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The Death Penalty: A Flawed Practice that Should Be Abolished

June 14, 2015

Nebraska’s legislature recently made headlines when it ended the state’s death penalty. Many found it odd that a conservatives-dominated legislature would support ending capital punishment, since conservative politicians have traditionally supported the death penalty. However, an increasing number of conservatives are realizing that the death penalty is inconsistent with both fiscal and social conservatism. These conservatives are joining with libertarians and liberals in a growing anti-death penalty coalition.

It is hard to find a more wasteful and inefficient government program than the death penalty. New Hampshire recently spent over $4 million dollars prosecuting just two death penalty cases, while Jasper County in Texas raised property taxes by seven percent in order to pay for one death penalty case! A Duke University study found that replacing North Carolina’s death penalty would save taxpayers approximately $22 million dollars in just two years.

Death penalty cases are expensive because sentencing someone to death requires two trials. The first trial determines the accused person’s guilt, while the second trial determines if the convicted individual “deserves” the death penalty. A death sentence is typically followed by years of appeals, and sometimes the entire case is retried.

Despite all the time and money spent to ensure that no one is wrongly executed, the system is hardly foolproof. Since 1973, one out of every ten individuals sentenced to death has been released from death row because of evidence discovered after conviction.

The increased use of DNA evidence has made it easier to clear the innocent and identify the guilty. However, DNA evidence is not a 100 percent guarantee of an accurate verdict. DNA evidence is often mishandled or even falsified. Furthermore, DNA evidence is available in only five to 10 percent of criminal cases.

It is not surprising that the government wastes so much time and money on such a flawed system. After all, corruption, waste, and incompetence are common features of government programs ranging from Obamacare to the TSA to public schools to the post office. Given the long history of government failures, why should anyone, especially conservatives who claim to be the biggest skeptics of government, think it is a good idea to entrust government with the power over life and death?

Death penalty supporters try to claim the moral high ground by claiming that the death penalty deters crime. But, if the death penalty is an effective deterrent, why do jurisdictions without the death penalty have a lower crime rate than jurisdictions with the death penalty? And why did a 2009 survey find that the majority of American police chiefs consider the death penalty the least effective way to reduce violent crime?

As strong as the practical arguments against the death penalty are, the moral case is much stronger. Since it is impossible to develop an error-free death penalty system, those who support the death penalty are embracing the idea that the government should be able to execute innocent people for the “greater good.” The idea that the government should be able to force individuals to sacrifice their right to life for imaginary gains in personal safety is even more dangerous to liberty than the idea that the government should be able to force individuals to sacrifice their property rights for imaginary gains in economic security.

Opposition to allowing the government to take life is also part of a consistent pro-life position. Thus, those of any ideology who oppose abortion or preemptive war should also oppose the death penalty. Until the death penalty is abolished, we will have neither a free nor a moral society.

Copyright © 2015 by RonPaul Institute

Midway: The Battle that Turned the Tide

Battle of Midway, June 4 - 7, 1942

The Doolittle Raid on Japan in April 1942 demolished the Japanese military's perception that their homeland was immune from air attack. They realized that in order to protect Japan, their defensive perimeter had to be extended eastward. Midway, a tiny island a thousand miles from Hawaii became the target.

The Japanese threw almost the entire Imperial Fleet into the battle - six aircraft carriers, eleven battleships, thirteen cruisers, forty-five destroyers, assorted submarines, transports and mine sweepers. The Americans had cracked the Japanese code and knew something was
This artist's rendition of the battle is based on the observations
of Ensign George Gay as he bobbed in the water after being
shot down in the 1st wave of the attack. Griffth Bailey Cole, artist
Place your cursor on each ship for more information
up. The thin American defense consisted of three aircraft carriers (Hornet, Enterprise and Yorktown), eight cruisers, fourteen destroyers, and the aircraft stationed on Midway itself. The Yorktown, mauled in the Battle of the Coral Sea, limped into battle after band-aid repairs at Pearl Harbor.

