction: The U.S. is supposed to be more tolerant of unconventional views than most countries—it has the tradition and protection of the First Amendment. Young David Cole, a Jew, found that when his research into the Holocaust didn't produce the politically correct view, he didn't face jail time as he would in many countries such as Sweden, Australia and Germany. But his life was in danger—right here in America—from a well-known segment of his fellow Jews, he says. He recanted, changed his name and assumed a new identity.

Rory Carroll of The Guardian tells his story.

The Guardian

By Rory Carroll

May 3, 2013

Hollywood conservative unmasked as notorious Holocaust revisionist

Republican Party Animals operator David Stein says he is really David Cole, and that he still holds controversial views

To those who knew him, or thought they knew him, he was a cerebral, fun-loving gadfly who hosted boozy gatherings for Hollywood's political conservatives. David Stein brought right-wing congressmen, celebrities, writers and entertainment industry figures together for shindigs, closed to outsiders, where they could scorn liberals and proclaim their true beliefs.

Over the past five years Stein's organisation, Republican Party Animals, drew hundreds to regular events in and around Los Angeles, making him a darling of conservative blogs and talkshows. That he made respected documentaries on the Holocaust added intellectual cachet and Jewish support to Stein's cocktail of politics, irreverence and rock and roll.

There was just one problem. Stein was not who he claimed. His real name can be revealed for the first time publicly – a close circle of confidants only found out the truth recently – as David Cole. And under that name he was once a reviled Holocaust revisionist who questioned the existence of Nazi gas chambers. He changed identities in January 1998.

Read more . . .


Confessions of A Jewish Holocaust Revisionist: From David Cole to David Stein to David Cole (1 hr 40 min interview with David Cole)

Ernst Zündel interviews Young David Cole-part 1 [YouTube] (10 min) This was before Zundel was deported from Canada to Germany where he was immediately incarcerated for years for his politically incorrect research results on Jews and the Holocaust. Suspicions remain that he had prior to that been deported from the U.S. to Canada for the same reason.

City Council Speeding towards Approval of Hoopili Project This Month

Kioni Dudley, Ph.D.

The Hoopili urbanization project will make the present traffic gridlock significantly worse and wipe out much of Oahu's dwindling prime farm land

By Kioni Dudley, Ph.D.

Kioni Dudley, a retired educator, is president of the Friends of Makakilo and vice chairman of the Makakilo-Kapolei-Honokai Hale Neighborhood Board. He is active in the effort to ameliorate leeward Oahu's worsening traffic gridlock, save its farmland and promote farming.

April 1, 2015

Hate the terrible traffic on the H-1 freeway? It's going to get a whole lot worse. Does your commute take 1½ hours each way today? Get ready for 2½ hours. And likely even more, thanks to your City Council.

The authoritative Inrix Report consistently rates H-1 traffic as the worst or second-worst in the nation. But your City Councilmembers are hearing none of that. They are rushing to approve zoning for the proposed Ho‘opili community before you notice what they are doing. That will put 12,000 more cars into the morning and afternoon rush.

They introduced Bill 3 on Feb. 18, and had the third hearing on it by March 11. If they stay on this fast track, they can finish the required five hearings and deliver the zoning prize to developer D.R. Horton/Schuler Homes on April 22. They refuse to recognize the problem; they just want to get this over before you catch on.

Some recent history: D.R. Horton/Schuler Homes hired Austin, Tsutsumi & Associates (ATA) to do a required traffic impact analysis report. It recommended adding one lane to the H-1 eastbound, claiming that this would bring peak rush-hour travel on the H-1/H-2 merge backup to Level of Service (LOS) C and D. (LOS C is free-flowing traffic; LOS D is traffic separated by eight car lengths.) That claim, of course, is totally preposterous.

The freeways are currently fed by 95,000 homes on the west and central sides of the merge. If the 12,000 homes of Ho‘opili are added to the 58,000 houses that are already zoned and ready to be built in this area, there will be 70,000 new homes feeding the merge — almost double the current homes, with double the cars.

Traffic is currently backed up and inching along for 4½ miles on the H-1 and for a couple of miles on the H-2. If five lanes currently cause a 4½-mile backup while serving 95,000 homes, how is it possible that one additional lane will adequately serve 70,000 additional homes, and also bring the traffic up to a free-flowing LOS C and D? Ain't gonna happen.

Further, rows of huge cement columns on both sides of the freeway guarantee that no more lanes can be added.

Some might think that rail will solve the problem. But rail can carry a mere 7,800 people an hour with every car full, and all expectations are that ridership will be far, far, less.

With Ho‘opili, travel time will grow and grow, adding ever greater misery to the lives of hundreds of thousands of people for decades to come.

Each year will bring greater loss of time with family, watching kids in sports, seeing one's family grow up. It will steal more time from recreation, participation in community and leisure —?and impact personal health and performance at the workplace. And every year, tens of thousands of latchkey kids of all ages will be left alone and unsupervised for longer hours of time each day. These costs to our society are staggering.

There will also be tremendous costs in dollars. According to the Texas Transportation Institute model, today's two hours of delay in traffic cost individuals $7,300 a year. Adding an hour in each direction would double that cost to each family, reaching $14,600 a year.

Commercial vehicles delayed in today's two-hour traffic cost businesses $38,500 annually. This will double to $77,000, enough to drive many companies out of business.

How can you stop this? Email or call City Councilmembers to oppose Bill 3 (see our website, They need to hear from you — your traffic experience — and that you will hold them accountable.

Please do it now.

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