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Court of Appeals Rules NSA's Spying Unauthorized

But Congress Is Sure to Back Unconstitutional Program

By Ron Paul

May 11, 2015

This week the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the NSA's metadata collection program was not authorized in U.S. law. The PATRIOT Act, under which the program began, was too vague, the court found. But the truth is the Act was intended to be vague so that the government could interpret it in the broadest possible way.

But this is really more of a technicality, because illegality and unconstitutionality are really two very different things. Even if Congress had explicitly authorized the government to collect our phone records, that law would still be unconstitutional because the Constitution does not grant government the power to access our personal information without a valid search warrant.

Even though the court found the NSA program illegal, it did not demand that the government stop collecting our information in this manner. Instead, the court kicked the ball back in Congress' court, as these provisions of the PATRIOT Act are set to expire at the end of the month and the Appeals Court decided to let Congress decide how to re-authorize this spying program.

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Is Merkel a Compromised U.S. Asset?

Information Clearing House

By Finian Cunningham

April 30, 2015

The claims that Merkel’s government knew about German state intelligence spying on behalf of the Americans against the country's own industrial interests raise disturbing questions about the i ntegrity of German government leaders.

The apparent betrayal of German national interests by Chancellor Angela Merkel is not only evident over the recent industrial spying scandal on behalf of America. The slavish pursuit by Merkel of Washington's anti-Russian policy over Ukraine — in contradistinction to her country's national interests — also cogently suggests that the chancellor is serving a foreign master.

Recent reports that German state intelligence was spying on behalf of the Americans against the country's own industrial interests are bad enough. But then added to that are claims that the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel knew about the espionage — and turned a blind eye.

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How Privatization of the Military Rips Off Taxpayers

Published on Mar 23, 2015

War companies like Halliburton and Kellogg Brown and Root use "cost plus" arrangements to legally steal from taxpayers.

This clip is from the 2006 film, "Iraq For Sale" WATCH THE FULL FILM: SUBSCRIBE:

Mahalo to Jack De Feo for alerting HPI to this clip

Contention between Senator Sam Slom and Mayor Kirk Caldwell

The two are polar opposites on Honolulu rail

Heated Exchange Between Kirk Caldwell and Sam Sloan (04/07/15) from Civil Beat on Vimeo.

Honolulu government chutzpah:

. . . a full accounting of the subcontractor expenses that account for the vast majority of project cost overruns has yet to be provided. HART Executive Director Dan Grabauskas continues to argue that knowing those charges isn’t within the agency’s purview and that disclosure of such costs by subcontractors would be strictly “voluntary” under federal law. —Civil Beat editorial board

Japan Effort to Stifle News Media Working

The New York Times

By Martin Fackler

April 26, 2015

TOKYO — It was an unexpected act of protest that shook Japan’s carefully managed media world: Shigeaki Koga, a regular television commentator and fierce critic of the political establishment, abruptly departed from the scripted conversation during a live TV news program to announce that this would be his last day on the show because, as he put it, network executives had succumbed to political pressure for his removal.

“I have suffered intense bashing by the prime minister’s office,” Mr. Koga told his visibly flabbergasted host late last month, saying he had been removed as commentator because of critical statements he had made about Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Later in the program, Mr. Koga held up a sign that read “I am not Abe,” a play on the slogan of solidarity for journalists slain in January at a French satirical newspaper.

The outburst created a public firestorm, and not only because of the spectacle of Mr. Koga, a dour-faced former top government official, seemingly throwing away his career as a television commentator in front of millions of viewers. His angry show of defiance also focused national attention on the right-leaning government’s increased strong-arming of the news media to reduce critical coverage.

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Prime Minister Abe Addresses Joint Session of Congress

in English!

April 29, 2015

Saddam Hussein Testifies at His Trial

Published on YouTube Oct 10, 2012

[To the judge:] Give me a chance... give me a chance... Give me a chance, don't cut me off. I'm not defending myself, I'm defending you. He gets to bring his files in, while Saddam Hussein must write on his hand what he wants to remember to say to the judges.
"Your honor, I want you to be like lances and swords confronting the enemies."


"I am not here to defend Saddam Hussein. As I've said before, Saddam Hussein is too great to be defended by Saddam Hussein himself."


"No, please. I am not a student in your school. Don't make me speak in a way that none of us want. He interrupted me and went on talking. You didn't silence him. He asked a question, and my answer is: 'Yes, I was beaten all over my body, and I bear the marks to this day. Yes, we were beaten. We were beaten by the Americans. We were tortured, each and every one of us. When that man gets up, he has to lean on the wall so he doesn't fall. He received rifle blows to the neck, until they crippled him. That one was crippled. Barzan was crippled. Abu Nadia â€" they even took the bones out of his legs.'"

"Saddam Hussein â€" in the American democracy that has been put to shame here, in great Iraq â€" was not allowed to wear his watch. This is not my watch. The watch I had they stole. One of my daughters, whom they exiled, gave her father a watch as a present. That is the watch they prevented Saddam Hussein from wearing. I'm only saying this so you can make the comparison. They tore the robes I was wearing all the way down. This way, they believe, they are hurting Saddam Hussein, diminishing his personality. But Saddam Hussein's personality is not measured by his clothes. This is a mark of shame on them, but it only makes Saddam Hussein greater, not smaller...."

Barzan Tikriti [His brother, I believe]: "Your honor, those lowlifes are laughing and cursing."
Saddam Hussein: "In any case... Barzan, let those monkeys laugh. A lion doesn't care if a monkey in a tree is laughing at him. Take it easy. Look at me, I don't care about this nonsense.

American guard and Hussein shed tears before he was executed

Syrian President Assad Full Interview with Charlie Rose

Published on YouTube Mar 31, 2015

Russia Today introduction: Charlie Rose interview with the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad | 26 Mar 2015 | Damascus Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad responded to question about the alleged use of chlorine bombs by the Syrian army by saying it is “propaganda.”

“This is part of the malicious propaganda against Syria,” Assad said during an interview with Charlie Rose.

Assad said “chlorine gas is not military gas” because “you can buy it anywhere” and called the use of traditional arms “more important than chlorine.”

What Are the Effect of Sanctions?

500,000 children in Iraq dead, for one thing

Published on YouTube Apr 27, 2015

Are economic sanctions against a country a substitute for war? The record is mixed – civilian populations almost always suffer, while elites remain in power and unscathed. Western sanctions do create economic outcomes, but not political ones.

CrossTalking with Daniel Wagner, Ernst Wolff, and Liam Halligan.

More Evidence that Jews Run Hollywood: Stars Told Not to Mention Gaza

American Free Press

August 23, 2014

It’s official: Right now the No. 1 rule in Hollywood is that you can talk about anything political—except Israel’s attack on the Christians and Muslims in Gaza, Palestine. That’s not a conspiracy theory from critics of Israel or Jew-hating neo-Nazis. Instead, that was the thesis of a candid article in the August 1 edition of The Hollywood Reporter (THR), influential trade journal of the entertainment industry.

In fact, the article was bluntly titled: “Rule 1: Talk About Anything Political in Hollywood . . . Except Gaza.”

That such an article would appear in a magazine considered “must” reading for those in show business was a not-so-subtle warning that anyone who violates that rule is in for a tough road ahead.

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Jews, Israel & Zionism [Hawaii Political Info]

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