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Informing Hawaii's voters

Cam Cavasso: New Ideas for a New Economy

Cam Cavasso (R) is running against Daniel Inouye (D) for U.S. Senator.

He introduces his plan to help with strengthening the economy, jobs. First of four videos.

Part 2 of 4
Cam Cavasso presents his plan to help National Security, illegal aliens.

Part 3 of 4
Cam presents the third video of four on his plan to help the nation get back on track.

Mr. Cavasso's fourth video has not yet been released.

Read more about his ideas for a new economy on his campaign website.

New Rand Paul Kentucky Ad

Rand Paul (R) of Kentucky, Congressman Ron Paul's (R-TX) son, is running for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by baseball great Jim Bunning (R-KY). So far Rand is ahead of his opponent Jack Conway (D) in the polls. If Rand wins, it will be significant that two people who hold fast to the U.S. Constitution such as the Pauls can win elections. There is great hope that they'll be able to work together effectively to bring America back toward its core values of an independent and free people.

Rabbi Objects to Homosexuality on Religious Grounds

The feisty Rabbi Yehuda Levin tells Ed Schultz of MSNBC's The Ed Show why he un-endorsed Carl Paladino, the New York Republican gubernatorial candidate. Paladino has been under attack for some remarks he made about homosexuality and has issued an apology over them. Paladino, the rabbi says, needs to show "a little backbone" before their relationship can be restored.

Michelle Obama Solicits Votes inside Polling Place

First lady Michelle Obama appears to have been caught red-handed soliciting votes inside a polling place after casting her own ballot in south Chicago. Such solicitation is a violation of well-known state law.

Illinois law states, "No judge of election, pollwatcher, or other person shall, at any primary or election, do any electioneering or soliciting of votes or engage in any political discussion within any polling place [or] within 100 feet of any polling place."

Hawaii has a similar law prohibiting campaigning within 200 feet of a polling place.

Robert Gibbs, the President's press secretary, smiled it off, saying, "I don't think it would be much to imagine, the First Lady might support her husband's agenda."

A top Illinois official also attempted to make light of the episode, saying, "You kind of have to drop the standard for the first lady, right? I mean, she's pretty well liked and probably doesn't know what she's doing."

Ms. Obama holds a law degree from Harvard.

Read more . . . [The Drudge Report]

Irked Ron Paul Accuses Lawrence O'Donnell of Breaking Pre-Interview Agreement

MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell professes ignorance and shows no signs of honor over any promises made about the interview to Congressman Paul (R-TX). Was this a deliberate ploy to knock the Congressman off balance? NBC, owned by GE, whose CEO and chairman, Jeffrey Immelt, has a close relationship to the Obama administration, is the most pro-Democratic-party mainstream television network.

O'Donnell asks dumb questions apparently designed to stun by their sheer stupidity and false assumptions, to which it's difficult to give intelligent answers. Or perhaps the Harvard grad had the questions prepared beforehand on the teleprompter and wasn't able to adjust as Ron Paul's answers made the questions, statements and accusations non sequiturs. O'Donnell persistently and aggressively pursues the all-too-common journalistic practice of trying to make a fool of his interviewee by putting his words into his interviewee's mouth. Then O'Donnell ends the interview by trying to get Rep. Paul to agree on the spot and on air to come back!

The video is a study of a predatory snake in action.


MSNBC Teleprompter Reader Attempts to Ambush Ron Paul [InfoWars]

Abercrombie and Aiona Gubernatorial Forum on Maui

Full 91-minute video available on Olelo on Demand

Former Congressman Neil Abercrombie (D) and Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona (R) met in a debate on Maui on Wednesday, October 6, 2010. Olelo on Demand, which has been doing a great job of videotaping the candidates to help voters make their ballot decisions, put the video of the debate online yesterday. To watch the encounter that Abercrombie initially wanted to duck, click the link below.

More candidate videos [Olelo on Demand]

$192,000 Paid to Court Returned to Aloun Farms Owners

Alec and Mike Sou win court ruling this morning

Brothers Alec and Mike Sou deposited close to $192,000 to the Honolulu federal district court in August. The money was to then be paid to their former farmhands as part of their plea agreement in a human trafficking case. The plea agreement was subsequently nullified by Judge Susan Oki Molloy, and today she ruled that the money must be returned to the defendant brothers.
Hawaii Reporter

by Jim Dooley

The 44 victims in the Aloun Farms human trafficking case now pending in federal court came within days of receiving $192,000 in restitution but the money is now being returned to the defendants.

Read more . . .


Justice done, compassion loses, in recall of restitution payments made by Aloun Farms defendants [Disappeared News]

Urging a Vote against Charles Djou

Yes, really!

Aloha dear readers in Hawaii's First Congressional District,

I urge you to vote against Charles Djou, a man I admire and respect, whose views I agree with on nearly every issue. Unfortunately that means I'm asking you to vote in favor of a candidate I personally dislike, whose views I disagree with on almost every issue — Colleen Hanabusa.

