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Informing Hawaii's voters

A New IRS Horror Story


By Rick Ungar

October 27, 2014

There are times when it becomes absolutely impossible to support the remarkably bad judgment often displayed by federal agencies under the control of the current administration—even for those of us who are typically viewed as backers of many of this administration’s policies.

The latest installment of frightfully unacceptable government behavior involves a law created in 2000—the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000—granting the IRS the power to seize the bank accounts of those suspected to be terrorists, drug dealers or engaged in other criminal activity, even when no charges have been filed and no convictions achieved.

The idea behind the law was to require banks to alert federal authorities to patterns of bank deposits that remain slightly below the $10,000 amount that has long triggered a bank’s responsibility to report deposits to the feds.

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Why Judaism Has No Moral Authority

Real Jew News

By Brother Nathanael Kapner

Brother Nathanael grew up in the U.S. as a Jew and converted to Christianity as a young man. He is now a member of the Russian Orthodox Church and lives in Colorado.


Israel Attack on USS Liberty during 1967 Six-Day War Full-Length Documentary [Hawaii Political Info]

Admiral Thomas Moorer Says Israel Deliberately Attacked & Tried to Kill Everyone Aboard the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967 []

USS Liberty—Israeli Pilot Speaks Up []

Jews made deal to bring the U.S. into WWI & WWII Testimony by Benjamin Freedman, Jewish political insider who became a Christian [YouTube, 44 min]

Future Israel president wanted deal to bring U.S. into war against Germany [] Sep 10, 1941 Chaim Weizmann letter to Winston Churchill

Israel's confiscation of Palestinian land over the years [The Muslim Times] Aug 2011

Hamas MP: Potential gas discovered off Gaza shore [The Times of Israel] Feb 25, 2014

America Is the Only Country with a Favorable View of Israel [Washington's Blog] Jul 25, 2014

'Greater Israel': The Zionist Plan for the Middle East [Hawaii Political Info] Sep 8, 2013

General Wesley Clark: 7 Countries in 5 Years [Hawaii Political Info] Sep 8, 2013 (Clarifies U.S. involvement in the 'Greater Israel' plan)

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion [Bible Believers (Australia)] The Jewish plan for world domination over the goyim as laid out over 100 years ago. The Protocols are said by Jews to be a "forgery." Whoever wrote them was no ordinary human, or even ordinary genius.

Israel, Zionism & Jews   Extensive collection of articles & videos [Hawaii Political Info]

Documented Voter Fraud Nationwide

Discover the Networks

The political Left steadfastly opposes the enactment of Voter ID laws designed to guard against voter fraud in federal elections. To justify this stance, leftists typically argue that the incidence of such fraud is exceedingly rare, and that initiatives like Voter ID requirements are therefore not only unnecessary, but actually serve as a de facto form of vote suppression. Following are some examples of individuals and organizations that hold this view: . . .

. . . This section of Discover The Networks is intended to refute, with hard evidence, the foregoing assertions of the Left. The section consists of excerpts from hundreds of news stories reporting on fraud and improprieties in the voter-registration process as well as at the ballot box. These excerpts are arranged in chronological order according to when they were first published.

  • Part 1 consists of excerpts dealing with large-scale voter fraud cases involving hundreds, thousands, and in some cases millions of individuals or transgressions.
  • Part 2 consists of excerpts dealing with voter fraud cases involving dozens, or scores, of individuals or transgressions.
  • Part 3 consists of excerpts dealing with voter fraud cases involving smaller -- or, in some instances, indeterminate -- numbers of individuals or transgressions.

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Cam Cavasso for U.S. Senator

Cam Cavasso (R) is running for the U.S. Senate. Brian Schatz (D), appointed by Gov. Neil Abercrombie (D) when Senator Daniel Inouye (D) died in office in December 2012, is the incumbent.

Video published on Olelo October 14, 2014


Brian Schatz on War [On the Issues]

Schatz Chief of Staff Andy Winer Key Person in 2012 Smear Campaign against Cayetano [Hawaii Political Info] Jun 20, 2014

Andy Winer, Schatz Chief of Staff, named in call for apology from PRP to Oahu voters [Honolulu Civil Beat] Jun 24, 2014

Senator Brian Schatz Backs Amnesty for Illegal Aliens [Hawaii Political Info] Apr 23, 2013

We're Worried about Brian Schatz [YouTube] Oct 21, 2014

Duke Aiona for Governor

Duke Aiona (R) is running for Hawaii governor. Here he briefly covers what he plans to do for Hawaii residents if elected. Duke's major opponent is David Ige (D). They are running neck and neck in the polls.

Video posted on Olelo October 12, 2014.


Gubernatorial Candidate David Ige Cancels Forum Appearance at Last Minute [Hawaii Political Info] Aug 23, 2014

David Ige's Excuses for His Last-Minute Cancellation of Forum Appearance [Hawaii Political Info] Aug 26, 2014

Keli'i Akina for OHA

Keli'i Akina is running for At-Large Trustee, Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA), a nonpartisan office. He says OHA is the business of all Hawaii residents.

Posted on Olelo October 14, 2014.

Kent K. Fonoimoana for House District 47

Kent K. Fonoimoana (D) is running for House District 47 (Waialua, Haleiwa, Pupukea, Kahuku, Laie, Hauula, Waiahole, Waikane, Sunset Beach, Punaluu, Kaaawa). His opponent is Feki Pouha (R). The incumbent, Richard Lee Fale (R), is running for the Hawaii senate.

Video courtesy of Olelo.

Emil Svrcina for House District 37

Emil Svrcina (R), originally from Czechoslovakia, has been a Hawaii resident for many years. He is running for Hawaii House District 37 (Mililani, Waipio Gentry, Waikele).

Video courtesy of Olelo.

Duke Aiona Addresses Attack Ad by National Teachers Union

Apparently David Ige (D) supporters can't get legitimate dirt on Duke Aiona (R), so they're saddling Duke with Furlough Fridays (no school on designated Fridays), which Democrats at the time pinned on then-governor Linda Lingle (R), which she in turn said was forced on her by the Democratic-dominated legislature and the state teacher's association, which they denied, and round it went. But it looks like it was the teachers themselves, along with the Hawaii Department of Education, who decided on Furlough Fridays, taking days off when classes were scheduled rather than on teacher days when there were no classes scheduled. David Ige himself was among the Democrats who approved Furlough Fridays. Duke was lieutenant governor at the time.

The anti-Aiona ad is being paid for with Mainland dollars from the Democratic-party-friendly National Education Association Advocacy Fund. The NEA is the largest labor union in the U.S. It represents public school teachers and others in the education field. The Advocacy Fund is its super PAC.


Democratic Lies about Furlough Fridays [Honolulu Magazine] Sep 21, 2012

Hawaii teacher furloughs will cut class time, not preparation days [Honolulu Advertiser] Sep 25, 2009

Unmarked Grave of Hawaiian U.S. Civil War Soldier Finally Gets Headstone

Private J.R. Kealoha, a U.S. Civil War soldier who fought for the Union, passed away in 1877 and has been in an unmarked grave at historic Oahu Cemetery until yesterday. The headstone was donated by a local monument maker which hasn't been named in the news stories about Kealoha.

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