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How Obama Lost Ukraine in a Few Stupid Steps

The Fiscal Times

By Patrick Smith

April 21, 2014

No one wants to say so, but the Obama administration has backed the wrong horse in Ukraine, and the misguided wager is a big loss. It is hardly the president’s first failure on the foreign side, but it may prove the costliest of his many to date.

For a while it was possible to pretend, just barely, that supporting the coup against Viktor Yanukovych, the elected president hounded into exile in February, would prove a sound judgment. Obama always came across as a welterweight in the ring with Vladimir Putin, simply not up to the Russian leader’s command of all available moves. But one could imagine Secretary of State Kerry clearing an exit corridor with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

For a while it looked as though the provisional government in Kiev might prove worthy of bailout funds from the U.S., the European Union, and the International Monetary Fund, despite the new regime’s legitimacy problems. Putin took (back) Crimea and prompted little more than impotent bleating, true. But there was hope that this new bunch could hold together what remained of the nation at least until the elections scheduled for May 25.

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Jewmerica's Fiasco in Ukraine [Real Jew News] Apr 22, 2014

Honoring Hawaii's Only President, Sanford B. Dole, on His 170th Birthday

Inauguration of Dole as territorial governor during annexation ceremonies at the Executive Office Building (Iolani Palace), 1898

In the history of Hawaii following Captain Cook's arrival in 1778, three chiefs of government tower far above all others. They each exercised leadership through a lengthy period of profound and turbulent change. The power and scope of their influence reverberates until today. In the past century nobody has come close to their importance in Hawaiian history.

Everyone knows about Kamehameha the Great. Using weapons and expertise brought by Europeans, he became the first chief in more than a thousand years who killed or intimidated all the chiefs on all the Hawaiian islands, thereby unifying the archipelago under a single sovereignty. He created the Kingdom of Hawaii, took numerous wives consolidating major chiefly lines, and ruled as a semi-benevolent dictator with absolute power.

Kauikeaouli, his second son by his sacred wife Keopuolani, became Kamehameha III while still a child. He ruled under the regency of his stepmother Ka'ahumanu, who had been his father's favorite wife. He gradually but firmly converted the Kingdom from an absolute monarchy to the rule of law, promulgating the first Constitution in 1840. He survived a foreign takeover by a rogue British warship in 1843, and obtained international recognition of Hawaii as a member of the family of nations. He made it possible for foreigners in Hawaii to take a loyalty oath to become naturalized subjects of the Kingdom; and he acknowledged that all persons born or naturalized in Hawaii, regardless of race, were subjects of the Kingdom fully equal to natives. He gave up sole ownership of all the lands of Hawaii in the Great Mahele beginning in 1848, creating a system of government lands, crown lands, and private deeds.

Sanford B. Dole was native-born at Punahou School on April 23, 1844. The school had been founded by his father Daniel Dole, who came to Hawaii in 1841 among the ninth company of missionaries from the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. Sanford spent eleven of his most formative years (ages 11-22) growing up Hawaiian-style, at Koloa, Kauai, where he became expert at konane (similar to checkers) and pahia (a special form of diving). After attending Williams College (Massachusetts) he became a lawyer, and included Asian and Hawaiian plantation laborers among his pro bono clients.

Dole actively participated in the social activities of the royal court. He adopted a light-skinned native girl Elizabeth Napoleon, who was probably his biological child. Lizzie married Ebenezer Low, grandson of John Parker (Parker Ranch). Lizzie's adoration for her father is shown by the fact that she named her first-born son Sanford Ballard Dole Low. And when that boy died in infancy, Lizzie once again named her last-born child Sanford Ballard Dole Low. Lizzie's descendants today are prominent Hawaiians with names including Napoleon, Low, Lucas, and Thompson. For example Nainoa Thompson, captain of the Hokule'a voyaging canoe and former trustee of Kamehameha School, is a great-great-grandson of Sanford Dole at least by hanai and probably by blood.

Sanford's ties to the place he grew up remained strong; and he was elected to two terms in the Kingdom Legislature from Koloa (1884-86). In 1887 he led the protest group that staged an armed revolution and forced King Kalakaua to sign the Reform Constitution, also known as the Bayonet Constitution. Later Kalakaua appointed him to be a Justice of the Kingdom's Supreme Court.

In 1893 he honorably resigned his judgeship before the revolution that overthrew the monarchy; and then led the Provisional Government afterward. U.S. President Grover Cleveland "ordered" him to undo the revolution and reinstate the Queen. President Dole wrote a lengthy and strongly-worded letter of refusal, confirming that Hawaii desired annexation but was not a puppet regime. Dole then helped transition Hawaii from a revolutionary Provisional Government ruling by decree, to the permanent Republic of Hawaii with a Constitution and elected legislature. In the Fall of 1894 he was pleased to receive letters in eleven languages officially recognizing the Republic as the rightful government of Hawaii and Dole as its President. The letters were personally signed by Emperors, Kings, Queens, and Presidents of at least 19 nations on four continents, including Britain, France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, Austria-Hungary, Italy, Russia, Brazil, China, and even the U.S. With international recognition as the rightful government, the Republic of Hawaii had the right under international law to negotiate a Treaty of Annexation to the U.S. including the ceding of Hawaii's public lands.

