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Hawaii's Homeless Now Seemingly Everywhere

Hawaii Political Info introduction: Hawaii's high cost of housing is fueling the high rate of homelessness. Even those who aren't homeless often have a roof over their head only because they live packed with friends, acquaintances or family in a house or apartment meant for a much smaller family or by lying to their landlord about how many people will be living in the rented premises ("Just me.").

The homeless are more and more noticeable: parked in cars in residential neighborhoods, living in a tent along deserted rocky shorelines or nestled at public library entrances after hours. The expressions on their faces as one walks by and makes eye contact trouble the soul.

Many people born and reared in the islands are just a paycheck or so from homelessness and many kamaaina have already left or are reluctantly considering leaving because they can't afford to live here.


Honolulu Civil Beat

By Nick Grube

A good night’s sleep in Waikiki is hard to come by for Roberta Huddy.

She became homeless about a year ago after losing her job as a guest services agent at one of the hotels.

Now Huddy, who was born and raised on Kauai, lives in a worn-down Ford Astro with her husband, Greg, on Kalakaua Avenue next to Kapiolani Park. Their few belongings fill the vehicle from the passenger seat to the back hatch, blankets on the floor serving as a makeshift bed. The van is also their getaway vehicle. It allows them to avoid police and city park crews who have ramped up their efforts to clear the homeless out of Waikiki.

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Why is Rent Rising on Maui? [Joe Kent for Congress]

Price of Paradise [YouTube, 1 hr]

GMO Companies Transform Kauai from Paradise to Toxic Nightmare

West Kauai / photo:HPI

Natural News

June 21, 2014

By L.J. Devon, Staff Writer

The colors of nature really stand out in the paradise of Kaua'i, Hawai'i. Sandy beaches embrace the waves of crystal blue water rushing ashore. The ocean waves nip peacefully at the base of the luscious, volcanic mountains, kissing the landscape in a fusion of awe and inspiration.

But just beyond the natural beauty, harmony and flow is a new wave of chemical destruction ravaging the soil, dusting through the air. The island has recently become a test field for some of the biggest names in agriculture, who are now moving stealthily onto the island and threatening the very peace and the nourishment of the soils.

Pesticide manufacturers conducting field tests on Kaua'i, increasing pesticide use
Four transnational agribusinesses are indeed ravaging the land as they experiment with their genetically altered crops and mass application of pesticides. Syngenta, BASF Plant Science, DuPont Pioneer and Dow AgroSciences have transformed part of the island into a synthetic wasteland, a toxic chemical environment.

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Bald Man Grows Full Head of Hair on Arthritis Drug

Average User Absorbs 5 Lbs of Makeup into Their Body per Year

Emails Reveal Smear Campaign against Cayetano

Published on YouTube June 20, 2014

Hawaii Political Info introduction: Senator Brian Schatz's (D) Chief of Staff Andy Winer was a key person in the pro-rail PRP planning to discredit former Hawaii governor Cayetano through an extensive and expensive smear campaign in the days and weeks leading up to the 2012 election. Cayetano, who was leading in the race for Honolulu mayor, lost the election to Kirk Caldwell.

Schatz spokesperson Meaghann Smith took the opportunity today to take an unprofessional cheap shot at Cayetano (" . . . Mr. Cayetano's attempts to settle an old score." at 2 min 36 sec). Sounds like Schatz has been just fine with Winer's part in the smear campaign, which Smith is attempting to put in the "old news" category, even though this is a major news story with new information today.

An Inside Look at the Super PAC that Derailed Cayetano's Mayoral Campaign

Former Hawaii Governor Ben Cayetano

Honolulu Civil Beat

Emails detail the political strategies employed in 2012 by the PRP, an organization determined to undermine the mayoral candidacy of the former governor.

By Nick Grube

June 19, 2014·

On May 5, 2012, Washington, D.C., media consultant Martin Hamburger sent an email to Pacific Resource Partnership Executive Director John White about former Hawaii Gov. Ben Cayetano.

“Let’s give him a bad week,” Hamburger said.

Hamburger and PRP were about to launch an all-out political attack on Cayetano, who was running for Honolulu mayor on an anti-rail platform.

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Why Was the FBI after Michael Hastings at the Time of His Death?

Many still suspect that he was murdered by the government


America's Last Prisoner of War in Afghanistan [Hawaii Political Info] Jun 5, 2014

Congressman Paul Ryan Confronts IRS Commissioner

Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) gets confrontational with IRS Commissioner John Koskinen this morning over former IRS Director Lois Lerner's missing emails that have been reported by the IRS as permanently missing, according to the mainstream media.

Considering that the IRS has the ability to make a person's life miserable anytime it wants to, whether justified or not, the Senator is showing genuine courage. Commissioner Koskinen was given a chance to respond, but Ryan's time had run out and there was no response from him to Koskinen's assertions.

Eyewitness Recounts Death of Russian Journalists in Ukraine

A Ukrainian taxi driver tells the press about driving Russian journalists around as they did their jobs and seeing them hit by mortar fire as he waited for them at his vehicle about 55 yards away. He is giving this account about an hour after he saw the journalists hit and two of them killed: one instantly and another who died later at the hospital.

Jew Refutes the Holocaust

A letter to Brother Nathanael Kapner

June 18, 2014

Brother Nathanael introduction: The following is a Letter I received from a Jewish scholar regarding his reasoned doubts of the Holocaust as presented by Jewry. With his permission to publish the Letter along with his full name, herein is presented a convincing refutation of the Holocaust Hoax.

“DEAR BROTHER NATHANAEL… My name is Robert Litoff. I have been following your site for many years. You may publish this Letter and my name.

I was born in New Haven, Connecticut in 1945 of two Jewish parents but am now a non-practicing Jew. As far as I can trace, all my ancestors are Jews.

I graduated Phi Beta Kappa in psychology from the University of Connecticut.

The claim that 6 million Jews died during World War II is wrong.

During the war period, before and shortly afterward, 5 million Jews went to Israel, and the Jewish population of North America increased from 4 million to 6 million.

Jews also went to Brazil, Argentina, Australia and other nations. This accounts for the decrease of 6 million Jews in Europe.

The world Jewish population was 15 million circa 1929 but it reached an estimated high of 18 million in 1989, an increase of 16%, which would have been impossible if 6 million Jews died in World War II.

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Future Israel president wanted deal to bring U.S. into war against Germany [] Sep 10, 1941 Chaim Weizmann letter to Winston Churchill

David Irving: 'Holocaust' Myths Aug 10, 2013

Israel Ripping Off Holocaust Survivors: Elderly Survivors Stage Protest March to Prime Minister's Office [Haaretz (Israel)] Aug 6, 2007

WWII Germany & the Jews (Dedicated website)

David Irving's introduction to The Morgenthau Plan The plan for a defeated Germany was written by two Jews in FDR's administration prior to the end of the war. It was castigated as diabolical in its treatment of Germans.

Slovakia Paves the Way for Extradition of 98-Year-Old Hungarian Nazi [Arutz Sheva] (Israel) Apr 26, 2013

97-Year-Old Most-Wanted Nazi Denies War Crime Allegations [Arutz Sheva] (Israel) Aug 1, 2012

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