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There's Nothing 'Pono' about Pono Choices

Sex education in public schools

Hawaii Republican Assembly

By Tito Montes
President, Hawaii Republican Assembly

December 20, 2013

When HIRA fought the Democrats’ homosexual marriage agenda this year, we warned about the horrible consequences that would arrive on our shores. We cited solid examples from other states where schools have been hijacked to support an ongoing strategy to forcibly justify and normalize homosexual practices/lifestyles.

HIRA’s intense campaign of paid advertising and public relations provoked Hawaii’s top LGBT activist, Democratic Governor Neil Abercrombie, to push his deputy chief of staff (the openly gay former legislator from Aiea) Blake Oshiro out in front of the news cameras to accuse HIRA of “fear-mongering” and to completely deny that any “parade of horribles” relating to the activist LGBT agenda would ever be unleashed on the people of Hawaii, like in other states on the mainland.

Oshiro was disingenuous in his passionate denial, because he knew the University of Hawaii had already developed the immediately infamous “Pono Choices” program, a curriculum that teaches eleven year olds in public schools graphic, offensive, and age-inappropriate heterosexual and homosexual practices. The offensive and infuriating sexual content of this program has led many parents to begin calling the program “Porno Choices”.

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