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Putin Critic Shot Dead near Kremlin

Published on YouTube Feb 27, 2015

Russia Today introduction: Famous Russian politician Boris Nemtsov has been shot dead in the center of Moscow. RT spoke with political analyst Dmitry Babich for more details on the murder.

Locals Squeezed Out of Golan Heights Oil Profits

Published on YouTubeFeb 28, 2015

Russia Today introduction: Living in a border area disputed by two nations may be hard enough, but the Druze community in the Golan Heights are now facing another difficulty - that of oil exploration on their doorstep. An American company has started drilling wells there with Israel's approval, but locals fear they won't reap any benefits.

Hawaii Political Info note: Afek Oil and Gas is described by Russia Today as an American company. What they don't say is that its top executives are Jews.

Guide to Who's Who in the Media

U.S. media could accurately be called the Jewish media

Real Jew News

By Brother Nathanael

February 24, 2015

IT’S TIME WE QUIT with the “corporation” crap put out by Information Clearing House and “presstitute” deception put out by Gerry Celente and Paul Craig Roberts.

Jews…NOT “corporations” and “presstitutes”…OWN and CONTROL the media. Period.

What are Tom Feeley, Gerry Celente, and PC Roberts afraid of?

That they will offend Christ-killers and liars?

For that’s what Jews are…and to America’s grave misfortune…JEWS own the press, media, and Hollywood. And thus they brainwash and form the minds and opinions of the Goys.

Read more . . .


#12 of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion covers Jewish control of the press

War on Whistleblowers

Published on YouTube Feb 23, 2015

Brave New Films full documentary

Brave New Films introduction: War on Whistleblowers highlights recent cases where American government employees and contractors took to the media to expose fraud and abuse. In all cases the whistle-blowing was to the detriment of their professional and personal lives. SUBSCRIBE: WATCH MORE FILMS:


With President Obama's commitment to transparency and the passage of the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act, there was hope that whistleblowers would finally have more protection and encouragement to speak up. But according to the film, times have never been worse for national security whistleblowers. Obama's administration has attacked more whistleblowers under the Espionage Act than all previous administrations combined.

2:30 After the death of Major Megan McClung who was killed by an IED while riding in a Humvee, Franz Gayl asked himself, "If not me, then who? If not now then when?" Gayl blew the whistle on the Military Industry who were dragging their feet to provide MRAPS, a vehicle that could replace the Humvee and prevent unnecessary casualties amongst American Soldiers in Irag.

11:53 "Why didn't they do the right thing?" , asks Gayl. It comes down to money and reputations. The Humvee, though not the safest choice for our soldiers, is backed by millions of dollars and powerful lobbying. Pete Sepp, Executive Vice President of the National taxpayers Union stresses the need for more accountability in our spending.

13:18 The more powerful our National Security State becomes, the greater the need for Whistle Blowers and as our need for Whistle Blowers has increased, so has the aggression towards and attacks on them via the Obama Administration.

"We talk about a National Security State that pretends it's interested in our National Security when in fact it's interested in the security of corporate interests, of agency interests, of politicians keeping their jobs..."
-Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers Whistleblower

16:24 Meet Thomas Drake, Former Senior Executive of the NSA. WhistleBlower.

18:23 Meet Michael Dekort, Former Lead Systems Engineer of the Deepwater Program. Whistleblower.

20:40 Meet Thomas Tamm, Former Attorney in the Department of Justice. WhistleBlower.

23:21 Hear how Drake, Dekort and Tamm arrived at their fateful decisions to brave the risk and blow the whistle.
"...we nickname whistleblowing the sound of professional suicide."
Tom Devine, Legal Director, Government Accountability Project

32:26 Michael Dekort uses YouTube as a last resort tactic to be heard. It worked.

35:26 Drake recounts the day they came for him, the charges made against him and the severity of punishments he faced under the Espionage Act.
"I met the Chief prosecutor at a secret FBI facility in Maryland where the prosecutor threatened me with spending the rest of my life in prison..."
-Thomas Drake

39:55 The Obama administration began with promises of transparency and accountability to the American people, yet turned very quickly in to an administration that has cracked down on Whistleblowers harder than any other. Thomas Tamm also finds himself charged under the Espionage Act.

