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Journalists Find Way to Bypass White House Control

Published on YouTube Oct 19, 2014

Russia Today introduction: White House journalists are looking for alternative ways of sharing information, accusing the Obama administration of shaping their coverage to fit the official agenda. Manila Chan explains how a group of press-pool reporters strives to bypass government control over the content they provide to news outlets.

What ‘Democracy’ Really Means when Used by the U.S. and The New York Times

The Intercept

By Glenn Greenwald

October 17, 2014

One of the most accidentally revealing media accounts highlighting the real meaning of “democracy” in U.S. discourse is a still-remarkable 2002 New York Times Editorial on the U.S.-backed military coup in Venezuela, which temporarily removed that country’s democratically elected (and very popular) president, Hugo Chávez. Rather than describe that coup as what it was by definition - a direct attack on democracy by a foreign power and domestic military which disliked the popularly elected president – the Times, in the most Orwellian fashion imaginable, literally celebrated the coup as a victory for democracy:

With yesterday’s resignation of President Hugo Chávez, Venezuelan democracy is no longer threatened by a would-be dictator. Mr. Chávez, a ruinous demagogue, stepped down after the military intervened and handed power to a respected business leader, Pedro Carmona.

Thankfully, said the NYT, democracy in Venezuela was no longer in danger . . . because the democratically-elected leader was forcibly removed by the military and replaced by an unelected, pro-U.S. “business leader.” The Champions of Democracy at the NYT then demanded a ruler more to their liking: “Venezuela urgently needs a leader with a strong democratic mandate to clean up the mess, encourage entrepreneurial freedom and slim down and professionalize the bureaucracy.”

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Filmmaker Laura Poitras on Edward Snowden Documentary

Laura Poitras' widely anticipated film on Edward Snowden is scheduled for nationwide release on Friday, October 24.


Snowden says U.S., Israel created Stuxnet virus

Why Jew Judges Push Depravity

Real Jew News

By Brother Nathanael Kapner

Brother Nathanael grew up in the U.S. as a Jew and converted to Christianity as a young man. He is now a member of the Russian Orthodox Church and lives in Colorado.

October 17, 2014

America under the rule of a judicial dictatorship is the theme of Pat Buchanan’s latest piece in his syndicated column.

Incensed with the Supreme Court’s recent decision to turn down appeals of five same sex marriage rulings, Buchanan writes that through a long line of decisions the Court has ordered “the de-Christianization of all public institutions” in America.

Buchanan has it right. But he fails to use the Jew word. (Past use got him fired from MSNBC.)

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Hawaii ex-judge Steven Levinson [a Jew] proud of stance on gays [Honolulu Star-Bulletin] Feb 16, 2009

Levinson Makes History [Hawaii Family Portraits]

Israel Attack on USS Liberty during 1967 Six-Day War Full-Length Documentary [Hawaii Political Info]

Admiral Thomas Moorer Says Israel Deliberately Attacked & Tried to Kill Everyone Aboard the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967 []

USS Liberty—Israeli Pilot Speaks Up []

Jews made deal to bring the U.S. into WWI & WWII Testimony by Benjamin Freedman, Jewish political insider who became a Christian [YouTube, 44 min]

Israel's confiscation of Palestinian land over the years [The Muslim Times] Aug 2011

Hamas MP: Potential gas discovered off Gaza shore [The Times of Israel] Feb 25, 2014

America Is the Only Country with a Favorable View of Israel [Washington's Blog] Jul 25, 2014

'Greater Israel': The Zionist Plan for the Middle East [Hawaii Political Info] Sep 8, 2013

General Wesley Clark: 7 Countries in 5 Years [Hawaii Political Info] Sep 8, 2013 (Clarifies U.S. involvement in the 'Greater Israel' plan)

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion [Bible Believers (Australia)] The Jewish plan for world domination over the goyim as laid out over 100 years ago. The Protocols are said by Jews to be a "forgery." Whoever wrote them was no ordinary human, or even ordinary genius.

Israel, Zionism & Jews   Extensive collection of articles & videos [Hawaii Political Info]

Community Briefing on Oahu Army Downsizing Opportunities

Filmed October 14, 2014

(1 hour 49 minutes)

Description on YouTube:

Oahu Army Downsizing Presentation held in the Waianae community on October 14, 2014.

Please consider signing the Petition asking our Legislators to embrace the Army Downsizing opportunity. The petition link is in GREEN on the right side of webpage.

