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Witness Emerges, Claims Ukraine Shot Down MH17

Is Ruble Collapse an Act of War by the U.S.?

By Greg Hunter’s

December 17, 2014

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts thinks the only thing that explains the plunge in the Russian ruble is that it is being attacked by America. Roberts contends, “It is not a currency crash in the sense there are no economic reasons for the ruble’s fall. Unlike the United States, which has a massive trade deficit, and if the currency markets were not rigged, the dollar would be collapsing, the Russian economy has a trade surplus. Therefore, there is no pressure on its currency for economic conditions.” Dr. Roberts goes on to say, “This is not some independent action of market forces. So, it’s either hedge funds, currency speculators like Soros, or it’s an Act of War on behalf of the United States government by the Federal Reserve or the Exchange Stabilization Fund. . . or possibly both hedge funds working with the federal government.”

Manipulating the markets, any market, is supposed to be illegal, but don’t count on the bankers going to jail. Dr. Roberts, who has a PhD in economics, thinks, “The big banks, the big Wall Street money, are essentially agents of the government. This is why they don’t get prosecuted. This is why they can break all kinds of laws, commit felonies and settle with a fine. This is what we’ve been watching in the financial arena. When these financial gangsters are caught, instead of being indicted and put on trial, they pay money.”

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US Accuses N. Korea of Online Attack on Sony

The FBI says North Korea is behind the Sony Pictures attack because of a comedy that was about to be released about their present leader. Americans now believe North Korea is behind the attack. But how believable is the FBI, or any news of this nature coming from our mainstream media?

Published on Dec 19, 2014

Honolulu Govt Pushing Private Organization's Movement in Satellite City Halls

A member of the public witnessed a poster and City and County employees at the Windward Satellite City Hall promoting the signing of the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce's petition "Keep Hawaii's Heroes." The HCoC petition opposes the Department of Defense's proposal to downsize the Army by 19,800 on Oahu: 16,000 at Schofield Barracks and 3,800 at Fort Shafter. The HCoC is pushing the petition to keep Oahu soldiers at their present numbers primarily because they see some businesses taking a cut in revenue if the number of Oahu soldiers is reduced. They also say that it will be bad for Hawaii economically, but with little to no facts backing up that opinion.

In line with the June 2014 DoD announcement of cutting 130,000 active duty Army worldwide, the Army has also proposed downsizing the number of soldiers in 18 other states, not just on Oahu. Not affected are Oahu Marines, Navy and Air Force, which have much better support and training and considerably more efficient fighting forces.

The witness who saw the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce posters and support at the Windward Satellite City Hall alerted members of the Oahu Council for Army Downsizing (OC4AD). The OC4AD takes the opposite position of the HCoC: namely, "Better Army, Mo' Bettah Hawaii," which puts a streamlined, more efficient Army, and soldiers well-being first.

Col. (retired) AL Frenzel of OC4AD went to the Pearlridge Satellite City Hall on Thursday (yesterday) and found the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce's agenda being promoted at the city and county facility on posters and by city and county personnel.

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell (nonpartisan office, but he's a Democrat), Governor David Ige (D), Colleen Hanabusa (D) and newly elected Congressman Mark Takai (D) have publicly opposed the DoD proposal to restructure Oahu soldiers.

Would the City and County have allowed the Hawaii CoC opposition, OC4AD, to do the same gathering of support on city property with city employees on the same one-sided basis? What do you think?

See what's going on at the satellite offices for yourself.

How US Government Carefully Distorts the English Language to Stop Normal Reaction to Its Atrocities

The Independent (U.K.)

By Robert Fisk

Thank God for Noam Chomsky. Not for his lifetime of eviscerating assaults on our political hypocrisy, but for his linguistics. Long before I knew him, undergraduate Fisk laboured at his university linguistics course, where Chomsky’s work first alerted me to the pernicious use of language. Hence I condemn at once the vile semantics of the Pentagon and the CIA. Not just that old, wolfish, obscene phrase “collateral damage”, but the language of torture.

Or, as the lads who torture on our behalf call it, “enhanced interrogation techniques”. Let’s take a closer look at that. “Enhanced” is a word of improvement. It suggests something better, more learned, even less costly. For example, “enhanced medicine” would presumably involve a more streamlined way of improving your health. Just as “enhanced schooling” would suggest a more worthy education for a child. “Interrogation” at least gives a hint of what this is all about. Asking questions and getting – or not getting – a reply. But “techniques” beats the lot. A technique is a technical skill, is it not? Usually, so my dictionary tells me, in artistic work.

So the “interrogators” have special skills – which implies training, learnt work, application, the product of brains. Which I suppose, in a way, is what torture is all about. It’s just not the way I would normally describe the process of slamming people into walls, half-drowning them in water and ramming hummus up their rectums. But in case that’s a bit too graphic, the US press lads and lasses have got round it in a familiar form. The whole process of “enhanced interrogation techniques” is now called “EIT”. Like WMD – another whopper in our political vocabulary – the whole filthy business is wrapped up in a three-letter abbreviation.

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Korean Airlines Executive Blows Top, Goes on Power Trip over Macadamia Nut Serving

Hawaii Political Info introduction: A flight attendant says Korean Air executive Heather Cho made him kneel in apology after he served her macadamia nuts in a bag instead of on a dish. Then, still in a temper, she ordered the plane to return to the gate at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport and booted him off the plane.

Ms. Cho denies making him kneel.

Cho was fired over the incident. She has made a public apology and her father, who is KAL chairman, has publicly apologized for not doing a better job of raising his daughter.

Yahoo! Travel

December 15, 2014

Former Korean Air executive Heather Cho apologizes for the nut incident. Now the flight attendant she allegedly tormented is speaking out.

