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Tea Parties across U.S. under IRS Scrutiny

Hawaii Reporter

by Malia Zimmerman

Adrienne King, an attorney who ran for lieutenant governor on the 2010 Republican ticket, was so inspired by the grassroots Tea Party movement, she volunteered to head the Honolulu Tea Party two years ago.

After holding two successful “April 15” rallies at the state capitol in 2011 and 2012, King followed in the footsteps of many other tea party organizers across the country and applied to the Internal Revenue Service for a 501-c-4 tax status so she could more easily fundraise.

But King was shocked and angered when she received a response from the IRS demanding she provide detailed information on tea party activities, materials, pictures, videos, names of speakers and attendees as well as copies and recordings of actual speeches made at the events.

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