Late in June of 2014, the Department of Defense (DoD) released its Quadrennial Defense Review for 2014 (QDR 2014). DoD releases a QDR every four years as a way of articulating its strategic direction and providing end strength and force structure decisions for the Services to implement over a fixed period of time. The DoD is facing ever-increasing fiscal challenges and is unable to sustain itself at current and future levels of funding projected by the Congress. In the case of the Army, QDR 2014 calls for a reduction of as many as 130,000 active duty Army soldiers world-wide. To meet this fiscally constrained personnel cap the Army identified bases within 19 States to absorb these cuts; Hawaii is one of the States on the Army’s cut list. Bases in Hawaii now being considered by the Army to meet these cuts include Schofield Barracks (16,000) and Fort Shafter (3,800). The impacts of these cuts are significant, but the members of the Oahu Council for Army Downsizing (OCAD) see most of these as positive impacts that will greatly improve the quality of life for Hawaii’s people, particularly the Hawaiian community on Oahu and throughout Hawaii Nei.

The OCAD supports and actively advocates for the downsizing of Army Forces on Oahu. The OCAD does not consider the bulk of the Army’s forces on Oahu to be strategically located since these forces do not have readily available airlift or sealift to support their transport to anywhere in the Pacific as quickly as may be needed. Moreover, the OCAD believes the Army on Oahu lacks critically needed ‘forced entry’ capability to allow it to enter hostile environments, a capability already possessed by the US Marines presently on Oahu and throughout the Pacific. The OCAD believes taxpayers cannot afford to pay for redundant forces competing to do the same job and redundant, geographically isolated forces occupying critical lands and consuming valuable resources that are important to the State of Hawaii and the Hawaiian community.

The OCAD wants the people of Hawaii and Oahu to understand the goodness that can occur if the Army is downsized in the quantities proposed by DoD. The OCAD believes the cuts proposed should occur in the near term and that the following bases and geographic areas be returned to the State of Hawaii: Schofield Barracks, Wheeler Army Airfield, Makua Valley, Dillingham Military Reservation, and Kolekole pass with unimpeded access on Lualualei Naval Road.

The OCAD believes the DoD’s recommendation for cuts provides a ‘once–in–a–century’ opportunity for Hawaii Nei; if military forces on Oahu are not cut during this round of force structure cuts, then nothing will change on Oahu militarily — there will never be another round of cuts like this for Hawaii in any of our lifetimes.

The worst case scenario would be for Hawaii’s Congressional Delegation to naively negotiate a compromise deal with other State Legislators to reduce the projected personnel cuts on Oahu (i.e. only 10,000 personnel cuts versus 19,800). Because any cuts smaller than what is proposed by the Army will allow the Army to retains its current facilities on Oahu at the status quo; resulting in NO LONGTERM BENEFITS FOR THE PEOPLE OF HAWAII. This would be unforgiveable!

CIA 'Bought Journalist' Confesses

Russia Insider News
Russia Insider News is a private publication run by ex-pats who have lived in Russia for years

October 16, 2014

Our Exclusive Interview with German Editor Turned CIA Whistleblower

Fascinating details emerge. Leading US-funded think-tanks and German secret service are accessories. Attempted suppression by legal threats. Blackout in German media.

These revelations, together with the Snowden uproar, will further decouple the US from Germany

Exclusively for RI, Dutch journalist Eric van de Beek interviews the senior German editor who is causing a sensation with his allegations that the CIA pays German media professionals to spin stories to follow US government goals.

We wrote about this two weeks ago, and the article shot up in views, becoming one of the most read articles on our site.

Udo Ulfkotte reveals in his bestseller Bought Journalists, how he was "taught to lie, to betray and not to tell the truth to the public."

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Ron Paul: Ebola Panic Is Important, but Overblown by the Media and Public

Published on YouTubeOct 17, 2014

Three-time presidential candidate and former Republican congressman Ron Paul, M.D., joins Larry King on Politicking to talk about Ebola, Obama, ISIS and his son Rand Paul’s White House hopes.

Honolulu Star-Advertiser Accused of Vote Suppression and Partisan Politics

House District 26 Candidate Eric Marshall (R) and HD 37 Candidate Emil Svrcina (R) Accuse the Honolulu Star-Advertiser of Vote Suppression and Partisan Politics

By Eric Marshall

October 16, 2014

(Honolulu, HI) Eric Marshall, State Representative candidate for House District #26 running against incumbent the House Majority Leader [HPI note: Scott K. Saiki (D)] wants to question why Honolulu’s only daily newspaper has chosen not to release a General Election Guide before the absentee ballots were delivered to homes across the state. A few reporters from the paper itself have noted in their articles that the ballots would be mailed Tuesday Oct. 14th. Yet there is no information or answers to candidate’s surveys published or even released online. Marshall notes that most election statistics prove that most Absentee Voters will vote in the very first few days of receiving their ballots. An alarming 50 percent of the voters will be voting absentee this election and before this Sunday (The assumed published date of the guide). So the question begs to be asked is why would the newspaper be so negligent and derelict of its responsibilities to its customers and the public?

