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Informing Hawaii's voters

The Nastiness of Debt Collectors

The U.S. Is a Police State

Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under President Ronald Reagan, writes that the FBI raids on the homes of antiwar activists in the U.S. makes it official: America is a police state.

by Paul Craig Roberts

On September 24, Jason Ditz reported on" that “the FBI is confirming that this morning they began a number of raids against the homes of antiwar activists in Illinois, Minneapolis, Michigan, and North Carolina, claiming that they are ‘seeking evidence relating to activities concerning the material support of terrorism.’”

Now we know what Homeland Security (sic) secretary Janet Napolitano meant when she said on September 10: “The old view that ‘if we fight the terrorists abroad, we won’t have to fight them here’ is just that – the old view.” The new view, Napolitano said, is “to counter violent extremism right here at home.”

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FBI Raids Peace Activist Homes Looking for Terrorist Ties

Specific Plans of Action: Ron Paul

Tuesday, September 19, 2010

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) was interviewed on Fox Business News' America's Nightly Scoreboard. He and host David Asman talk about what specifically needs to be addressed if we are ever to have a real change for the better.

Full Speech by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at UN

This is the Iranian president's speech at the UN that caused U.S. representatives to walk out and media pundits as well as government officials to sputter with indignation over the "truther."

Not All Criminals Need to Be Jailed

A letter to the editor in today's Honolulu Star-Advertiser has some great suggestions for handling Hawaii's crooks.

Instead of jailing them, a huge expense to us taxpayers and a perhaps unnecessary deprivation of the person's freedom, the writer makes such suggestions as:

Locally, thieves caught breaking into tourists' cars can help set up 'bait car' stings to nab their fellow robbers. Drug abusers can wear ankle bracelets and spend hundreds of hours in community service.

To read the short letter, click here. It's the one at the very top.

RT Interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Speaking on the UN summit sidelines, Iran's president tells Russia Today that the biggest trouble facing the world is domination by the United States. In an exclusive interview with Russia Today, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gives his view of the world and its problems with the 800-lb. gorilla in the world's room, America.

Towards the very end of the interview, he tells us what the American mainstream news usually doesn't mention, the shocker that the U.S. has kidnapped eight Iranians abroad (he says) and brought them to the U.S. to imprison them. These are the eight Iranians that have been said to be on the bargaining table in exchange for the two American hikers in an Iranian prison. Ahmadinejad denies that the release of the two Americans depends on the release of the eight Iranians in our jails.


Iran links U.S. hikers case to detained Iranians [] Dec 9, 2009

Iran accuses U.S. and Saudis of kidnapping a nuclear scientist [LA Times] Dec 9, 2009

Smoking Mercury Fillings = Poison Gas

Dr. Joseph Mercola comments:

"This video is worth more than a thousand words when it comes to illustrating the very real danger of mercury fillings. The video helps to powerfully demonstrate that if you have these 'silver' fillings then every time you eat, chew, visit the dentist or drink hot coffee, the mercury vapors are released directly into your mouth and body.

"The poisonous vapors are odorless, colorless and tasteless, however, so you won’t be able to tell that they’re there. It takes holding a tooth up in black light to be able to see the toxic shadows of mercury being released."

Read more about mercury fillings by Dr. Mercola []

Who's in Charge in Afghanistan?

The President or the military-industrial complex?

Just Ignore the Roughed-Up Innocent Bystander

Car chase in Hialeah, Florida (near Miami)

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