In this letter I'm writing only about the contest for U.S. House District #1: Charles Djou vs. Colleen Hanabusa. To see my recommendations for U.S. House District #2, U.S. Senate, Governor, and 5 OHA trustees, please go to

So, why am I asking you to vote for Hanabusa and against Djou?

It's all about the Akaka bill. I believe the Akaka bill is the most important issue for the people of Hawaii since the Statehood vote in 1959. Although both Djou and Hanabusa strongly support the Akaka bill, Djou would be far more effective in getting it passed, because he is a Republican — he made that point loud and clear in a radio interview, and he is correct -- so we must not give him the chance.

The Akaka bill is evil. Its importance for Hawaii is greater than all other issues combined. It would irrevocably divide the lands and people of Hawaii along racial lines, creating an apartheid system where about half our land and a quarter of our people would live under different laws from everyone else. See the book "Hawaiian Apartheid: Racial Separatism and Ethnic Nationalism in the Aloha State" available in the library or at

Both Djou and Hanabusa are strongly in favor of the Akaka bill. Both of them refuse to demand an amendment to require a vote by Hawaii's people on the Akaka bill before it can take effect -- they think it's OK to impose an enormous unfunded federal mandate on us without our consent.

Djou and Hanabusa are the only two candidates for Congress this year in Hawaii's First District. There's nobody else to vote for. So, wouldn't it be logical to set aside the Akaka bill, and choose the better candidate based on other issues?

But here's where party affiliation comes into play. I agree with all the political pundits who are predicting a huge victory for the Republicans in this election. The Republicans will win more than enough of the 435 seats in the House of Representatives to have a comfortable majority, even without Charles Djou. So if you're a Republican, don't worry about tipping the balance of power in Washington the wrong way by voting against Djou.

Nearly every Democrat in the House voted in favor of the Akaka bill in 2010. If Hanabusa wins, there are almost no votes from Democrats for her to win. Republicans will see her as just another radical-left Democrat in the same mold as Abercrombie. Republicans will simply ignore her. No Republican will vote for the Akaka bill based on what Hanabusa, a freshman Democrat with no personal relationships there, tells them. She probably can't bench press Abercrombie's 268 pounds to impress them either! And Hawaii voters, don't worry about getting the pork you've become accustomed to -- members of Congress bring home the bacon even when they're in the minority, as Democrats Inouye, Akaka, and Abercrombie proved during the many years when the Republicans held power in both the House and Senate.

Djou is a Republican. On issues related to budget and taxation, he is very much aligned with the Tea Party movement which will have great power in the 112th Congress starting in January. His fellow Republicans will pay attention to him. Those Republicans from other states, especially the newly elected ones supported by the Tea Party movement, who know nothing about Hawaii or the Akaka bill, are likely to go along with whatever he tells them on a matter that seems to affect only Hawaii. That's the reason it would be bad to have Djou in Congress.

How do we know Djou is a strong supporter of the Akaka bill? There's nothing about it on his website. Maybe he's embarrassed to let his base of support know about it. But here's a quote from an interview he gave during a 20-minute interview on OHA's daily radio program "Na 'Oiwi Olino" on Tuesday October 5, 2010. The entire hour-long program, including a comparable interview with Hanabusa, can be replayed by clicking here:

"For myself first of all, of course as a Congressman, I eagerly look forward to hopefully passing the Native Hawaiian recognition bill ... Over the ten years I have represented Hawaii [in the state House and the Honolulu City Council] ... I have been a clear and consistent advocate for increasing opportunities for Native Hawaiians, and for expanding access to housing and the just entitlements I think Native Hawaiians deserve."

Continuing in that same interview, here are Djou's own words explaining why he would be far more effective getting votes for the Akaka bill than the equally zealous Colleen Hanabusa. Interviewer Randy Hudnall asked "Now, you just mentioned the Akaka bill. What will you do to garner support for the Akaka bill if it should pass the Senate and return to the House this Congress?"

Djou answered with excitement in his voice: "You know, I think what I can offer is a bipartisan solution — bipartisan support for the Akaka bill. That's absolutely essential ... It can't come from just one political party, it has to come from both. Hawaii has been trying ... for over a decade to move the Akaka bill ... and we've been unsuccessful, and the reason for that is it's been entirely one-sided. What we need is support from both political parties. Should the Akaka bill come back to the U.S. House I'm confident that I'd be able to garner far more Republican support for the Akaka bill — make it bipartisan — make it less controversial, and make its passage far smoother."

Djou also made clear in the interview that he supports not only the Akaka bill but also the plethora of racially exclusionary entitlements in areas such as housing, education, and healthcare; and that he will support those programs that treat ethnic Hawaiians like an Indian tribe even if the Akaka bill fails.

Shouldn't government treat us all equally? The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the equal protection of the laws regardless of race. Charles Djou, as an attorney, should know that racial entitlements and the creation of a phony Indian tribe are unconstitutional. Djou should know that ethnic Hawaiians have a history totally different from the Indian tribes, and that the Kingdom was multiracial with full equality, voting rights, and active participation in high government positions by non-natives who were either born in Hawaii or became naturalized; whereas the Akaka tribe is racially exclusionary just like the illegal entitlement programs it is designed to protect.