Candidate Marshall’s only conclusion is that it was a clearly intentionally and blatant attempt to lower voter turnout and to instill voter suppression in a Republican leaning election cycle. He says that it has been clear that the newspaper’s Management and Editorial staff have constantly sided in their editorials with hardline progressive Democrat beliefs. They have also heavily endorsed Democrat candidates. Clearly it is in the newspapers biased self-interest to support their favored incumbents who most often spend money on the paper for political advertising.
Representative Candidate Marshall calls upon all other media outlets, incumbent legislators, first time candidates as well as the voting public to demand the paper to reveal its true intentions or to apologize for its blatant attempts to manipulate the elections process and usurp generations of media precedent. It should also immediately release the candidate surveys and showcase all races and candidates information ASAP.

Statement of Support for Eric Marshall's Stance

By Emil Svrcina
State Representative candidate for House District #37

I support Eric Marshall's press release 100 percent.

Hawaii has been ruled by Democrats for six decades so corruption on many levels is disgusting, but expected by me, but it still makes me sad, that the major newspaper in Hawaii — the Honolulu Star-Advertiser — has to be justifiably accused of blatant vote suppression and partisan politics.

The communistic tyranny under which I had to spend the first half of my life did behave the same way. The single media source in communist Czechoslovakia was 100 percent controlled by the communist party. We were forced to vote and 100 percent participate in the election process, but we didn't have any real choices in candidates.

Here in Hawaii only the Democratic party (not the people) benefits from one progressive newspaper and lockstep reporting by various TV channels.

I believe in researching diverse media resources and perspectives and having a debate about important issues.

How else can you expect America to return to her once great and exceptional status without American press properly informing, educating and actively reminding VOTERS about their precious rights as American citizens and in this case their choices of candidates they have?

Why do we candidates waste our time filling all those lengthy surveys, if they are not published and available to the public on time?

Unless of course similarly to the communist tyranny of the past we are today, right here and right now witnessing an intentional attempt to mind control, manipulate and fool people — to keep them uninformed, confused, scared and ignorant little people. Exactly as the Democratic party — the party of the little people — needs them to stay.

In my opinion people in charge of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser are not interested in what honorable legacy they leave for their children, your children and for the future generations of Americans. Instead of being the information source of the truth setting everybody free, they have chosen to betray our Founding Fathers, they have chosen to leave the land of the free and home of the brave for the land of the greed and home of the slaves — sellouts to the elitists, narcissists, rulers of today — against "we the people."

I pray you, the True American voter, will replace your FEAR with FAITH and find God again and have then the necessary courage to vote your conscience to save our precious land and to save your own soul.

I support Eric Marhall's press release 100 percent.


2014 General Election Candidate Information [Hawaii Political Info]

Documentary: The Border States of America

Hawaii Political Info introduction: All four of Hawaii's congressional delegation have a record of allowing open borders and unlimited illegal immigration. Charles Djou, Republican, who served for a few months in Congress, but lost his subsequent congressional race, is running again. He racked up a record in those few months of allowing amnesty for illegal immigrants and being soft on border security. He is also a strong warmonger who seemingly doesn't respect the constitutional duty of Congress to declare war, rather than what has unconstitutionally taken place since WWII, the President initiating war. This would be any Congressman's most important task. For his own words on initiating war, as well as those of his opponent's Mark Takai (D), see this forum, starting at 35 minutes 15 seconds.

To see how this year's general election candidates for Hawaii stand on illegal immigration, click here. The explanation of the symbols used for answers are lower in the page of each candidate comparison grid.

The Hawaii congressional incumbents' records on immigration, which are abysmal if you believe our country's immigration should be controlled for the good of its citizens, can be seen here.

Published on YouTube Oct 16, 2014

Tea Party Patriots introduction: Please visit for more informaiton about this film.

An unprecedented wave of illegal immigration is washing over America, threatening the fabric of our nation. But the Obama Administration refuses to enforce our immigration laws, resulting in tens of thousands of people illegally entering the US. Now, our new film reveals the full scope of this crisis.

The Border States of America takes viewers from the Rio Grande Valley to towns across the country, telling the story of human smugglers and drug cartels who profit from Obama’s policies; of American citizens whose lives are put at risk; and the social and economic toll on our communities. We cut through the fog to bring you the truth about what is really happening with the border crisis.

Television and film star Nick Searcy has come on board to narrate The Border States of America. He is an accomplished actor, director, and producer with a career spanning more than 30 years in cinema, television, and on the stage. With dozens of starring and supporting roles across a wide range of feature films and TV shows under his belt, we couldn't be more excited to have him help tell this story.

Gubernatorial Candidates Speak Their Mind

No questions, just each candidate telling you about what he will work to accomplish if elected. Gubernatorial candidates Duke Aiona (R), Jeff Davis (L) and Mufi Hannemann (I) appear, in that order. David Ige (D) is missing. Then lieutenant gubernatorial candidates Les Chang (I) and Shan Tsutsui (D) appear. Missing are Elwin P. Ahu (R) and Cynthia (Lahi) Marlin (L).

Published on Olelo October 12, 2014.


2014 General Election Candidate & Amendment Information [Hawaii Political Info]

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