The flight attendant who was famously booted off a Korean Air flight after a tyrannical now-former airline executive was improperly served nuts is speaking out about the incident — and unloading on the family-run airline.

Senior flight attendant Park Chang-jin told South Korea’s KBS television network the Korean Air executive — Heather Cho, daughter of Korean Air chairman Cho Yang-ho — humiliated him after she was offered macadamia nuts in a bag instead of a plate as the plane was about to depart New York’s JFK Airport for Seoul.

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Chinese Kids Driving Supercars: Inside the Secret Southern California Meet-Up [YouTube, 3 min 12 sec] Nov 18, 2014

Why History Taught in Schools Has Been Manipulated

Importance, truth and facts are not the primary goal of history textbooks. Similar to textbooks in other countries, loyalty to our country's government and belief in its superiority and goodness is the ultimate goal.

Casey Research

By Paul Rosenberg

November 28, 2014

As much as I love history now, I found it a confused jumble when I was in school. I was able to memorize the dates and events (for whatever that was worth), but I could find no depth to anything I was taught: it had no meaning, no purpose, no clarity.

I spent decades digging through books and museums before I located the problem, which is this: The history you were taught in school wasn’t exactly a lie, but it was selectively presented. Useful facts were presented to you and less useful facts were excluded.

The big question, of course, is this: Who decided what was “useful”?

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More Warmongering from the Jewish Neocons

A current look at Jews with little to no conscience who unfortunately are calling the shots in the U.S.

Host Brother Nathanael Kapner grew up in the U.S. as a Jew and converted to Christianity as a young man. He is now a member of the Russian Orthodox Church and lives in Colorado.

Wish List for Christmas: A Real Government Shutdown

The political class breathed a sigh of relief Saturday when the US Senate averted a government shutdown by passing the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill. This year’s omnibus resembles omnibuses of Christmas past in that it was drafted in secret, was full of special interest deals and disguised spending increases, and was voted on before most members could read it.

The debate over the omnibus may have made for entertaining political theater, but the outcome was never in doubt. Most House and Senate members are so terrified of another government shutdown that they would rather vote for a 1,774-page bill they have not read than risk even a one- or two-day government shutdown.

Those who voted for the omnibus to avoid a shutdown fail to grasp that the consequences of blindly expanding government are far worse than the consequences of a temporary government shutdown. A short or even long term government shutdown is a small price to pay to avoid an economic calamity caused by Congress’ failure to reduce spending and debt.

The political class’ shutdown phobia is particularly puzzling because a shutdown only closes 20 percent of the federal government. As the American people learned during the government shutdown of 2013, the country can survive with 20 percent less government.

Instead of panicking over a limited shutdown, a true pro-liberty Congress would be eagerly drawing up plans to permanently close most of the federal government, starting with the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve’s inflationary policies not only degrade the average American’s standard of living, they also allow Congress to run up huge deficits. Congress should take the first step toward restoring a sound monetary policy by passing the Audit the Fed bill, so the American people can finally learn the truth about the Fed’s operations.

Second on the chopping block should be the Internal Revenue Service. The federal government is perfectly capable of performing its constitutional functions without imposing a tyrannical income tax system on the American people.

America’s militaristic foreign policy should certainly be high on the shutdown list. The troops should be brought home, all foreign aid should be ended, and America should pursue a policy of peace and free trade with all nations. Ending the foreign policy of hyper-interventionism that causes so many to resent and even hate America will increase our national security.

All programs that spy on or otherwise interfere with the private lives of American citizens should be shut down. This means no more TSA, NSA, or CIA, as well as an end to all federal programs that promote police militarization. The unconstitutional war on drugs should also end, along with the war on raw milk.

All forms of welfare should be shut down, starting with those welfare programs that benefit the wealthy and the politically well connected. Corporate welfare, including welfare for the military-industrial complex that masquerades as “defense spending,” should be first on the chopping block. Welfare for those with lower incomes could be more slowly phased out to protect those who have become dependent on those programs.

The Department of Education should be permanently padlocked. This would free American schoolchildren from the dumbed-down education imposed by Common Core and No Child Left Behind. Of course, Obamacare, and similar programs, must be shut down so we can finally have free-market health care.

Congress could not have picked a worse Christmas gift for the American people than the 1,774-page omnibus spending bill. Unfortunately, we cannot return this gift. But hopefully someday Congress will give us the gift of peace, prosperity, and liberty by shutting down the welfare-warfare state.


Senate Passes $Trillion Spending Bill, 56-40

The Wall Street Journal

Bill Would Fund Most of Government Through September; Homeland Security Only Through February

By Kristina Peterson & Siobhan Hughes

Updated Dec. 14, 2014 1:13 a.m. ET

WASHINGTON—In a rare weekend session triggered by a conservative revolt against President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration, the Senate on Saturday night passed a $1.1 trillion government spending bill, sending it to the president for his signature and ending the final budget fight of a Congress riven by them.

Two days after intraparty divisions in the House threatened to derail the measure, a divided Senate narrowly passed the funding bill on a 56-40 vote. It was supported by 31 Democrats, one Independent and 24 Republicans. It was opposed by 21 Democrats, one Independent and 18 Republicans. Passage came after senators reached a deal to end an impasse, and then cleared a pair of procedural hurdles that could have killed the bill’s passage.

The fight over the spending bill was a fitting finale for a two-year congressional session that began shortly after resolving the so-called fiscal cliff of January 2013 only to devolve into an impasse that led to the first government shutdown in 17 years last October. A bipartisan budget deal reached late last year eased some of the partisan gridlock, but it will expire at the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30.

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Elizabeth Warren Rips Wall Street and Shreds House GOP Over Government Funding Bill [Politicus usa] Dec 10, 2014

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