The Americans had surprise on their side, and luck. On June 4, they discovered the Japanese fleet northeast of Midway. An air battle quickly developed. The turning point came at mid-morning. The Japanese fighters were drawn down to sea level by attacking American torpedo bombers, the vast majority of which were destroyed. Their sacrifice cleared the skies above for the American dive-bombers. Within minutes three Japanese carriers were ablaze. Hiryu, the fourth Japanese carrier retaliated with an air attack sinking the Yorktown. That afternoon American aircraft caught the Hiryu, inflicting serious damage. The Japanese fleet retreated. The one-day battle reversed the tide of war in the Pacific, six months after Pearl Harbor. From that point on, Japan would be on the defensive.

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Soros Urges US Bailouts and Weapons for Ukraine

Sunday June 7, 2015

If you look at the track record of the interventionists you might think they would pause before taking on more projects. Each of their past projects has ended in disaster yet still they press on. Last week the website Zero Hedge posted a report about hacked emails between billionaire George Soros and Ukrainian President Poroshenko.

Soros is very close to the Ukrainian president, who was put in power after a US-backed coup deposed the elected leader of Ukraine last year. In the email correspondence, Soros tells the Ukrainian leadership that the US should provide Ukraine “with same level of sophistication in defense weapons to match the level of opposing force." In other words, despite the February ceasefire, Soros is pushing behind the scenes to make sure Ukraine receives top-of-the-line lethal weapons from the United States. Of course it will be up to us to pay the bill because Ukraine is broke.

But Soros seems to have the money part covered as well. In an email to Ukrainian leaders, he wrote that Ukraine’s "first priority must be to regain control of financial markets." Soros told Poroshenko that the IMF would need to come through with a $15 billion package, which was confident would lead the Fed to also come through with more money. He wrote: “the Federal Reserve could be asked to extend a $15 billion three months swap arrangement with the National Bank of Ukraine. That would reassure the markets and avoid a panic.”

How would the Fed be convinced to do that? Soros assured Poroshenko: “I am ready to call Jack Lew of the US Treasury to sound him out about the swap agreement.”

So George Soros will use his influence in the US government to put the American people on the hook for a bankrupt Ukraine -- forcing us to pay for weapons, more military training, and Ukraine’s crippling debt.

Who is thrilled with Soros’ drawing the US government into more intervention in the region? The military-industrial complex for one is happy at the prospect of big weapons “sales” to Ukraine. The bankers are thrilled. Washington power-brokers are thrilled. There is something in this for everyone who is politically well-connected. The only losers are the people who will be forced to pay for it, the American taxpayers.

No one seems to ask why we are involved in Ukraine at all. Is it really any of our business if the east wants to break away from the west? Is it a vital US interest which flag the people wish to hang in Donetsk?

One thing we should be sure of is that Ukraine’s debt will not be paid. As in other bailouts, much of it will be transferred to the US taxpayer through the IMF and the Federal Reserve. All of this is only possible because of the perception that the dollar is still the world’s reserve currency. But this too is coming to an end. US military and financial interventionism worldwide are only speeding up the process.

Copyright © 2015 by RonPaul Institute

Presidential Election: Shills for Jews and Israel Only, Please

June 8, 1967: The Day Israel Attacked America

Hawaii Political Info introduction: The USS Liberty, a spy ship, was attacked on June 8, 1967 during the Six-Day War, when Israel attacked her Arab neighbors and grabbed significant coveted land, greatly enlarging her territory. Americans were told through their media at the time that it was the Arabs who had attacked Israel and she had to defend herself, just happening to gain territory during her vigorous "defense" that most Americans knew nothing or next to nothing about, such as size and location.

Washington's Blog

The USS Liberty: A Failed Israeli False Flag Attack Against the United States

Israel Murdered U.S. Sailors and Tried to Sink Their Ship

February 12, 2015

An Attempt to Drag America Into Israel’s War

On June 8, 1967, Israel attacked the American naval vessel USS Liberty in international waters, and tried to sink it.

After checking the Liberty out for 8 hours – and making 9 overflights with Israeli jets, within 200 feet … close enough for the pilots and the sunbathing Liberty sailors on deck to waive at each other.

