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Romney's Record on Supporting the Constitution: Terrible

Mitt Romney took the oath of office to support the Constitution when he became governor of Massachusetts, but does he even know what's in it? He gives every indication of being clueless.

Romney on the NDAA

Ron Paul to Romney: "Read the Constitution!"

George Stephanapolous asks Romney yet a different question about the Constitution. Although Mitt has a law degree from Harvard, the constitutional question stumps him and he defers to Ron Paul, M.D.

Not only did Mitt take an oath of office to support the Constitution when he assumed the office of governor of Massachusetts, his church places great importance on it. However, for whatever reason, he hasn't taken it seriously enough to learn it.

It's clear: Romney will not preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. If he doesn't know what's in it, how could he?

Unfortunately, he's not the only one. From President Obama to Gingrich, Santorum and Romney, none of them look upon the Constitution as the bedrock of America, or upon the freedom it was written to protect as of the utmost importance. Of the presidential candidates of the two major parties, only Ron Paul has a proven track record of many years in upholding the Constitution. He alone out of the five men understands that the individual freedom it was written to protect comes from our Creator as an unalienable right.


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