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Ed Snowden Says Hillary's Claims of Server Security Are 'Ridiculous'

Trump has suggested the death penalty for Snowden and Hillary Clinton sees no problem with the private server she had been using for State Department business. Snowden responds.


Edward Snowden takes aim at Russia while accepting Norwegian prize for freedom of expression [South China Morning Post] Sep 5, 2015

Male and Female Students Sharing Same UH Dorm Rooms

Beds only a few feet apart

Hawaii Political Info introduction: HPI has independently verified with other University of Hawaii-Manoa students that the following article is accurate: male and female students can opt to share the same room with their beds just feet away, whether or not there is an existing relationship.

by AL Frenzel

Storage service company owner, AL Frenzel is shocked by living arrangements set up at University of Hawaii dorm building Hale Noelani Wing B.

Frenzel owns a storage company that recently delivered items to a customer at one of the dorms at the University of Hawaii Manoa. During this delivery he was stunned that the male customer to whom he was delivering to would be in the same room assigned to a bed less than 10 feet away from a female student in the same room. The particular situation involved an apartment consisting of two rooms and shared bathrooms in the B wing of the Hale Noelani dorm rooms. One room upstairs with two beds was assigned to two females and the room downstairs with two beds was assigned to a male and a female—who had never known each other. Earlier, Frenzel delivered items in the same wing to a male and female sharing a room and thought this was peculiar in itself, even though the two appeared to be close friends.

Until today Frenzel was unsure whether the living arrangement was agreed to by all the parties involved and wasn’t sure his outrage was warranted. But he received an email response from one of his customers today, [FEMALE NAME WITHHELD] saying: “But you are right, I was pretty surprised when I found out that [MALE NAME WITHHELD] was going to be living with us, and I didn’t think that UH would actually place a male and female in the same room.”

Frenzel stated he had witnessed gross mismanagement by the Student Housing Services Department over the eight years he had been providing his door-to-door storage service to UH Manoa students. Their management [UH] has a “take it or leave it” attitude towards the students; providing poor service at expensive prices. “I’m amazed the students and parents put up with the poor facilities and treatment they get; especially during check-in and check-out when they are given the bums rush in and out of the dorm rooms. It appears procedures are designed to accommodate staff and not the students who should come first. In addition to callous treatment, only one of the twenty dorm facilities have air-conditioning, elevators in Frear Hall have chronic maintenance issues, laundry facilities are atrocious, and the Noelani apartments need a facelift or thorough cleaning.”

Regarding the co-ed sleeping arrangements, Frenzel believes UH-Manoa has a ticking time bomb: “How are they going to explain to parents that their daughter was living in the same tiny dorm room as a male stranger with no background check or even simple concurrence.” I wouldn’t allow it if it was my son or daughter, even if they were a willing participant—promoting a life-style such as this belongs off-campus, not in a state facility. It’s obvious that if the Student Housing Services Department can’t see this is an issue, they’ll never improve upon the more simple conditions of dorm life at the University of Hawaii.”

Israel Passes Law Prohibiting Journalists from Expressing Their Opinions during Newscasts

September 3, 2015

JERUSALEM (AP) -- The Israeli parliament has passed a law banning journalists working for the country's public broadcast authority from expressing their opinions on air.

The law, passed early Thursday in the middle of the night*, drew criticism from journalists, who accused the government of trying to stifle dissent.

The law says broadcasts should "avoid one-sidedness, prejudice, expressing personal opinions, giving grades and affixing labels."

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* Bold type added by Hawaii Political Info

Sierra Club, Earthjustice Welcome Consideration of Public Ownership of Hawaii's Electric Utility

Public announcement from the Sierra Club of Hawaii

September 3, 2015

Today, state and county lawmakers announced their support for considering public ownership of Hawai?i's electric utilities.

The Sierra Club of Hawaii commends the legislators' leadership on this issue.

"This is exactly what we need: a thorough, open-minded approach to ensuring our electric utilities are sustainable in all ways -- for our environment and our economy," said Marti Townsend Director for the Sierra Club of Hawaii. "It would be a mistake to assume that the first offer we get is our best or only option, just like it wouldn't be prudent to have your wedding on your first date."

