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Thousands of Palestinians Flood Streets to Celebrate Gaza Ceasefire

Hawaii Political Info introduction: How long is this "long-term ceasefire" going to last? Israel badly wants the Palestinians neutralized in Gaza — by death, homelessness or other means — so that it can take over the Gaza Strip. Mass murder is no problem morally for the government and nearly all Israelis, as long as it's the other guy. But even American Jews (albeit apparently a minority), along with people around the world, are vociferously objecting, and it's making the alternative news.

With the U.S. under its thumb, what Israel wants, it usually gets.

Aug 26, 2014

Russia Today introduction: Gaza residents celebrate long-term ceasefire agreement between Hamas and Israel. Men, women and children parade down the main streets waving flags and flashing victory signs [HPI note: the "victory sign" is most often known as the "peace sign."] The ceasefire halts a seven-week war that killed more than 2,200 people and left tens of thousands in Gaza homeless.


'Greater Israel': The Zionist Plan for the Middle East [Hawaii Political Info] Sep 8, 2013

General Wesley Clark: 7 Countries in 5 Years [Hawaii Political Info] Sep 8, 2013 (Clarifies U.S. involvement in the 'Greater Israel' plan)

Deputy Speaker of Israeli Knesset Wants ALL Arabs Removed from Gaza [Hawaii Political Info] Aug 5, 2014

Despite World Media in Gaza for Years, NO Evidence of Hamas Using Civilians as Shields [Hawaii Political Info] Jul 23, 2014

What You're Not Being Told about the Gaza Bombardment [Hawaii Political Info] Jul 15, 2014

Israeli Woman Apologizes to People of Gaza [Hawaii Political Info] (video) Jul 17, 2014

Mark Regev, Israeli Spokesman, on the Defensive [Hawaii Political Info] (video) Jul 17, 2014

Founder of Hamas on Why Hamas Fights Israel [Hawaii Political Info] (video) Jul 17, 2014

Gaza & The Myth of Israel's Right to Exist [Br. Nathanael video] Jul 14, 2014

The Gaza Story that Israel Isn't Telling Us This Week by Robt Fisk [Hawaii Political Info] Jul 9, 2014

Feiglin Outlines Five-Step 'Jewish Sovereignty' Plan (Literally get rid of ALL Palestinians in Gaza) [Israel National News] May 13, 2014

Is Your Sunscreen Unsafe, Ineffective ... or Both?

Global Healing Center

By Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM

Published on June 10, 2010, Last Updated on June 19, 2014

A recent investigation by the Environmental Working Group [1] found that 60% of sunscreens currently on the market are not as safe and effective as you may think. Some of them just don’t offer the protection necessary to block all of the sun’s harmful UV rays, and others actually contain chemicals that can cause damage to your skin.

Even the best of intentions require diligence and effort, so when you reach for that skin lotion “with SPF,” this summer make sure you’re getting the protection you need and not leaving yourself exposed.

UV Rays: How They Can Damage Your Skin

The sun’s rays are categorized based on whether their wavelengths fall into the visible, infra-red (IR), or ultraviolet (UV) spectrum. Ultraviolet rays are the ones that you always hear about, because it is UV rays that are damaging to the skin.


  1. Environmental Working Group. Children’s sunscreens that fail the test. 2012 Hall of Shame. 2012

Read on for specific sunscreen recommendations by brand name.


5 Dangerous Chemicals in Sunscreen [InfoWars] Aug 26, 2014

Federal Court Rules that State Law Preempts Kaua‘i Pesticide & GE Crop Disclosure Law

Food Democracy Now!

August 26, 2014

United States Magistrate Judge Barry Kurren today ruled that Kaua‘i County Ordinance 960 is preempted by state law and therefore is unenforceable.

The law received widespread support on the Island, and was designed to protect local residents and Kaua‘i’s environment from the year-round spraying of large quantities of restricted use pesticides by multinational chemical companies after state agencies failed to provide any meaningful assistance. It required large agricultural operations to disclose the type of pesticides they spray on their fields, and established buffer zones near sensitive areas, including schools, medical facilities, dwellings, parks, public roadways, shorelines and waterways.