44:55 Jesselyn Radack writes an article in the L.A times on behalf of Thomas Drake calling attention to the differences between "leaking" and "whistleblowing". The tide turns for Drake who begins to receive long overdue recognition for telling the truth.

47:10 Thomas Tamm recalls his moment to speak and be heard in the press.

51:12 It's a bittersweet moment when Thomas Drake is vindicated.

52:49 The Obama administration prosecutes, prosecutes, prosecutes some more.

"Efforts to target me have continued under the Obama administration which has been aggressively investigating whistleblowers in a way that will have a chilling effect on the freedom of the press in the United States."
-James Risen

55:07 The government uses selective leaking to release only the stories that cast them in a good light.

1:02 What kind of nation are we becoming? Edward Snowden encourages us to decide what kind of contribution we will make together, not just by saying, but by doing.

Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films are at the forefront of the fight to create a just America. Using new media and internet video campaigns, Brave New Films has created a quick-strike capability that informs the public, challenges corporate media with the truth, and motivates people to take action on social issues nationwide. Brave New Films’ investigative films have scrutinized the impact of U.S. drone strikes; the war on whistleblowers; and Wal Mart’s corporate practices. The company’s films have received more than 56 million views online.

Mahalo to Jack De Feo for alerting Hawaii Political Info to this documentary

Greece Backs Down, Gains Bailout Extension

Published on YouTube Feb 24, 2015

Russia Today introduction: A list of reforms proposed by Greece has won the country a four month extension to its bailout program. However it's already clear that the ruling Syriza party has had to back down on a number of its pledges in a bid to secure an agreement.

Ukraine One Year after the Coup

February 23, 2015

It was one year ago last weekend that a violent coup overthrew the legally elected government of Ukraine. That coup was not only supported by US and EU governments -- much of it was actually planned by them. Looking back at the events that led to the overthrow it is clear that without foreign intervention Ukraine would not be in its current, seemingly hopeless situation.

By the end of 2013, Ukraine’s economy was in ruins. The government was desperate for an economic bailout and then-president Yanukovych first looked west to the US and EU before deciding to accept an offer of help from Russia. Residents of south and east Ukraine, who largely speak Russian and trade extensively with Russia were pleased with the decision. West Ukrainians who identify with Poland and Europe began to protest. Ukraine is a deeply divided country and the president came from the eastern region.

At this point the conflict was just another chapter in Ukraine’s difficult post-Soviet history. There was bound to be some discontent over the decision, but if there had been no foreign intervention in support of the protests you would likely not be reading this column today. The problem may well have solved itself in due time rather than escalated into a full-out civil war. But the interventionists in the US and EU won out again, and their interventionist project has been a disaster.

The protests at the end of 2013 grew more dramatic and violent and soon a steady stream of US and EU politicians were openly participating, as protesters called for the overthrow of the Ukrainian government. Senator John McCain made several visits to Kiev and even addressed the crowd to encourage them.

Imagine if a foreign leader like Putin or Assad came to Washington to encourage protesters to overthrow the Obama Administration!

As we soon found out from a leaked telephone call, the US ambassador in Kiev and Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, were making detailed plans for a new government in Kiev after the legal government was overthrown with their assistance.

The protests continued to grow but finally on February 20th of last year a European delegation brokered a compromise that included early elections and several other concessions from Yanukovych. It appeared disaster had been averted, but suddenly that night some of the most violent groups, which had been close to the US, carried out the coup and Yanukovych fled the country.

When the east refused to recognize the new government as legitimate and held a referendum to secede from the west, Kiev sent in tanks to force them to submit. Rather than accept the will of those seeking independence from what they viewed as an illegitimate government put in place by foreigners, the Obama administration decided to blame it all on the Russians and began imposing sanctions!