Although U.S. President Grover Cleveland (Democrat and friend of Lili'uokalani) reluctantly signed a tersely worded letter recognizing the Republic as Hawaii's rightful government, he refused to allow annexation for the remainder of his term and continued trying to destabilize the Republic. Dole's strong leadership allowed the Republic of Hawaii not only to defy President Cleveland but also to crush the attempted counter-revolution in January 1895 which made use of rifles and bombs shipped from California which the U.S. Navy permitted to be smuggled to Robert Wilcox.

Following the election of William McKinley (Republican) as U.S. President, Dole once again negotiated a Treaty of Annexation, got it approved by the Hawaii legislature in 1897 and offered it to the U.S. Dole drove a hard bargain. Under the Treaty the U.S. paid off the accumulated national debt of the Kingdom and Republic (including the enormous costs of Kalakaua's trip around the world and construction of Iolani Palace). The U.S. in effect purchased the ceded lands, paying more than their market value at that time. Dole's Treaty also required the U.S. to hold the ceded lands not as U.S. property but in trust for the benefit of all the residents of Hawaii "for education and other public purposes." Congress passed a joint resolution approving the Treaty of Annexation in 1898 and McKinley signed it.

In 1900 Congress passed the Organic Act for governance of the Territory of Hawaii, with Sanford Dole as the first Territorial governor. In 1903 he was appointed judge of the U.S. District Court (Honolulu). Following many years of charitable works, he died in 1926.

Dole and Lili'uokalani were friends. He protected her safety and civil rights during the 1893 revolution. Unlike monarchs beheaded and shot during the French and Russian revolutions, Lili'uokalani was simply escorted a block from the Palace to her private home (Washington Place). Responding to credible threats she might be assassinated, President Dole paid the former Royal Guard who had served under the Queen to once again guard her. Two years later rifles and bombs were found hidden in her flower bed during the Wilcox attempted counter-revolution of 1895. A search of her home discovered letters she had signed appointing the cabinet ministers for the new government she expected to appoint, thus proving she knew about the attempted counterrevolution. She was put on trial and convicted of misprision of treason (knowing about plans for the counter-revolution and failing to report it). She spent seven months in a genteel "imprisonment" in a huge private room at Iolani Palace (with full-time maidservant, and sewing and writing supplies). President Dole pardoned her, allowing her to speak, write, and travel freely. She was allowed to organize a petition drive opposing the Republic's most cherished goal of annexation, and to go to Washington D.C. to lobby Congress against the treaty proposed by Dole.

But in the end President Dole's patience and perseverance paid off, and the Republic's treaty of annexation was approved by a joint resolution of Congress signed by President McKinley in 1898.

Sanford B. Dole was Hawaii's longest-ruling chief executive at Iolani Palace (1893-1903), where his firm hand guided Hawaii through a decade of extraordinarily turbulent times. His spirit remains there, and his statue belongs there. He was the last chief of government of an independent nation of Hawaii.

Happy 170th birthday, Mr. President.


For a political biography of Sanford B. Dole, including his official positions; an indication of some of his ethnic Hawaiian descendants focusing on the line including Nainoa Thompson; a description of how Dole Intermediate School fails to celebrate his birthday; and some contents of a hostile biographical forum held in 2002 at the Hawaii Supreme Court; see:

For the letter from the U.S. government to President Dole on December 19, 1893 demanding that Liliuokalani be restored to the throne, see:

For President Dole's powerful letter of Dec. 23, 1893 refusing the U.S. demand to restore Liliuokalani to the throne, see:

For details about President Cleveland's very strong diplomatic and military efforts to destabilize the Provisional Government, see Book Review of William M. Morgan Ph.D., PACIFIC GIBRALTAR: U.S. - JAPANESE RIVALRY OVER THE ANNEXATION OF HAWAII, 1885-1898 (Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 2011), especially the material about "Black Week" of December 1893 in Chapter 9: "The Restoration Fiasco", pp. 124-135.

For photographs of the original letters recognizing the Republic as the rightful government of Hawaii and Sanford Dole as its President, personally signed by Emperors, Kings, Queens, and Presidents of 19 nations on four continents in eleven languages, plus the letter of abdication and loyalty oath personally signed by ex-queen Lili'uokalani; see:

Japanese Former Mayor on Fukushima Radiation: Kids Die, Govt Lies!

Published on YouTube Apr 21, 2014

Russia Today introduction: Nearly three years ago, Fukushima nuclear plant disaster forced thousands out of their homes. This also led to deaths of many more. Tokyo claims the effects are all but gone; however disturbing facts sometimes rise to the surface. To shed some light on the mystery of Fukushima Sophie Shevardnadze talks to former mayor Katsutaka Idogawa.

