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Informing Hawaii's voters

Finally! Gov. Lingle Confirms Obama's Birth Hospital

Kapiolani Hospital, Honolulu

Governor Linda Lingle confirms that the President was born at Kapiolani Hospital.
World Net Daily

May 5, 2010

by Joe Kovacs

More than a year and half after Barack Obama was elected commander in chief, the governor of Hawaii is now publicly voicing the alleged exact location of Obama's birth, saying "the president was, in fact, born at Kapi'olani Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii."

The disclosure is believed to be the first time a state government official has declared the precise place where Obama was born, despite numerous other published claims, including some for a different hospital in Honolulu.

The remark came Sunday night when Gov. Linda Lingle, a Republican, was interviewed on New York's WABC Radio by host Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. (The subject was addressed at the 77-minute mark.)

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Ed Case Endorsed by Star-Bulletin

Ed Case

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin has joined the Honolulu Advertiser in endorsing Ed Case for U.S. Congressman in District 1.

Ed’s uncle, Daniel Case, is a minority owner of both papers.

Honolulu Star-Bulletin


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Voters in Hawaii's 1st Congressional District may choose a conservative Republican or a liberal Democrat for the seat in a U.S. House that is already polarized along party lines. Instead, we urge that they elect former U.S. Rep. Ed Case, a fiscally moderate Democrat who exercises independence from his party's Hawaii establishment.

Case faces Democratic state Senate President Colleen Hanabusa and City Councilman Charles Djou, a Republican, in a mail-in special election to serve the remainder of the term of Democratic Rep. Neil Abercrombie, a candidate to succeed Linda Lingle as governor. All three congressional candidates are capable, articulate and knowledgeable, and they support the Obama administration's policies in Iraq and Afghanistan, but their similarities end there.

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Auditing the Fed Gains Ground

The Fed is stonewalling on how it spent our money, basically saying trussst in me. But after Congress went along with that line once, twice, three times and more, with the Fed grabbing the funds both overtly and covertly, and with us taxpayers having been plucked and plundered thoroughly by the Fed in the recent unprecedented and massive bailouts, people from both the left and right are rallying to audit the Fed. Dylan Ratigan, host of the Dylan Ratigan Show at MSNBC, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Eamon Javers of discuss.

Obama Call Going Out to Hawaii Democratic Voters

First Congressional District residents with a home phone are getting automated phone calls from President Obama, Senator Daniel Inouye (D) and Senator Daniel Akaka (D), asking them to vote Democratic. Former U.S. Rep. Neil Abercrombie (D), whose vacated seat is being filled in this election, says he plans calls too.
Honolulu Star-Bulletin

by Richard Borreca

President Obama has your number. So do U.S. Sens. Daniel Inouye and Daniel Akaka. Even former U.S. Rep. Neil Abercrombie is planning to call you.

Listen to Obama's automated phone call

If you live in urban Honolulu's 1st Congressional District and have a home telephone, there is a chance one of those four will be calling, asking for your participation in the ongoing vote-by-mail special election to pick a successor for Abercrombie, who resigned to run for governor.

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Judge Rejects Complaint from Candidate Not Included in Debate

Candidate Karl F. Moseley's complaint in U.S. Court against the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA), KFVE, KGMB and KHNL and request for a temporary restraining order for not including him in last night's debate was rejected by a federal judge on Monday. OHA sponsored the debate, which included just 3 of the 14 candidates running in the congressional special election this month. They were Charles Djou (R), Colleen Hanabusa (D) and Ed Case (D). The trio are often referred to as the "leading candidates."

Another of the excluded candidates, C. Kaui Jochanan Amsterdam, filed a complaint in federal court last week Friday for being excluded from the KITV candidate forum this Friday.

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

U.S. Attempting Global Censorship of GMO Food Labeling

Following the successful move by big corporations and special interests, aligned with their paid-off politicians, to patent life itself, our government is now making the blatant attempt to keep not only Americans, but the world, in the dark about genetically modified organism (GMO) food. Considering their success in the U.S. (GMO food is not labeled), there's a good chance of success, unless the people do something about it.

There have been many attempts to get GMO labeled, including here in Hawaii, but Monsanto, Syngenta and other GMO interests don't want that, and they have been successful in their suppression. They know from their experiences in Europe and Japan that the people will make the "ignorant" decision not to buy GMO food if food is labeled as such.

I received an urgent alert from Jeffrey Smith today about a dangerous situation taking place right now at the international CODEX conference. The U.S. is attempting to push its agenda to censor all GMO labeling of foods everywhere around the world. This would result in a global GMO cover-up as consumers are left in the dark about whether their foods and grocery products are genetically modified or not.