That war launched by Kiev has lasted until the present, with a ceasefire this month brokered by the Germans and French finally offering some hope for an end to the killing. More than 5,000 have been killed and many of those were civilians bombed in their cities by Kiev.

What if John McCain had stayed home and worried about his constituents in Arizona instead of non-constituents 6,000 miles away? What if the other US and EU politicians had done the same? What if Victoria Nuland and US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt had focused on actual diplomacy instead of regime change?

If they had done so, there is a good chance many if not all of those who have been killed in the violence would still be alive today. Interventionism kills.

Copyright © 2015 by RonPaul Institute

Finkelstein: Netanyahu Is a Maniac

Published on Feb 23, 2015

Russia Today introduction: Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the recent Israeli attack on Gaza. Norman Finkelstein, author of ‘Method and Madness - The hidden story of Israel's assaults on Gaza’, says the Goldstone report was 'devastating' in its conclusion that Israel was trying to punish and humiliate the citizens of Gaza, and that Israel has a 'maniac' for a head of state.

How Local Governments Can Avoid Wall Street Rip-Offs

Paul Craig Roberts introduction: Ellen Brown, one of America’s most important reformist leaders, explains how governments can finance themselves without being bled dry by Wall Street firms.

This is an important article. If Americans intend a future for themselves, Americans need to become aware of the alternatives to being ripped off by Wall Street.


February 21, 2015

Swimming with the Sharks: Goldman Sachs, Schools, and Capital Appreciation Bonds

By Ellen Brown

Remember when Goldman Sachs -- dubbed by Matt Taibbi the Vampire Squid-- sold derivatives to Greece so the government could conceal its debt, then bet against that debt, driving it up? It seems that the ubiquitous investment bank has also put the squeeze on California and its school districts. Not that Goldman was alone in this; but the unscrupulous practices of the bank once called the undisputed king of the municipal bond business epitomize the culture of greed that has ensnared students and future generations in unrepayable debt.

In 2008, after collecting millions of dollars in fees to help California sell its bonds, Goldman urged its bigger clients to place investment bets against those bonds, in order to profit from a financial crisis that was sparked in the first place by irresponsible Wall Street speculation. Alarmed California officials warned that these short sales would jeopardize the state's bond rating and drive up interest rates. But that result also served Goldman, which had sold credit default swaps on the bonds, since the price of the swaps rose along with the risk of default.

In 2009, the lenders' lobbying group than proposed and promoted AB1388, a California bill eliminating the debt ceiling requirement on long-term debt for school districts. After it passed, bankers traveled all over the state pushing something called "capital appreciation bonds" (CABs) as a tool to vault over legal debt limits. (Think Greece again.) Also called payday loans for school districts, CABs have now been issued by more than 400 California districts, some with repayment obligations of up to 20 times the principal advanced (or 2000%).

Read more . . .


State Loses Access to $1B of Its Funds [Hawaii Political Info] Dec 31, 2009

$1B in Hawaii State Investments Frozen [HPI] Aug 30, 2009

Setting the Record Straight: The State has not incurred any actual or real losses by investing in auction rate securities [Hawaii Reporter] by Georgina Kawamura, Director of Budget and Finance for the state of Hawaii, Sep 3, 2009

Lapses noted in fiscal reporting [The Honolulu Advertiser]

Auction rate security [Wikipedia]

Wall Street Betrayal Seen in $4.8 Billion Company Debt Losses [Bloomberg] August 28, 2009

The Collapse of Auction-Rate Securities []

SEC Charges TD Ameritrade for Auction Rate Securities Sales Practices Settlement Enables ARS Customers to Receive All of Their Money Back [U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission] July 20, 2009

Ed Snowden Flick Wins Best Documentary at Oscars

Judaism's Five Faces

Ever wonder what the difference is between the different kinds of Judaism, such as Reform, Conservative and Orthodox? Brother Nathanael, a Christian American who grew up in the Jewish faith, explains in a nutshell.


Jews, Israel & Zionism [Hawaii Political Info] (Extensive collection of articles & videos)

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