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Informing Hawaii's voters

'ISIS Could Stand for... Israeli Secret Intelligence Service'

HPI: There's something fishy about ISIS and their masked combatants. When have we ever seen an army that consistently to a man hide their faces with masks when their photo is taken?

What Jews Know about Money that You Don't

For the love of money is the root of all evil. —Timothy 6:10, Holy Bible

How money operates in our national and international system is a mysterious subject that is not effectively taught in our schools, making the people highly susceptible to being heavily plucked of theirs while they remain mired in ignorance. The people who run the system, with the help of government, are by and large Jews. Brother Nathanael, a Jew, sheds a little light on how the scam works.

4th Printout, Hawaii General Election

See yesterday's Hawaii election results for yourself, directly from the source, the Hawaii Office of Elections.

Read the fourth and final printout here.

How to Rig Elections

By Robert Willmann, Jr.

Robert Willmann, Jr., is an attorney in San Antonio, Texas. He has previously been an Assistant Criminal District Attorney in Bexar County (San Antonio), and has served as a part-time magistrate in the Bexar County system.

November 4, 2014

Persons not a part of the government have power to decide in only two functions in our state and federal governments—as jurors in court trials and as voters in elections. More accurately, however, today the outsider as decider has the final say in only one particular instance of the two: jurors who unanimously find a criminal defendant “not guilty”.

Otherwise, a jury, if it is permitted to decide issues in the first place, is subject to further review and displacement in civil cases and after a finding of guilt in a criminal case. Votes, though made by secret ballot unconnected to the identity of the voter, are subject to review when the validity of the election is challenged in a civil court action. In deciphering an unclear ballot — perhaps the result of the voter writing an amusing and profane comment by a candidate’s name instead of properly marking the selection — the “intent of the voter” will be decided in court.

This review of voting by the judicial process is no longer relevant, as one stark fact must be made perfectly clear. No election can be assumed valid if electronic voting machines or any related devices are used. Every system has limitations, and the public got a hilarious look at some of them in the 2000 presidential election when in Florida the punch card system choked on its own design.

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More Guns and Less War Equals Real Security

November 2, 2014

Last week’s tragic shootings in Canada and Washington state are certain to lead to new calls for gun control. The media-generated fear over “lone wolf terrorists” will enable the gun control lobby to smear Second Amendment supporters as “pro-terrorist.” Marketing gun control as an anti-terrorist measure will also enable gun control supporters to ally with those who support any infringement on liberty done in the name of “homeland security.”

As with most infringements on liberty, gun control will not only make us less free, it will make us less safe. Respecting the right of the people to keep and bear arms is the original and best homeland security policy. Restricting the right of people to arm themselves leaves them with no effective defense against violent criminals or a tyrannical government.

Every year, thousands of Americans use firearms to stop violent criminals. One notable example occurred in September, when Oklahoman Mark Vaughan used a rifle to stop a knife-wielding co-worker who had already killed one person and wounded another. Unfortunately, most of the media coverage focused on speculation that the assailant was motivated by “radical Islam” rather than on Vaughan’s use of a firearm to protect innocent lives.

It is no coincidence that states that pass “concealed carry” laws experience a drop in crime. Since passing concealed carry in Texas in 1995, murder in the state has declined by 52 percent. In comparison, the national murder rate declined by only 33 percent.

Perhaps the best illustration of the dangers of gun control is federal regulations forbidding pilots from having guns in their cockpits. Ironically, this rule went into effect shortly before September 11, 2001. If pilots had the ability to carry guns on 9/11, the hijackers may well have been stopped from attacking the World Trade Center and Pentagon or persuaded to not even try.

Shortly after 9/11, I introduced legislation allowing pilots to carry firearms in the cockpits. Congress eventually passed a bill allowing pilots to carry firearms if they obtain federal certification and obey federal regulations. Aside from the philosophical objection that no one should have to ask government permission before exercising a right, the rules and expensive approval process discourage many pilots from participating in the armed pilots program.