Djou's support for the Akaka bill is a mystery. He should know that he will get zero votes from the racialists aligned with the Akaka bill, OHA, Kamehameha Schools, etc. — they are enthusiastic Hanabusa supporters. Hanabusa has not only attended, but also spoken at numerous secessionist rallies over the past ten years, from Wai'anae to 'Iolani Palace to Makapu'u; and has actively pushed Hawaiian racialist legislation as member and then chairperson of the state Senate committee on Hawaiian affairs. The Native Hawaiian Convention in Honolulu this week features speeches by Senator Dan Akaka, Congresswoman Mazie Hirono, and candidate Colleen Hanabusa — but the powerful lobbying group disrespects sitting Congressman Djou by not even inviting him. He knows the recent Zogby poll shows a majority of Hawaii's people oppose the Akaka bill and an even larger majority demand that it be placed on ballot as a referendum question in a general election. See complete results of the Zogby poll at

Yet Djou continues to support the bill, and he refuses to propose an amendment to the bill to require its approval by Hawaii's people before it can take effect. Shame on him! Nearly everyone who supports the Akaka bill will vote for Hanabusa regardless of Djou's position on it, while he could collect the votes from everyone who opposes the bill if he would stand up and oppose it. Djou's position on the Akaka bill is a loser both morally and politically.

How low will Djou kow-tow before the election to the tycoons of Hawaii's powerful race-based institutions? Watch the televised debates to find out. How much lower will he kow-tow to them in Congress during the lame duck session and for the next two years if he wins in November? All the way to the floor, no doubt. Please vote for Colleen Hanabusa, a candidate I despise, but who will be ineffective in pushing the Akaka bill because the Republicans — a Congressional majority next year — will ignore her.

Support for Tea Party Rises

Scott Rasmussen of Rasmussen Reports gives us the poll numbers on the Tea Party movement

October 12, 2010

The Assault on America's Senior Citizens

by Michael Connelly

Mr. Connelly teaches law, including constitutional law, through Education to Go, an online company that provides courses to numerous universities. The author of three books and publisher of a website, he resides in Carrollton, Texas, and can be reached by email.

They have been called America’s greatest generation and they deserve the accolades they have received. These are the Americans who are now in their eighties and nineties who survived the great depression and fought a valiant war on two fronts in Europe and Asia to save the world from being dominated by dictatorships that abhorred freedom. Many of them went on to fight in Korea to stop the spread of Communism that also represented a major threat to liberty.

My father and mother were two of the members of this generation and they are both gone now, but the one thing they had in common with the other people of their age was the desire to make sure that their children never had to go through what they did. They believed in the American dream and they lived it. Yet, now those who still survive are watching in horror as they and their children, the baby boomers, who are also reaching the status of senior citizens, are being kicked to the curb by the Obama Administration and the Democrats who control Congress.

I am one of those baby boomers. I was born in 1947 on the campus of Iowa State University where my father was attending college under the G.I. Bill. For the first year and a half of my life I lived with my father and mother in a Quonset hut on the campus that had been divided into small apartments for veterans and their families. After my father graduated he found a good job and my younger brother was born.

We were raised to be patriots, to believe in the United States of America, and defend it and the Constitution of the United States. I ultimately took a solemn oath to that when I was sworn in as a U.S. Army officer in 1971. My late wife and I passed this allegiance to our nation on to the six children we raised including our four sons who are either military veterans or are currently serving on active duty in the U.S. Army.

We also fulfilled our contractual obligations with our government that required us to pay our income taxes and pay Social Security and Medicare taxes that would provide us with some financial security and health care in our senior years. Yet, now those of us who fulfilled our obligations are finding out that our government feels no such allegiance to us. This month I will be 63 years old and by the time I reach 65 the cuts in Medicare under the Obama health care plan will cause me to lose many of the benefits I was promised.

In addition, those already receiving Social Security will soon learn that for the second year in a row they will not receive the cost of living increase they are entitled to. American seniors will also be subjected to health care rationing under Obamacare that will cause many of them to be at risk of a premature death. This is being dumped on top of seniors who have already seen their private retirement accounts ravaged by a failing economy and their taxes being raised in a number of areas. They are looking at buying less food and altering their lifestyles while big unions, failing corporations, and outlandish public employee pension plans are bailed out.

The question is who else will benefit from this assault on America’s senior citizens? The answer is simple. There are two groups, the elitists in Congress and the government will continue to receive top notch health care as will the 12 to 20 million illegal aliens in this country who will get free health care, free education, free housing, and other government benefits.

Thus, I raise this as a call to arms to my fellow baby boomers. This is not the America our parents fought for and in many cases died for. On November 2, 2010 we must stand up for ourselves, for our children, and for America and make our voices heard. We are free Americans, not subjects of an elitist President or Congress that has labeled us as expendable!

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