Yet the Israelis attacked it with Mirage fighter jets, torpedoes and napalm. The USS Liberty suffered 70% casualties, with 34 killed and 174 wounded.

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Jews, Israel & Zionism (Collection of articles) [Hawaii Political Info]

History of the June 1967 'Six Day War': A Few Israeli Leaders Do Sometimes Tell the Truth

Global Research

By Alan Hart
June 5, 2015

Still today, 48 years on, there are relatively few people who know the whole truth about how Israel set the stage for war in June 1967 to grab more Arab land. The single most decisive event that made war inevitable happened on Thursday 1 June, four days before Israel launched its attacks. What was it?

On that day in Israel there was a coup organized and executed by the IDF’s top generals and other security chiefs without a shot being fired. They required Prime Minister Levi Eshkol to form a unity government and bring into it as minister of defence Israel’s one-eyed war lord, General Moshe Dayan. Up this point Eshkol had been both prime minister and minister of defence; and for two years Dayan had been in the political wilderness, devoting his time to archaeology. Effectively Eshkol was stripped of his command of Israel’s war machine.

The problem with Eshkol for Israel’s military and other security establishments was that he didn’t want Israel to go to war because he knew the assertions of its hawks that the Arabs were about to attack were propaganda nonsense (more on this in a moment). He also understood and accepted the advice given to his foreign minister Abba Eban by French President Charles de Gaulle. In a conversation with Eban in Paris de Gaulle said Israel should not go to war because, if it did, it would create Palestinian nationalism which would never go away. (In my opinion that was the best advice anybody ever gave Israel).

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An Open Letter to HART Deputy Executive Director Brennon Morioka

By John Bond

HART Stockpiling Rail Project Dirt Containing Hawaiian Archaeological Remains

Aloha Brennon,

As a follow-up to Tuesday's Hoopili Station meeting during which the community were asking many important questions and refused to be fed the usual CANNED rail check box presentation, I would like to
provide this following information.

There were NO cultural monitors during the first two miles of the major rail rush job and the Dan Grabauskas letter proves that. To provide INSURANCE - all the two miles of West Oahu work was done AT NIGHT and workers told "you will see NOTHING there..."

The Tuesday the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transit (HART) Hoopili station presentation had up a slide during the entire one-hour community protest that said "Cultural Paving and Landscape." I doubt anyone from HART even noticed the great insult this message had—the community being told that all is being "mitigated" by "cultural concrete"—cartoons of the native plants, owls and ancient kalo fields that are all being destroyed for the rail
project and land development scheme.

Does HART really think our community is that stupid? We all know how crooked, deceptive and fraudulent this project has been- the fraudulent and faked Section 4f Farmland Policy Act- brought up by Kioni Dudley. FTA and HART has refused to acknowledge what a total fraud that is. And much more that has been lies and cover ups. The City Council votes are now all being investigated for graft and bribery.

Take a look at the debris trucked and dumped at this Kiewit site on Aloun farms property where the dust has been blowing onto the farmland and into Ewa Villages- and further downwind. There have been numerous complaints from people having respiratory problems.

Obviously Kiewit has been told it is fine to contaminate the area because it will all be bulldozed anyway. They also don't care if it is getting into the lungs of nearby farm workers.

Take a look at all of the large 30-40 foot high debris piles from HART bore holes that drilled and tore up subsurface archeological sites.

There are native tools and habitation materials as well as likely many iwi kupuna burials ground up in these piles treated like waste dirt.

Mike Lee and Kanehili Hui have seen many archaeological sites in the Honouliuli area and these piles clearly represent native archeological habitation sites, tool materials and very likely iwi burial sites that have been destroyed during the nighttime WOFH construction.

This is a result of Kiewit crews told to tear up everything and haul it away because there is "nothing there" and if you DO see something you better keep quiet. Or maybe get a bonus check for "seeing nothing."

Much of this rail work has been done at night anyway to insure that "nothing" could be seen or "inadvertently discovered" as they ground through this 1000-year-old ancient Hawaiian habitation and burial area.