"Public ownership of our utility would remove the profit motive from the equation and bring together the interests of ratepayers and owners. That’s a surer way to lower electric bills than unsubstantiated projections of possible benefits from a private corporation," said Isaac Moriwake, the Earthjustice attorney representing the Sierra Club before the Public Utilities Commission.

Public listening sessions are being held throughout the state to inform the Public Utilities Commission's decision on NextEra's proposed takeover of Hawaiian Electric Industries. The first one will be held tomorrow at 6 pm at Lihikai Elementary School in Kahului.


Calendar of hearings on NextEra buyout of Hawaiian Electric companies

DNC Debates Rigged to Favor Hillary?

Published on Sep 1, 2015

YouTube introduction: Ben Swann takes a look at the attempt by the Democratic National Committee to not only severely limit the number of debates for Democratic candidates for President but is blocking candidates from holding their own debates.

New Book: Wall Street Parasites Have Devoured Your Retirement Plan and the US Economy

Introduction by Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under President Ronald Reagan and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal: Michael Hudson is the most insightful economist of our time. His latest book, Killing The Host, explains the reality. Read Pam Marten’s excellent review and go buy the book.

Wall Street on Parade

by Pam Martens

August 31, 2015

The riveting writer, Michael Hudson, has read our collective minds and the simmering anger in our hearts. Millions of Americans have long suspected that their inability to get financially ahead is an intentional construct of Wall Street’s central planners. Now Hudson, in an elegant but lethal indictment of the system, confirms that your ongoing struggle to make ends meet is not a reflection of your lack of talent or drive but the only possible outcome of having a blood-sucking financial leech affixed to your body, your retirement plan, and your economic future.

In his new book, “Killing the Host,” Hudson hones an exquisitely gripping journey from Wall Street’s original role as capital allocator to its present-day parasitism that has replaced U.S. capitalism as an entrenched, politically enforced economic model across America.

This book is a must-read for anyone hoping to escape the most corrupt era in American history with a shirt still on his parasite-riddled back.

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EU Police ‘Scarier Than ISIS Terrorists’

Strategic Culture Foundation

by Finian Cunningham

August 31, 2015

In what is being described as the worse refugee crisis in Europe since the Second World War, tens of thousands of desperate migrants are streaming across EU borders. They have risked their lives to get there, only to be then attacked by EU «border police», or else targeted by racist street mobs. Welcome to Europe!

Destitute and carrying their worldly possessions in nothing but a haversack, men, women and young children are having to outwit truncheon-wielding police ranks in order to try to reach safety. This is in the European Union, whose treaties proclaim to the rest of the world the sanctity of human rights and dignity. Hungary, Romania and Greece have emerged as the new crisis points, replacing Italy as the formerly main refugee route.

Crying mothers run with petrified children jostled on their backs into forests or ditches just to escape from teargas-firing riot police. One distraught woman told a France 24 news crew how she had become separated from her family in the melee. She didn’t know how she would ever find them because she was stranded on the other side of the police cordon. Her missing children and husband had to run away before they were captured by the cops.

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Prime Minister Cameron Calls for Peace in Syria Instead of Taking in More Refugees

After the devastating attacks on Syria by the U.S., the U.K. and their gang of allies in the transparently hypocritical name of spreading democracy, British Prime Minister David Cameron appears to be changing his tune and calling for peace in Syria rather than the U.K. and the E.U. taking in hordes of desperate refugees who are fleeing what has been turned into a hellhole. It remains to be seen what Cameron's definition of peace is, which may be different from what ordinary people visualize. (Bombs for peace?)

Texas Police Kill Man with Upraised Hands

Russia Today introduction:

Published on Sep 2, 2015

Footage Courtesy: Michael Thomas

Amateur footage shows San Antonio police shooting and killing a man who appeared to have been unarmed with raised hands. Gilbert Flores, 41, died later in the hospital. The footage was recorded on a mobile phone by Michael Thomas, a college student who happened to be passing the scene with his car in San Antonio, Texas, when he witnessed the police shooting. READ MORE:

Trump's Jewish and Israeli Connections

About Brother Nathanael: Brother Nathanael grew up in the U.S. as a Jew and converted to Christianity as a young man. He is now a member of the Russian Orthodox Church and lives in Colorado.

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