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Federal Government’s Agenda for Students Discussed

(5 stars, 11 ratings, YouTube)

Peg Luksik, chairman of the National Parents Commission, mother of six, former school teacher and former Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate (Constitution party, 1994 & 1998), explains her findings on how our nation’s children are being schooled under the federal education system. Drug education and sex education are included in the discussion.

1996 interview (27 min 45 sec)


Who Controls Our Children?, Peg Luksik on August 3, 1992, at town meeting in Johnstown, PA. (5 stars, 126 ratings,, 59 min 38 sec)

”Wish Upon a Star: What Is the Purpose of Education?” June 4, 2008 article by Peg Luksik, Ph.D,. in Catholic Exchange

Bio of Peg Luksik when she ran for Pennsylvania governor as Constitution party candidate in 1998

Peg Luksik’s recent articles (mostly on subjects other than education and mostly published in 2008)

Kahuku High & Intermediate School sex-education play upsets parents and students. Principal apologizes. (March 22, 2008, Honolulu Advertiser article)

Kalani High School parent blasts school’s sex-education skit (March 25, 2008, Honolulu Advertiser article)

Group defends its graphic sex-education presentation at Kahuku High & Intermediate School (March 30, 2008, Honolulu Advertiser article)