This was the largest native Hawaiian Oahu community on Oahu and the reason most people don't know much about Honouliuli is because nearly 95 percent were all killed off in the early 1800's by introduced contagious diseases. This is why this mass death site has been given a FAKE NAME, "Hoopili"—to cover up its real cultural history.

The community all noticed how enormously SECRETIVE all the work was on this WOFH segment. Why work in a rural farmland area only at night? What were they hiding? Now we know.

HART pretends that there is "nothing there" in west Oahu to find, but many very credible AIS (archaeological inventory survey) documents and reports, including those done by HART contractors, show that the Hoopili area supported the largest pre-contact native Hawaiian population on Oahu.

Further, a public statement by a former HART contractor that there are "hundreds if not thousands" of burial sites in the area. Many archeological documents support this and the large native Hawaiian
community that was there farming the land.

That's because it was Hawaiian farmland known as Kalo'i, Honouliuli. Kalo'i means "kalo [taro] patch" and it was a major food crop growing area using channelized water from Kalo'i Gulch- the central waterway through that same area. A great deal of Kalo'i flows subsurface. Kanehili Hui has documented a lot of this and sent it to HART and FTA for years. Everything HART does is totally rigged, fraudulent and dismissive of the documented truth.

HART says they have NEVER encountered subsurface water in the area, but we have clearly seen the evidence where they have, especially by Kalo'i Gulch and Honouliuli Gulch where large numbers of Hawaiian farmers lived. A retired USGS scientist finds it laughable that HART could make such a "no groundwater" claim because it is "everywhere below the surface in that area."

HART and FTA treat the Rail Programmatic Agreement with total contempt and everyone up and down the line who has experienced these lying and cheating goons knows what a totally rigged and demeaning Programmatic Agreement process really is. Much like dealing with North Korea.

Rail has totally corrupted the City and State government and turned them all into crooks and liars. The public is now very suspicious and rail has greatly corroded the trust and goodwill the public once had for their government officials. This is why there was so much disgust and angry community questions at the Tuesday Hoopili Station meeting.

John Bond
Kanehili Cultural Hui

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this message or on this site are not necessarily those of management. Information is put up on HPI for the consideration of visitors. Read and consider for yourself whether or not what you read or watch on HPI is 1) true, 2) false, 3) a case of "the jury is still out," 4) information that bears further investigation by you or 5) some other possibility or mixture of possibilities.

West Oahu Residents Vent over the Honolulu Rail Gravy Train

Realizing that the Honolulu rail is being built on their backs and at the price of sabotaging their futures, the quality of life for future generations and destroying the aina, west Oahu residents spoke up last evening at a public meeting held by HART about the Ho'opili station. This particular Honolulu rail station is located in the middle of Aloun Farms on land that the late UH professor Goro Uehara, a soil specialist, said was the best farmland in the nation. Between the Honolulu rail and the D R Horton development project, that farmland will be destroyed. That didn't bother the nine Honolulu City Council members, who unanimously voted last month to rezone, clearing the final legislative hurdle for the destruction of that prime ag (agriculture) land.

The meeting, which began at 6:30 pm, lasted an hour.

Here are the first six minutes of video available to Hawaii Political Info:

Doug Matsuoka came in and started filming as the audience, with Uncle Glenn Omilda paving the way, booted the planned program out the window in order to cut to the chase on rail and the D R Horton development.

Chronology of the meeting based on notes by John Bond, who spoke during the meeting:

At 6:30 the Hoopili Station meeting began, with Brennon Morioka as the HART host. Brennon is the deputy executive director of the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transit (HART). He was previously the director of the state of Hawaii Department of Transportation. Uncle Glenn Omilda began objecting to the canned meeting process and then more residents began speaking up. Brennon Morioka valiantly tried to continue with the planned presentation, but graciously gave up and turned the meeting over to the audience. The audience "railed" against the rail, corrupt politicians and greedy land developers.

Doug Matsuoka came in and started video recording and uploading to Livetream just as the audience, with Glenn leading the way, took over the meeting.

