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50 Tons of Dead 'Popocha' Fish Removed from Mexican Lake

Massive fish kill in Lake Cajititlan, Mexico

Sep 2, 2014

Russia Today introduction: Mexican authorities said on Monday that thousands of fish found dead in a lake in western Mexico did not die of natural causes. Over 53 metric tons of rotting fish have been removed so far from Lake Cajititlan in western Jalisco state.

Georgia Sheriff's Dept Takes People's Blood by Force

Strapped-down man: "What country is this!? What country is this!?"

Former British Jihadist on the Nature of the Extremist Groups

Al-Qaeda, ISIS have no regard for human life, says revolted Hanif Qadir, former Taliban fighter

Aug 31, 2014

The UK's Home Secretary Theresa May recently announced sweeping anti-terrorism laws in an attempt to prevent its citizens from joining the fighting in Syria and Iraq and returning radicalised. But to what extent have the foreign polices of the UK and other western nations contributed to the radicalisation of thousands of Muslim youths? And what hope is there for jihadists returning to the UK, having abandoned extremist groups and their ideologies? Oksana is joined by Hanif Qadir, former Taliban fighter and the founder of the Active Change Foundation, to consider these issues.

Families Write Letters to Sole Remaining Beslan 'Terrorist'

Hawaii Political Info introduction: A horrific school massacre occurred in Russia ten years ago, with over 330 deaths, mostly of school children. The sole "terrorist," Nurpashi Aburghkashevich Kulaev, is interviewed, along with the victims and their parents.

At the end of the video the viewer is left perplexed over why this deadly attack occurred and why Kulaev, in jail serving a life sentence, says he wants his children to be just like him.

See the links below to shed more light on cause and effect.

Published on YouTube Sep 1, 2014

Russia Today introduction: It’s natural for human beings to seek out the reasons behind even the most senseless and horrific of crimes. Ten years after the Beslan tragedy, some of the victims’ families write letters to the only terrorist alive today who participated. He is serving a life sentence in a prison in the Arctic Circle. They have a lot to say to him. But will he listen? Has Nurphashi Kulayev come to regret his actions? What does he tell himself about his role in this atrocious act of cruelty? In Beslan, young former hostages talk about their lives after the tragedy and their aspirations.


Analysis of Beslan Massacre, including Motivations [E-International Relations Students] Feb 13, 2013

Shaheed Shamil Basayev, leader of "terrorists," speaks about Beslan after the massacre, which he blames on the Russians. [YouTube] (8 min 45 sec) Oct 29, 2007

Chechen Guerrilla Leader Calls Russians 'Terrorists' [ABC News] Jul 29, 2005

Shamil Basayev [Wikipedia]

Israel Helps Itself to 1,000 More Acres in West Bank


'Greater Israel': The Zionist Plan for the Middle East [Hawaii Political Info] Sep 8, 2013

General Wesley Clark: 7 Countries in 5 Years [Hawaii Political Info] Sep 8, 2013 (Clarifies U.S. involvement in the 'Greater Israel' plan)

Israeli Foreign Minister: Jail Arab Members of the Knesset Who Joined Gaza 'Victory Rally'

Israel National News

August 31, 2014

By Ari Yashar

Foreign minister says radical Arab MKs who took part in terror 'victory rally' in Galilee should only be allowed to 'celebrate' behind bars.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman (Yisrael Beytenu) on Sunday called for the radical Arab MKs who took part in a "victory rally" for the terrorist group Hamas last Friday in northern Israel to be jailed as traitors.

Those taking part in the Galilee march entitled "Gaza Victory: This is Our Holiday," which commenced in the Galilee's Kafr Kabul, included MKs Hanin Zoabi, Basel Ghattas, and Jamal Zahalka (Balad), as well as Islamic Movement in Israel head and convicted terrorist Sheikh Raed Salah, and Raam-Taal MKs Ibrahim Tzartzur and Masoud Ganayem.

"Those who took part last Friday...need to 'celebrate' an extended period behind lock and key on charges of treachery and support of terror," wrote Liberman on his Facebook page.

Read more . . .

Obama Has No Middle East Strategy? Good!

August 31, 2014

Last week President Obama admitted that his administration has not worked out a strategy on how to deal with the emergence of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as a dominant force in the Middle East. However, as ISIS continues its march through Syria and Iraq, many in the US administration believe it is, in the words of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, a threat “beyond anything we have ever seen.”

Predictably, the neocons attacked the president’s speech. They believe the solution to any problem is more bombs and troops on the ground, so they cannot understand the president’s hesitation.

Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Buck McKeon made it clear that fighting ISIS is going to cost a lot more money and will bring US forces back to Iraq for the third time. The post-Iraq, post-Afghanistan peace dividend disintegrates.

Mr. McKeon said last week:

ISIS is an urgent threat and a minimalist approach, that depends solely on FY15 funding or pinprick strikes that leave fragile forces in Iraq and Syria to do the hard fighting, is insufficient to protect our interests and guarantee our safety in time.

