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Inside The Collapse

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Part 1

Michael Lewis writes about a handful of Wall Street outsiders who realized the subprime mortgage business was a house of cards and found a way to bet against it.


Inside The Collapse, Part 2

Michael Lewis talks about the current situation on Wall Street, the large bonuses still being paid and his predictions for the future of the industry.

Extra: Is Wall Street Overpaid?

Michael Lewis' new book "The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine" looks at the financial meltdown.

Extra: Bailout Blues

Michael Lewis has been following Wall Street for over 30 years. He worries that the recent government bailouts may be disastrous in the long term.

Extra: The $8.4 Billion Bet

Wall Street outsider Michael Burry bet against the market and won... big time!

Extra: Wall Street Misfit

How being a high school oddball made Michael Burry tens of millions.

Extra: "The Blind Side"

A chance reunion with an old friend led author Michael Lewis to the real life story of "The Blind Side."

How Dubai Fingered Mossad in Hamas Commander Murder Case

A Hamas commander was murdered in a luxury Dubai hotel in January, resulting in Dubai's demand for the arrest of the head of Mossad and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The story was big news internationally, including right here in the U.S. But how did Dubai know that Mossad agents carried out the assassination?

Because Dubai has high quality, high-tech surveillance, and it's ubiquitous, writes Borzou Daragahi in The Nation:

"Lacking witnesses but blessed with hundreds of hours of video, the cops and spooks worked the case of the slain weapons smuggler like a movie in reverse.

"Dubai's cameras never blink. The security system allows law enforcement to track anyone, from the moment they get off an airplane, to the immigration counter where their passport is scanned, through the baggage claim area to the taxi stand where cameras record who gets into what cars, which log their locations through the city's automated highway toll system, all the way to their hotels, which also have cameras."

Read more . . .

Dubai seeks Israeli PM, Mossad chief's arrest [The Nation]

Desert Mirage (Dubai’s wild spending) [HPI}

Dubai’s Financial Nuclear Bomb [HPI]

How States Can Finance Themselves to Fiscal Health

by establishing their very own banks

North Dakota has kept itself financially healthy through its own state-run bank. Ellen Hodgson Brown writes in Truthout,

“A total of 49 states and the District of Columbia have all reported net job losses.”

“The sole state to actually gain jobs is an unlikely candidate for the distinction: North Dakota. North Dakota is also one of only two states expected to meet their budgets in 2010.”

Read more . . .


Bank of North Dakota [Wikipedia]

Bank of North Dakota The Bank’s website

Big Pharma Owns the U.S. Government

No matter how much harm the big pharmaceutical companies do or how much price gouging they carry out, the U.S. government is not going to enforce the laws that are on the books that would cause them to fail. They’re “too big to fail.”

Meanwhile, Americans are the living receptacles of the expensive and toxic pills that are being prescribed for them by their doctors.

This is obviously a big part of why health care in the U.S. is so expensive. But the right kind of reform is not going to happen, unless the people get massively involved. The chances of that happening appear to be slim to none.

Big Pharma Wins the Jackpot

Courtesy of the, as usual, unwitting American taxpayer

July 29, 2007

How the pharmaceutical industry lobby influenced Congress to pass the Medicare prescription drug law. It was a night on the Hill one representative called the "ugliest" he's ever seen.


Helen Thomas Asks Why U.S. Is Supporting Israel

Friday, March 12, 2010

Helen Thomas asks White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs why the U.S. is supporting Israel when it is breaking international law. She is referring to the announcement that Israel approved the building of 1600 more homes for Jews in east Jerusalem during Vice President Joe Biden's current visit to the country.

East Jerusalem was captured by Israel in the 1967 Mideast war, but the international community does not recognize its annexation by Israel. Palestinians see it as their future capital.

Israel Moves To Change Law After Biden 'Mishap' [The Huffington Post]

Key Scientist in CDC Vaccine Cover-Up Disappears with $2M

Poul Thorsen, M.D., Ph.D.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., an activist in environmental issues, writes in The Huffington Post about the disappearance of a key scientific figure in the vaccine and autism debate, along with $2 million that does not belong to him.

Poul Thorsen, M.D., Ph.D., has been instrumental in putting out widely accepted “scientific evidence” to assure the peoples of nations, very much including the U.S., that a known poison, mercury, has no connection to any subsequently discovered autism. A quick look at his background shows that he has the scientific background and training to be highly credible.

But between mercury-laced shots, Climategate and GMO, scientists and “the experts” are inevitably losing a great deal of credibility and respect among the public.

This story, at least so far, is being ignored by the mainstream media. It's covered in the high readership Huffington Post, but that is not considered to be MSM.
by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Chairman, Waterkeeper Alliance; Professor, Pace University

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A central figure behind the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) claims disputing the link between vaccines and autism and other neurological disorders has disappeared after officials discovered massive fraud involving the theft of millions in taxpayer dollars. Danish police are investigating Dr. Poul Thorsen, who has vanished along with almost $2 million that he had supposedly spent on research.

Read more . . . [The Huffington Post]

Tales from Eric Massa's Navy Days

Eric Massa

If you’ve watched any of former Representative Eric Massa’s (D-NY) interviews and thought there was something . . . different about him, you may want to compare your impressions with how some from his Navy days remember the U.S. Naval Academy graduate.


The Atlantic

by Joshua Green, senior editor

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A couple years ago, I got a tip about Eric Massa. It involved his aggrieved former campaign manager, Sanford Dickert, who was involved in an ugly dispute. Dickert claimed Massa had fired him and refused to pay him for work he'd done on Massa's unsuccessful 2006 run for Congress. Massa, he said, had retaliated by issuing a series of salacious charges against him, which Dickert denied, including that he had hired, and then given alcohol to, underage staffers, and also that he had made a pass at Massa's teenage son. This seemed like a personal dispute that didn't have much news value and was, furthermore, impossible for me to adjudicate. I didn't write about it. Dickert wound up filing a libel suit against Massa, and in the court documents, which you can read here, the strange and bizarre charges are all laid out.

Read more . . .



Former Congressman Eric Massa on the Glenn Beck Program [HPI] (video)

'Rahm Emanuel Is Son of the Devil's Spawn' [HPI]

Census Data Not So Confidential

What's the history of personal information given to the Census Bureau being kept confidential?
March 8, 2010

The current $350 million ad campaign for the 2010 Census, including the much-maligned $2.5 million Super Bowl spots, urges individuals to “Tell your story.” The Census Bureau is particularly eager for minorities and illegal immigrants to do so, as they are traditionally believed to be the most undercounted.

Yet widespread non-compliance, especially among those most likely to be discriminated against by a majority, may not be rooted strictly in the “ignorance” the ads are designed to overcome. History—including very recent history—shows that the information provided to the Census can be used against you.

Read more . . . [The Independent Institute]

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