The lawsuit against Kaua‘i County was brought by DuPont’s Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., Syngenta Seeds, Agrigenetics, Inc, (owned by Dow Chemical) and BASF Plant Sciences LP in the U.S. District Court in Hawai‘i. They argued, among other things, that that the county had no authority to regulate pesticides and genetically engineered seeds because state and federal laws did so already. Four nonprofit organizations – Ka Makani Ho‘opono, Center for Food Safety, Pesticide Action Network North America and Surfrider Foundation – represented by Earthjustice and Center for Food Safety, were permitted to intervene as of right in the lawsuit against Kaua‘i County, and since have helped to defend the ordinance in legal filings.

Magistrate Judge Kurren concluded that, although the Hawai‘i Pesticide Law does not contain any provisions that actually conflict with the Kaua‘i ordinance’s requirements, the state law’s broad scope implied that the Hawai‘i legislature intended that only the state government had the authority to regulate pesticide matters. The court also ruled that federal laws do not preempt the ordinance, leaving open the possibility that the State could amend its laws to protect its residents without running afoul of federal law.

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Ige to Appear in West Oahu Gubernatorial Forum This Morning

Other gubernatorial candidates also slated to be at UH West Campus. Does this mean no video to accommodate Ige's demands?

Honolulu, HI (August 25, 2014) — State Senator David Ige will attend the West Oahu Economic Development Association’s (WOEDA) Gubernatorial Forum tomorrow, August 26, at the University of Hawaii-West Oahu. The forum, moderated by local news reporter Gina Mangieri, will focus on each candidate’s plans for the future economic growth of West Oahu. WOEDA is hosting the event to provide a platform for gubernatorial candidates so they can address the business community and community at large. Senator Ige’s opponents have confirmed their attendance.

WOEDA is comprised of more than 100 businesses and individuals who support economic growth in West Oahu. Together with government leaders, WOEDA strives to be a voice for job creation in the region by connecting communities and providing valuable resources for businesses to succeed. The organization offers its members a variety of programs and events, where topics range from new developments in the community to economic outlook and forecasting.

WHAT: West Oahu Economic Development Association’s Gubernatorial Forum

WHERE: University of Hawaii-West Oahu, Campus Center Ballroom, 91-1001 Farrington Hwy., Kapolei, HI 96707

WHEN: Tuesday, August 26, 2014 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Pre-K a Dead-End Road

By Phyllis Schafly

August 26, 2014

After President Obama in his 2013 State of the Union address called for a new federal entitlement for taxpayer-funded free preschool or pre-K for all 4-year-olds, we thought his idea would be quickly discredited, not only by its enormous cost, but even more importantly by the overwhelming weight of research proving the lack of any long-term benefit from such programs.

Now we are dismayed to learn from Politico that a dozen Republican-governed states are expanding state-based pre-K programs or are planning to do so next year. And in Washington, some Republicans are offering bipartisan support to a pre-K bill drafted by two of the Congress' biggest liberals, Rep. George Miller (D-CA) and Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA), both of whom are retiring at the end of this year.

Why are these Republicans willing to accept Obama's claim that pre-K "works" by producing big benefits in a child's later life? In fact, the science tells us that pre-K provides, at best, a small temporary benefit that cannot be measured beyond the third grade.

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Uproar over University of Illinois Blocking Appointment of Israel Critic

A look on the pressures brought by Jews to block Steven Salaita's hiring. University of Illinois chancellor Phyllis Wise, daughter of Chinese immigrants whose husband (or former husband) and children appear to be likely Jewish, personally blocks Salaita's appointment. Salaita, who was born in Bluefield, West Virginia, has a Palestinian-Arab ethnic background.