Putin Restores Rights of Crimean Tatars Repressed by Stalin

SPLC Chutzpah: Smears Stormfront Readers with 100 Murders

While the U.S. has been constantly urged to war in the Near East, Ukraine, Europe and elsewhere by Jews, such as the Victoria Nuland network, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, AIPAC and countless others, which have resulted and continues to result in tens of millions of deaths, the Jewish-dominated Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) smears the "anti-semitic" Stormfront website as one visited by white murderers, citing 100 murders in the last five years, but with no evidence offered in this clip other than the word of Jew Richard Cohen. What about Jewish murderers who not only visit, but lead Jewish websites such as AIPAC, urging mass death and destruction through sanctions and wars? Cohen's complaining about his spurious 100 murders in comparison to that pales.

Cohen liberally sprinkles his practiced sound bites for the gullible, such as the "new world order," "wild conspiracy theory," "anti-government groups" (Is Cohen talking about Americans who criticize their government?), "hate groups," along with what appears to be an outright lie, that Cliven Bundy says that the "federal government shouldn't exist."

Stormfront, the object of the SPLC'S wrath, is enormously popular. It's clear that it's become a, if not the, main target of the Jewish protection group, the SPLC. They want to take it out and the tactic this time around is making it a pariah. Cohen and the SPLC sound like specialists at this. But . . . really . . . 100 murders by the hands of Stormfront readers? Facebook and Google can likely rack up more, much more, than that.

Stormfront replies to the SPLC's report of 100 murders.

Possibility of WAR between U.S. and Russia

By Hawaii Political Info

The crisis in Ukraine seems to be slipping into a civil war, backed by the U.S. With the U.S. and the EU on one side and Russia on the other, the battle there could easily lead to a direct military confrontation. Take a look at the map of Ukraine and Russia for a clear reason why Russia has to be concerned and why the lying, manipulative, warmongering U.S. has no business being there meddling into another country's affairs, particularly so far from home.

Both People & Police Act Differently When They Know They Are Being Videotaped

$300 cameras attached to police uniforms now in Washington state. Coming to a police force near you?

Nevada Standoff a Symptom of Increasing Authoritarianism

April 20, 2014

The nation’s attention has for the past few weeks been riveted by a standoff in Nevada between armed federal agents and the Bundys, a ranching family who believe the federal government is exceeding its authority by accessing “fees” against ranchers who graze cattle on government lands. Outrage over the government's use of armed agents to forcibly remove the Bundys’ cattle led many Americans to travel to Nevada to engage in non-violent civil disobedience in support of the family.

The protests seem to have worked, at least for now, as the government appears to have backed off from direct confrontation. Sadly, some elected officials have inflamed the situation by labeling the Bundys and their supporters “domestic terrorists,” thus justifying any future use of force by the government. That means there is always the possibility of another deadly Waco-style raid on the Bundys or a similar group in the future.

In a state like Nevada, where 84 percent of the land is owned by the federal government, these types of conflicts are inevitable. Government ownership of land means that land is in theory owned by everyone, but in practice owned by no one. Thus, those who use the land lack the incentives to preserve it for the long term. As a result, land-use rules are set by politicians and bureaucrats. Oftentimes, the so-called “public” land is used in ways that benefit politically powerful special interests.

Politicians and bureaucrats can, and will, arbitrarily change the rules governing the land. In the 19th currently [sic], some Americans moved to Nevada because the government promised them that they, and their descendants, would always be able to use the federally owned land. The Nevada ranchers believed they had an implied contract with the government allowing them to use the land for grazing. When government bureaucrats decided they needed to restrict grazing to protect the desert tortoise, they used force to drive most ranchers away.

By contrast, if the Nevada land in question was privately owned, the dispute over whether to allow the ranchers to continue to use the land would have likely been resolved without sending in federal armed agents to remove the Bundys’ cattle from the land. This is one more reason why the federal government should rid itself of all federal land holdings. Selling federal lands would also help reduce the federal deficit.

It is unlikely that Congress will divest the federal government’s land holdings, as most in government are more interested in increasing government power then in protecting and restoring private property rights.

A government that continually violates our rights of property and contract can fairly be described as authoritarian. Of course, the politicians and bureaucrats take offense at this term, but how else do you describe a government that forbids Americans from grazing cattle on land they have used for over a century, from buying health insurance that does not meet Obamacare’s standards, from trading with Cuba, or even from drinking raw milk! That so many in DC support the NSA spying and the TSA assaults on our privacy shows the low regard that too many in government have for our rights.

History shows us that authoritarian systems, whether fascist, communist, or Keynesian, will inevitably fail. I believe incidents such as that in Nevada show we may be witnessing the failure of the American authoritarian warfare-welfare state – and that of course would be good. This is why it is so important that those of us who understand the freedom philosophy spread the truth about how statism caused our problems and why liberty is the only solution.

Harvest of Shame

Powerful 1960 documentary about farm work featuring Edward R. Murrow. It tells the story of migrant farm workers and their children caught in an opportunity-killing treadmill fostered by the farm lobby.


Harvest of Shame [Wikipedia]

Edward R. Murrow [Wikipedia]

Harvest of Shame documentary resented, accused of inaccuracies [Palm Beach Post]

Harvest of Shame 50 Years Later [CBS News] Nov 24, 2010

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