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Exposed: Hawaii Department of Education's Sex Education Program

The Hawaii Republican Assembly

December 23, 2013

By Tito Montes
President - Hawaii Republican Assembly
The Republican Wing of the Republican Party

One of HIRA’s missions is to educate voters all year round, and we feel it is absolutely necessary to inform the people of Hawaii about what is “under the hood” of this so-called educational program “Pono Choices”. [See our first email on Pono Choices HERE.]

Since the State DOE and the University of Hawaii refused to release the curriculum or any of the associated materials to Ewa Beach representative Bob McDermott, research was undertaken to find out why they would keep this 'educational' program such a secret.

The Hawaii Republican Assembly was able to find a copy of the teachers' handbook for "Pono Choices" online. We now know exactly what our children are learning, who is behind this lascivious program and what the pushers’ real intentions are. Interestingly enough, the handbook was linked to in an article by American Life League's (ALL) Stop Planned Parenthood (STOPP). The guide is from September, 2013 when "Pono Choices" was supposedly being "tested" on our children.

HERE is the link. Brace yourselves. The content within definitely demonstrates lower values.

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