John Bond begins speaking at 9:52, saying rail is a fraud and rip-off because it is becoming a big land development and TOD (Transit-Oriented Development) scheme. He says that the City Council was paid off, as was the County Ethics Commission and a lot of the rail votes would be illegal. Brennon says in response to Bond that Rail would be HECO's (Hawaiian Electric Company) second largest customer.

15:00 Brennon tries to answer if the rail votes could be illegal. He says the City Corp Council will decide this, not the County Ethics Commission.

16:29 Glenn asks John Bond to talk about all the burial sites near the Hoopili station.

17:50 John says that Dan Grabauskus (executive director and CEO of HART) would not allow any cultural
monitoring for iwi (bones from Hawaiian burials). This comes up again later and John promises
Brennon that he will send him proof in a letter from Dan Grabauskus to Mike Lee, who is a Hawaiian cultural practitioner.

23:53 Owls and Tom Berg (former City Councilmember who is against the Honolulu Rail) are mentioned.

31:56 Glenn challenges Willy Espero (state senator [D] who represents Ewa Beach, Ocean Pointe, Ewa by Gentry, Iroquois Point & a portion of Ewa Villages), who then says if anyone can show him evidence of illegal activity he will follow up.

33:18 Kioni Dudley brings up the Farmland Impact Rating to Willy Espero and tells him Parsons Brinkerhoff lied.

34:56 Doug Matsuoka gets acknowledged as the "REAL
Media." John writes in his notes that these are all Facebook
informed and organized people who don't trust the FAKE
media anymore who spins the stories to be pro rail, pro developer.

38:09 Willy Espero asks John to present EVIDENCE of iwi in the
West Oahu segment. Michelle asked Willy if he will actually
follow through and Willy then starts wavering (writes John).

40:19 John asks Willy if he wore his Dr. (D R) Horton shirt to work
at the legislature...and didn't he accept money from Dr.

41:21 Brennon Morioka says HART does cultural (iwi)
monitoring. John tells him Dan Grabauskus would not allow
cultural monitoring for the West Oahu segment and that
we (Mike Lee) has the letter from Grabauskus not allowing it.
Brennon then says in areas of "high probability" they
will have cultural monitors. I point out that the statement
that there was "nothing there" was a lie and that it's in
the HART EIS (environmental impact statement) documents. Kiewit just digs away and
doesn't WANT to find iwi, John says, because then they would have to stop work—and they aren't going to do that.

43:10 Glenn points out that Mike Lee (the Hawaiian cultural practitioner) has never been consulted by Hoopili.

44:16 John says that Kym Pine and other politicians won't even tell you about these meetings that affect the community and the multi-billion dollar rail project. All they do is hand out certificates and pose for pictures, he states.

45:35 Brennon is asked about meeting minutes and promises they will be posted on the HART website.
(John writes in his notes that it will be interesting to see how ACCURATE they will be.)

46:40 Doug begins wrapping up his Livestream video.

Some photos taken before the meeting began:


Rick Hamada Interviews Tom Berg on Rail Politics under Cover [Hawaii Political Info] Mar 7, 2015

Whistleblower Tells Hawaii to 'Cut the Cord' on Rail [Hawaii Political Info] Feb 13, 2015

Issue: Rail Collection of articles [Hawaii Political Info]

What's in the MMR Vaccine


By Joel Edwards

June 3, 2015

The MMR vaccine contains three different live attenuated viruses- rubivirus (measles), parotitis (mumps), and rubeola (rubella or German measles).

There are many steps to manufacturing the MMR vaccine and a multitude of ingredients used in the manufacturing of the final product.

The MMR vaccine contains the following ingredients along with remnants of prior processing. Note the vaccine contains MSG, animal products, and the antibiotic neomycin. The MMR vaccine also contains human protein that has been genetically modified.

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Town Hall on Red Hill Underground Storage Fuel Tank Leak

Aiea/Pearl City town hall meeting on April 16 at Pearl Ridge Elementary School

The meeting was devoted to the Red Hill underground military fuel tank massive leaks, which it was feared could permanently pollute 25 percent of the island's water supply. The fuel tanks are located directly above an aquifer.

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