Inside Higher Ed

The Emails on Salaita

August 25, 2014

By Scott Jaschik

On Friday, officials of the University of Illinois offered their first public explanations of the decision to block the hiring of Steven Salaita. They denied that his criticism of Israel was the reason, and said that they were committed to promoting an atmosphere in which people and ideas are not demeaned.

"What we cannot and will not tolerate at the University of Illinois are personal and disrespectful words or actions that demean and abuse either viewpoints themselves or those who express them. We have a particular duty to our students to ensure that they live in a community of scholarship that challenges their assumptions about the world but that also respects their rights as individuals," said an email from Phyllis M. Wise (below right), chancellor of the Urbana-Champaign campus where the American Indian studies program offered Salaita a tenured position that he and the department believe he accepted.

Since news emerged three weeks ago that Wise told Salaita that the job would not be his because she would not submit it to the Illinois board for approval, the decision has been the subject of intense national debate in academic circles and beyond.

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Former governor Linda Lingle (a Jew) backs Israel at Hawaii state capitol rally [Honolulu Star-Advertiser] Aug 23, 204

Are $$$$ the REAL Reason Israel Is Attacking Gaza?

Major natural gas fields are located in Gazan territory, where Israel is killing Gazans and destroying their homes on a massive scale. With Gazans — already severely impoverished for many years by Israel — killed or forced out, the coast will be clear for another of Israel's massive thefts of Arab land, with "Christian" Americans, ignoring the piles of Palestinian corpses and mile after mile of homes blown into rubble, cheering on the "chosen people."


How Jews Justify Gaza Genocide [Real Jew News] Aug 11, 2014

German Editor: 'America Frightens Us'

German economic editor writes guest column for

August 25, 2014

Introduction by Paul Craig Roberts:

Dear Friends: I am pleased to be able to share with you this revealing article written for our website by the editor of an important website in Germany.

Washington’s lies echoed by the presstitute media that serves Washington are destroying Washington’s credibility and that of the Western media among Europeans, especially Germans who understand that the threat to peace comes from across the Atlantic, not from east of the Oder River.

The success or failure of Vladimir Putin’s bet that reasonable diplomacy and unprovocative behavior on Russia’s part will contrast favorably with the shrill provocations by Washington depends upon whether European politicians respond to their own citizens or continue in their role as Washington’s whores. PCR

Political Europe Suppressed Under Washington's Thumb Is Waking Up

By Roman Baudzus

In the aftermath of the downing of the Malaysian airliner in Ukraine, the Western media followed Washington’s lead and manipulated reports in order to make Europeans believe that Russia and Russian-supported separatists in eastern Ukraine were responsible for downing the airliner. In Germany, the press was an extension of Washington’s propaganda machine despite the lack of evidence from both Washington and Kiev to support their irresponsible claims.

It was not long, however, before the public mood in Europe began to turn. A pivotal factor was openly voiced U.S. threats in a law that had been passed by both the House of Representatives and the Senate of the U.S. Congress that could eventually result in an invasion of the Netherlands by United States army forces.

When this was learned outrage was expressed not only within the Dutch government, but also among the population of the country. According to the law, if it should ever happen that American citizens are brought before the International Criminal Court (ICC) and accused at The Hague, Washington would exercise the preemptive right to invade the country in order to prevent prosecution.

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Gubernatorial Candidate Forum at The Pacific Club

2014 Grassroot Institute Gubernatorial Forum at The Pacific Club on August 22, 2014 featuring Keli'i Akina of Grassroot Institute and gubernatorial candidates Duke Aiona, Jeff Davis and Mufi Hannemann.

Former 60 Minutes Producer on What Drove Him to Quit

Interview with Charles Lewis, author of 935 Lies: The Future of Truth and the Decline of America’s Moral Integrity

Jul 7, 2014

Russia Today introduction: Abby Martin speaks with Charles Lewis, founder of the Center for Public Integrity and author of the book '935 Lies: the Future of Truth and the Decline of America's moral Integrity' about how the CBS news magazine '60 Minutes' has become besieged by conflicts of interest and internal censorship.

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