Your help is urgently needed to send a message to the Secretaries of State (Clinton), Agriculture (Vilsack), and Health and Human Services (Sebelius) to urge them to halt the USA's nefarious attempts to install a global GMO deception.

Take part in this online petition, go here:

Please understand that the U.S. is attempting to outlaw non-GMO labeling of foods, thereby making it illegal for a non-GMO food product to even claim "non-GMO" on the label. If the U.S. succeeds in this global GMO cover-up, the FDA could seize any products in the USA that make "non-GMO" claims. Additionally, the USA could file lawsuits through the World Trade Organization against any country that allows non-GMO labeling or claims on its products.

Why is the U.S. pursuing such a devious and sinister course of action? Because, as you well know, virtually the entire federal government caters to the financial interests of powerful corporations -- and these include the "Big Ag" giants like Monsanto that want to patent all seeds while destroying the no-GMOs movement. They want to turn non-GMO foods into violations of the law and thereby strip all such products from store shelves.

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Quietly, Hawaii serves as world's biotech lab [USA Today] Jan 2006

Stop the GMO Invasion of the Big Island NOW! [Margaret Wille]

Hawaii GMO [Hawaii Seed]

Monday Night Congressional Special Election Debate

Last night's debate with the three leading contenders for the Congressional District 1 special election. The mail-in election is taking place right now with a deadline of May 22 for ballots to be received by the Office of Special Elections.

Senator Sam Slom's Legislative Wrap-Up

State Senator Sam Slom (R - District 8 - Hawai'i Kai, 'Aina Haina, Kahala, Diamond Head) gives his end of the session wrap-up of the 2010 Hawaii State Legislature.

Copiers Keep Your Copied Information!

Twenty-five years or so ago, when copiers were still pretty new, I was told that the machines did not keep the copied information. In fact, the copy services owner looked at me like I had two heads for asking. While that may have been true then, nearly every copier manufactured since 2002 keeps everything copied, emailed or faxed on it on its hard drive. Some of the used machines are being sold and shipped overseas, to who knows who, with their treasure trove of personal information.

Congress Freezes Its Pay

Monday, May 3, 2010

by Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX)

Last week Congress did something fiscally responsible. It’s not very often I can say that. Granted, it was small in the grand scheme of things, but I was glad to be an original cosponsor, along with Congressman Harry Mitchell of Arizona, of a bill to block the automatic pay raise that Congress otherwise receives every year. Every Member of Congress gets this raise unless it is expressly voted down. For the second year in a row Congress has voted to freeze its own pay, which, in a time of skyrocketing deficits and high unemployment, is the very least Congress can do.

The country is in a serious recession, bordering on depression. Unemployment is grossly underreported, and not likely to get better anytime soon. American citizens and businesses are overtaxed, yet tax revenues still fall far short of our government’s voracious appetite for spending. This is no time to raise taxes. And since congressional salaries come from tax revenue, allowing ourselves a raise would fly in the face of economic reality.

Of course, Congress ignores economic reality all the time. But if Congress can freeze salaries as a first step towards fiscal sanity, it can freeze- if not drastically cut- a vast array of federal expenditures.

At the very least, Congress could freeze current spending levels, instead of constantly increasing them. We could stop increasing the debt ceiling every few months, as has become our habit. We could freeze regulations that add to the burden on our struggling small businesses. We could freeze intrusive bailouts that upset the balance of the market and cost us billions – billions we could instead use to eliminate the oppressive income tax! We could freeze the money supply and stave off the tsunami of inflation the Fed has been generating for years.

Furthermore, we could address the mismanagement and waste in foreign affairs which adds immensely to our budget. Like entitlements, militarism is expensive. We need to reject sanctions as a precursor to military action, and embrace free trade as the most effective method for spreading liberty. After all, as the great economist Frederic Bastiat said - when goods don’t cross borders, armies will. It is time to bring our troops home, instead of instigating expensive new wars when we’re already hopelessly mired in several conflicts already. We need to rethink the whole idea of pre-emptive war- not only because it’s wrong and counterproductive, but because we literally cannot afford it!

We could do much to restore fiscal sanity to this country simply by stopping the madness and bringing our troops home – from Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Japan, Germany, and so many other places. This costly global empire does not serve the interests of the American people and we should end it peacefully and voluntarily now, lest it end in chaos later.

Though it may be wishful thinking on my part, I’m encouraged by the small step taken by Congress last week. Fiscal sanity can begin with a small step, and I want to encourage Congress to move in this direction.

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