It should not be surprising that the anti-gun Obama Administration wants to eliminate the armed pilots program. I actually agree that the program should be eliminated, so long as pilots who can legally carry a firearm in their states of residence can carry a firearm on the planes they fly. Allowing pilots to carry guns is certainly a more effective way of protecting our security than forcing all airline passengers to endure the TSA.

Both gun control and foreign interventionism disregard the wisdom of the country’s founders.

An interventionist foreign policy, like gun control, threatens our safety. A hyper-interventionist foreign policy invites blowback from those who resent our government meddling in their countries while gun control leaves people defenseless against violent criminals. Returning to a foreign policy of peace and free trade and repealing all federal infringements on the Second Amendment will help guarantee both liberty and security.

Copyright © 2014 by RonPaul Institute.

Is Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu a Chickenshit?

Real Jew News

By Brother Nathanael Kapner

Brother Nathanael grew up in the U.S. as a Jew and converted to Christianity as a young man. He is now a member of the Russian Orthodox Church and lives in Colorado.

November 1, 2014

THE SCANDAL stirred by Jewish propagandist Jeffrey Goldberg citing an unknown US official calling Netanyahu a ‘chickenshit’ reached its goal. It forced Kerry to grovel an apology to Bibzy.

Goldberg, Jewish snake that he is, cut his venom into Kerry marking him out for reproach:

“Unlike Kerry, I have no hope for the immediate creation of a Palestinian state that could succumb to extremism. But I would like to see Israel foster conditions that would allow for the eventual birth of such a state.” View Entire Story Here.

Goldberg, like ALL Jews, is a liar and his Talmudic doublespeak is evident.

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Clear Explanation of Why Orthodox Jews Refuse to Serve in the IDF

Hawaii Political Info introduction: Another example of Jewish leaders brainwashing their own. In this case an Orthodox Jew says that the Israeli Army is "an agent of social change," and that they are not going to allow their young men to undergo thought alteration by being forced to join the Army. Orthodox Jews will never wave the white flag on this issue, he says.

Russia Is Naive Babe in the Woods Up against a Duplicitous U.S.: Paul Craig Roberts

Putin and Russian government oblivious to the ugly reality of U.S. intentions and its sophisticated lying, devious, calculating ways.

New GOP Video: Senator Ige Voted for Pension Tax

Hawaii state senator David Ige (D) is running for governor of Hawaii. The only thing standing in his way is Duke Aiona (R). The race appears close, unless one looks at the dubious Democratic-funded polls, in which case he is appears to be ahead by a comfortable margin.

Video published on YouTube October 31, 2014


Hawaii ranks worst for tax burden, report says [] by Malia Zimmerman, Oct 17, 2014

Gubernatorial Candidate David Ige Cancels Forum Appearance at Last Minute [Hawaii Political Info] Aug 23, 2014

David Ige's Excuses for His Last-Minute Cancellation of Forum Appearance [Hawaii Political Info] Aug 26, 2014

An Inside Look at Matt Taibbi’s Departure from First Look Media

The Intercept

By Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, Jeremy Scahill, and John Cook

October 30, 2014

Matt Taibbi, who joined First Look Media just seven months ago, left the company on Tuesday. His departure—which he describes as a refusal to accept a work reassignment, and the company describes as a resignation—was the culmination of months of contentious disputes with First Look founder Pierre Omidyar, chief operating officer Randy Ching, and president John Temple over the structure and management of Racket, the digital magazine Taibbi was hired to create. Those disputes were exacerbated by a recent complaint from a Racket employee about Taibbi’s behavior as a manager.

The departure of the popular former Rolling Stone writer is a serious setback for First Look in its first year of operations. Last January, Omidyar announced with great fanfare that he would personally invest $250 million in the company to build “a general interest news site that will cover topics ranging from entertainment and sports to business and the economy” incorporating multiple “digital magazines” as well as a “flagship news site.”

One year later, First Look still has only one such magazine, The Intercept.

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