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Former CIA Officers Talk about AIPAC's Iron Grip on the U.S.

Philip Giraldi is a former CIA & DIA Case Officer and Ray McGovern is a former CIA Analyst/Presidential Daily Briefer who served under seven Presidents over 27 years.

McGovern says, "The Jewish lobby, the Israeli lobby, has absolute control over the appointment of anyone either in a security position or foreign policy position that has any thing at all to do with the Middle East. They are basically able to say yes or no on the appointment of any individual at a senior level, a policy-making level."

He also says, "It is true that Americans don't know about this, and the reason they don't know about it is because the Likud [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's party] lobby is just as powerful, and The New York Times, The Washington Post and all of the what I call the fawning corporate media do not give the American people a chance to (incomprehensible) Israel (incomprehensible) them."