What does this mean in practice? If the neocons have their way, the Federal Reserve will “print” more money to finance another massive US intervention in the Middle East. In reality this means further devaluation of the US dollar, which is a tax on all Americans that will hit the poorest hardest.

A new US military incursion will not end ISIS; it will provide them with the recruiting tool they most crave, while draining the US treasury. Just what Osama bin Laden wanted!

McKeon and the other hawks act as if they had only recently become aware of the ISIS. Or if they noticed it, they pretend US policy had nothing to do with its rise.

McKeon also said last week, “ISIS threat was allowed to build and fester over a period of time.”

In fact, US regime change policy in Syria was directly responsible for the rise of ISIS over these past three years. As journalist Eric Margolis observed recently, the emergence of ISIS is the “mother of all blowback.” The neocons who want us to get tougher on ISIS, including a US attack on Syria, are the same ones who not long ago demanded that we support groups like ISIS to overthrow the Assad government in Syria. US-trained and funded “moderates” from the Free Syrian Army joined the Islamist militias including ISIS, taking US weapons and training with them.

Three years of supporting any force that might overthrow the secular government of President Assad has produced a new monster in the Middle East that neocons insist the US must slay.

Why can’t they just admit they were wrong? Why can’t the interventionists just admit that their support for regime change in Syria was a terrible and tragic mistake?

If ISIS is as big a threat as they claim, why can’t they simply ask Assad to help out? Assad has never threatened the United States; ISIS has. Assad has been fighting ISIS and similar Islamist extremist groups for three years.

Why does the US government insist on aligning with theocracies in the Middle East? If there is anything that contradicts the US Constitution and American values it is a theocratic government. I do not believe that a majority in the Middle East wants to live under such a system, so why do we keep pushing it on them? Is that what they call promoting democracy?

A lack of strategy is a glimmer of hope. Perhaps the president will finally stop listening to the neocons and interventionists whose recommendations have gotten us into this mess in the first place! Here’s a strategy: just come home.

Copyright © 2014 by RonPaul Institute.

The West, the Greatest Warmonger in History

Paul Craig Roberts

August 30, 2014

By Paul Craig Roberts

The West, the greatest cause of War in human history, stands stripped of all Legitimacy

The Donetsk National Republic States The Facts

“Every time you come to Russia with a sword, from a sword you will perish.”

The former Russian provinces, which Soviet party leaders carelessly attached to Ukraine at a time when it seemed to make no difference as all were part of the Soviet Union, are now independent republics with their own governments. The West pretends that this isn’t so, because Washington and its puppet capitals don’t recognize the independence of formerly captive peoples. But the West’s opinion no longer counts.

In the last couple of days the newly formed military units of the Donetsk National Republic have defeated and surrounded large portions of the remaining Ukrainian military. Russian President Putin asked the Donetsk Republic to allow the defeated Ukrainians to return home to their wives and mothers. The Donetsk Republic agreed to Putin’s mercy request as long as the Ukrainians left their weapons behind. The Donetsk Republic is short on weapons as, contrary to Western lies, the Donetsk Republic is not supplied with weapons by Russia.

Washington’s puppet government in Kiev declined the mercy extended to its troops and said they had to fight to the death. Shades of Hitler at Stalingrad. Western Ukraine has remained the repository of Nazism since 1945, and it is Western Ukraine with which Washington is allied against freedom and democracy.

Thanks to The Saker we are provided with a press conference with English subtitles that Alexander Zakharchenko, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Donetsk National Republic, held with media. Present are Russian and Western press.

You will be impressed with the ease with which Zakharchenko handles the ignorant and corrupt Western media representatives, and your sides will burst with laughter at his reply to the media question: “Are there there regular Russian military units fighting on your side?”

The British and American journalists were the most stupid, as we already knew. You will die laughing at the response to the question, “why did you parade the prisoners.”

This person Zakharchenko puts to shame every politician in the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, all of the puppet politicians of the American Empire. If only the United States had people of the character and quality of Zakharchenko.

Now that Zakharchenko has revealed himself and made mincemeat of the stupid Western media, he will be demonized and misrepresented. So use this opportunity to see for yourself who has integrity and character. Hint: no one in political and media circles in the West.

You might have to put the video on full screen to read the subtitles.

Copyright © Paul Craig Roberts 2014

About Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments and his Internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts' latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost.

Cardiff Residents Angered by Prison-Like Fence for NATO Summit

August 30, 2014

Russia today introduction: The jihadist threat is casting a shadow over security plans for the NATO summit in Cardiff next week. Some of the measures have made the Welsh capital look more like a high-security prison. READ MORE

Foreigners Join the Fight against Kiev in East Ukraine

Aug 30, 2014

Russia Today introduction: Anti-Kiev militias have been making advances in recent weeks in Eastern Ukraine, propped up by a growing number of foreign volunteers. RT's Paula Slier reports.

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